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  1. 800 words of heaven

    Reading Challenge 2018

    With the dawn of 2018, rises a new reading challenge! This one is a little different from those hosted in previous years, in that there's no set goal! Of course, the traditional aim has been 50 - and obviously, everyone who visits this thread knows they're free to make their own reading goals. This year, I thought we'd frame it a little differently from the get go! Set your individual reading goals for the year, and share your progress with the rest of us! We're all here to cheer each other on! Post a list of your goals AND/OR books read AND/OR currently reading AND/OR to read! The goals don't just have to be number-based - if you want to read more books in translation this year, for example, share (and inspire )! Double posting is allowed, but please wait a few days before posting and update of your ongoing list. Happy reading, fellow 2018-ers!