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  1. crowsb4bros

    Anonymous Feedback Form

    We've provided an anonymous feedback form that you can use for anonymous site suggestions, feedback, concerns, questions, etc here+. Your name, email address, etc will not be collected. You may continue to use tumblr asks anonymously as well if you prefer. Just like with tumblr asks, we will respond to all posts that require a response. If you'd prefer your comment not to be posted and responded to, please mention it in your anonymous feedback!
  2. Congratulations to everyone who participated in our Center for Magical Disease Control reviewing event! We hope that everyone is staying safe during the real life pandemic we have going on right now - we do want to clarify that we decided on the theme for the event long before the outbreak started, and we're sorry if anyone was upset by the theme along the way. Please stay safe during this time, and check in soon for some community building events we're going to do to try and help everyone through this very difficult time. We've already released the standings, but we never gave you the raw numbers; we're going to do so now, along with some awards and the bonus points you've earned as well. In the end, the final point totals were: Hufflepuff: 1293 Gryffindor: 1126 Slytherin: 950 Ravenclaw: 814 They broke down as follows: Total Reviews Round 1: 156 - 153 - 116 - 84 (=509 total) Round 2: 193 - 175 - 153 - 147 (=668 total) Round 3: 165 - 129 - 84 & 84 (tie) (=462 total) Overall: 474 - 430 - 392 - 343 (=1639 total) Most Active Individual Reviewer Round 1: @just.a.willow.tree (61) - @Noelle Zingarella (44) - @TidalDragon (40) - @MadiMalfoy (31) Round 2: @Oregonian (71) - @TreacleTart (62) - @MadiMalfoy (50) - @LadyMarauder (44) Round 3: @Noelle Zingarella (56) - @nott theodore (49) - @RonsGirlFriday (48) - @just.a.willow.tree (34) Overall: @Noelle Zingarella (167) - @just.a.willow.tree (127) - @RonsGirlFriday (119) - @nott theodore (99) Average Length of Reviewed Chapters house (for points) Round 1: 4148 - 3668 - 3320 - 2589 (=3402 total) Round 2: 4391 - 3629 - 2801 - 2333 (=3282 total) Round 3: 3728 - 2831 - 2752 - 2658 (=2931 total) Overall: 3833 - 3255 - 2907 - 2762 (=3220 total) individuals (for bragging rights) Round 1: @MalfoysAngel (5363) - @BookDinosaur (4884) - @MuggleMaybe (4674) Round 2: @melian (14,620) - @just.a.willow.tree (7774) - @LadyMarauder (4964) Round 3: @Oregonian (4318) - @MuggleMaybe (4026) - @just.a.willow.tree (3982) Overall: @melian (10,565) - @MalfoysAngel (5363) - @just.a.willow.tree (5092) Average Length of Reviews house (for points) Round 1: 1869 - 1663 - 1564 &1561 (tie) (=1671 total) Round 2: 2122 - 1993 - 1485 - 1206 (=1705 total) Round 3: 2523 - 1672 - 1586 - 1334 (=1741 total) Overall: 1940 - 1686 - 1424 - 1275 (=1705 total) individuals (for bragging rights) Round 1: @Aphoride (2723) - @just.a.willow.tree (2385) - @dreamshadow (2144) Round 2: @starlitcastles (4324) - @just.a.willow.tree (3434) - @Aphoride (3020) Round 3: @starlitcastles (3790) - @just.a.willow.tree (2995) - @Chemical_Pixie (2623) Overall: @starlitcastles (3897) - @just.a.willow.tree 2813) - @Aphoride (2707) Patients cured house (for points) Round 1: 228 - 209 - 207 - 165 (=809) Round 2: 353 - 312 - 220 - 188 (=1,073) Round 3: 373 - 288 -225 - 207 (=1,093) Overall: 821 - 785 - 685 - 684 (=2,975) individual (for bragging rights) Round 1: @just.a.willow.tree (97) - @Noelle Zingarella (59) - @Oregonian (46) Round 2: @Noelle Zingarella (132) - @Oregonian (117) - @TreacleTart (108) Round 3: @Noelle Zingarella (169) - @nott theodore (113) - @RonsGirlFriday (107) Overall: @Noelle Zingarella (247) - @just.a.willow.tree (785) - @Oregonian (176) Other Stats Total Participants: 11 - 9 - 11 - 7 (=38) Average Reviews: 43 - 48 - 36 - 49 (=43) Authors Reviewed: 18 - 21 - 23 - 22 (=84) Reviews Received: 482 - 407 - 382 - 354 (=1,625) Total Words Read: 1,648,309 - 1,542,696 - 1,139,664 - 947,493 (=5,278,162) Total Characters Written: 882,535 - 844,597 - 603,873 - 462,808 (=2,793,812) Some Awards Congratulations to @just.a.willow.tree, @Oregonian, @Noelle Zingarella, @Aphoride, @starlitcastles, @MalfoysAngel, @melian, @BookDinosaur, @Chemical_Pixie, @dreamshadow, @LadyMarauder, @MadiMalfoy, @MuggleMaybe, @nott theodore, @RonsGirlFriday, @TidalDragon, @TreacleTart and everyone else who participated! promo graphic + awards by @down-in-flames - make sure to credit her if you keep it, and don't forget to claim your badge if you left any reviews for the event!
  3. WriteYourHeartOut

