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  1. The Anything but Harry Challenge Okay so with there being a badge out there for the number of fandoms you write, I decided we need a challenge to push people out of their Harry Potter comfort zones. So for this challenge you need to write something other than Harry Potter. Please read on for details. Am I limited to a fandom? Nope, but know you will be judged on your ability to introduce me to the fandom. I don't want you to make assumptions that your reader knows it. Explain things that need explaining but don't do the dreaded info dump. Are Multiple entries allowed? Yep! But there's a catch. Your second entry has to be from another fandom. Multiple people can write the same fandom but you cannot write two in the same fandom. EG. John and Marry can both write for Fandom A. John can submit a second story for the challenge but it cannot be Fandom A it has to be Fandom B. What's the catch? The world of Harry Potter cannot be used nor can HP characters be used. There are bonus points for fandoms you have not written yet and for the slightly more obscure fandoms. Original fiction is allowed and will get the obscure fandom bonus points becuase the world is unique to you. Is that all? Not quite, I want to see unique, unique fandoms, unique stories. I want the story to grip me, I want it to be surprising and I want it to pull me into a 'new' world. (Don't worry if you write in a world I already know - I am not judging on how canon you are just how well you present the world to a newbie) Clear pictures and images are a bonus as well, engage your reader, bring up a non HP fandom and tell a great story. Also, no pre-writtens, additional chapters to an existing story will not be allowed. You can submit chaptered fics but for this challenge I will not be reading more than two chapters for judging purposes. All stories need to be submitted to HPFT, and have "For scooterbug8515's Anything but Harry Challenge" in the description. (You can submit elsewhere but I will only read on HPFT). Any rating within HPFT limmits. Please let me know if you are in and what fandom you may be working with. Entries due Aug 10 Prizes! Everyone will get a review on their submission up to a second chapter. 1st Place will get 5 additional reviews 2nd Place will get 3 additional review 3rd Place will get 1 additional review. *Prizes are subject to change but only to increase in awesomeness to make room for possible honorable mentions