    Site Suggestions and Feedback

    HPFT is an amazing community, but bumps in the road are still bound to happen, especially because we often try out new ideas that may or may not work out as perfectly as planned. Whether they're new ideas or old ones - or even things we haven't tried yet at all - you can make the site better with your suggestions! You can make suggestions about the archive, the forums, our events, or our social media. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, you can check out our anonymous feedback form +here. Please post your suggestions here rather than starting a new thread; if the staff feel it's warranted, we will move the conversation to its own topic.
  4. down-in-flames

    Rager of the Decade Wrap-Up

    There’s glitter all over the ground in the clearing, and some of the centaurs wander aimlessly, carrying their horseshoes in their human hands, clearly having not slept a wink. The rager of the decade has ended, and a new decade has dawned. But wait! Before you go, there are still a few things worth celebrating. Over the course of the month, a whopping total of 769 gifts were exchanged in a total of 46 different wishlists. And while this wasn’t a House Cup competition, we love a good house-by-house breakdown. Gryffindors gave 176 gifts! Hufflepuffs gave 184 gifts! Ravenclaws gave 222 gifts! Slytherins gave 187 gifts! We’d also like to take this opportunity to recognise some particularly outstanding gifters. The following people hit every single wishlist - not an easy feat at all when there are 46 wishlists! The members who accomplished this task were @crowsb4bros, @down-in-flames, @grumpy cat, @Ineke, @MadiMalfoy, @MegGonagall, and @Noelle Zingarella! And additionally, a number of altruistic members gave gifts without creating a wishlist of their own - truly selfless partiers! These were @800 words of heaven, @LadyMarauder, @MalfoysAngel, @MuggleMaybe, and @Pixileanin. You all are awesome!! Our top five gifters this year were... @MegGonagall and @crowsb4bros who each gave 56 gifts, @grumpy cat who gave 49, and@down-in-flames, @MadiMalfoy, and @Noelle Zingarella who each gave 47 gifts! (Turns out that's six, not five! Yay for three-way ties!) We'd also like to take this moment to recognise two gifters who went above and beyond, without even having a wishlist themselves. In a remarkable display of selflessness and spirited giving, @800 words of heaven gave 34 gifts, and @LadyMarauder gave 32. You two are incredible. A big extra-special thank you to every single person who participated in the Rager of the Decade - you guys are what make this community the wonderful, special, kind-hearted place that it is. Now get on back to the castle before someone sees you and asks why you're wandering around the Forbidden Forest in last night's clothes.
  5. We're finalizing plans for the review event, and want some feedback on what timeframes/structure would work best for you guys. This event will not pair houses up, and as it stands, at least one round will take place after FROGS nominations have closed (so there will be a fairly lengthy break before the final round). If you could vote in the below polls, we'd really appreciate it!
  6. down-in-flames

    Escape from the Department of Mysteries Results

    You’ve solved puzzles, you’ve unraveled riddles, you’ve told the tale of your escape and mapped your way out… but was it enough? Will the hooded figure show mercy on you after you regale him with the story of how you escaped his grasp? Time Room It took five puzzles and a drabble (worth a combined total of 65 points) to break out of the Time Room. Completion of the room was worth an additional 50 points. Order of Finish (awarded as 100-75-50-25): Hufflepuff Gryffindor Ravenclaw Slytherin Points: Hufflepuff: 215 points Gryffindor: 189 points Ravenclaw: 164 points Slytherin: 139 points Hall of Prophecies Solving six different puzzles (worth up to 65 points) was the key to escaping the Hall of Prophecies in one piece (and to bringing your friend back to life). This was the first time anyone used a hint - and the room where the most hints were used. Completion before the initial deadline was worth another 50 points. Order of Finish (awarded as 100-75-50-25): Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Gryffindor Slytherin Points: Hufflepuff: 214 points Ravenclaw: 184.5 points Gryffindor: 160 points Slytherin: 86.5 points Death Chamber The final room had six puzzles that were worth a combined total of up to 70 points. For the houses that managed to escape the Death Maze without hitting a single curse, you missed the delightful challenge of presenting us with the fluffiest cat gif you could find, among other things. As before, completion before the initial deadline was worth 50 points Order of Finish (awarded as 100-75-50-25): Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Gryffindor Slytherin Points: Hufflepuff: 220 points Ravenclaw: 187.5 points Gryffindor: 170 points Slytherin: 140 points Final Escape At the end of your escape adventures, there was one last escape to be made: making it out of the Ministry. Every team’s escape route was unique - some tried to out-riddle the King of Death himself, others fought a sphinx, some set up a trap of molten metal, and some even fancied themselves Shakespearean actors. Finishing all rooms was worth a 100 point bonus, and completing the escape itself was worth 50. Best Storytelling (awarded as 100-75-50-25): Slytherin Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Gryffindor Best Map (awarded as 100-75-50-25): Gryffindor Hufflepuff Ravenclaw + Slytherin (tie) Total Points In fourth place, with 665.5 points... Slytherin! In third place, with 786 points… Ravenclaw! In second place, with 794 points... Gryffindor! And in first place, with 949 points… Hufflepuff! After surviving the three rooms and making your grand escape from the Ministry of Magic, you finish recounting the story of your survival to the hooded figure. He had said that he might decide to keep you alive, so you hope that all the House points you’ve just acquired will be enough to sway him to spare you. Instead, the hooded figure pulls back his hood to reveal that he's actually just three kittens in a trench coat. The three kittens promptly maul you to death. The End.1 (P.S.: We'd love if you'd give us your feedback on the events of the quarter - the Prefects' House Cup Opener and this one - by filling out the event survey +here. Thanks! ) 1 Alternatively, you survived the night and escaped the Ministry, but where’s the fun in that?
  7. abhorsen.

    The Magical Menagerie Recap

    The Magical Menagerie Hello, magizoologists! Last month, you embarked on a mission that tested your endurance and pushed you to the very limits of your creativity - our magical menagerie reviewing event! Many of you may have gone in as novices, but you all came out as experts. Everyone who participated definitely would've gotten an E or an O on their OWLs and are trying to figure out whether Hagrid is teaching the NEWT classes decide whether to take NEWT classes. And after such a difficult event, your supervising magizoologists decided that we really should give you all a recap blog post - and a few awards. Here we go! ? Round One: The Not-So-Friendly Skies ? For this round, teams Leucrocota (Gryffindor/Hufflepuff) and Wyvern (Ravenclaw/Slytherin) had to capture flying magical creatures, including identifying the new dragon breed the Firetooth. In the end, both teams were triumphant and earned the 199 point bonus for capturing every creature in the scene! You were all very good finders here... but your journey was just beginning. You also received one point per review. For this round, that shook out to be... 191 140 60 34 ? Round Two: The Deep and Silent Depths ? For this round, teams Griffin (Gryffindor/Ravenclaw) and Gorgon (Hufflepuff/Slytherin) had to capture water-based magical creatures, including identifying the new breeds the Demi-Serpent, the Kemora, and the Kraken. In the end, both teams were triumphant and earned the 226 point bonus for capturing every creature in the scene... though both teams had to draw on their every last ounce of knowledge, with team Griffin leaving more than 150 incorrect 'identify' reviews before finally finding the demi-serpent and team Gorgon almost resorting to guessing Pokemon. You also received one point per review. For this round, that shook out to be... 247 192 107 49 Round Three: The Echoes in the Eerie Cave For this round, teams Chimera (Gryffindor/Slytherin) and Wolpertinger (Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw) had to capture magical creatures dwelling deep within a cave, including identifying the new breed the Runewinder. In the end, both teams were triumphant and earned the 199 point bonus for capturing every creature in the scene... though some of you obviously didn't stop there. ? You also received one point per review. For this round, that shook out to be... 306 158 119 73 ?Overall Event ? Everyone who participated, whether they left one review or two hundred reviews (wait for it.......) or somewhere in between did an amazing job, and we're so glad that you found the time to jump in. It was so much fun to experience the event with you, and we're so glad that people seemed to have a good time! The house's total review counts were... 711 490 286 156 awards by @galadriel There were some people who really went above and beyond, and we want to make sure that they get a little extra recognition for the countless hours they spend on reviewing other HPFTers fics over the course of the month. @starbuck: 212 @TreacleTart: 187 @nott theodore: 111 We'd also like to give a special shout out to @Renacerá, whose 84 reviews were more than half of Hufflepuff's total review count! Finally, we'd like to recognize each house's top reviewers for the rounds: @Crimson Quill (Round 1), @LadyMarauder (Round 2), and @TreacleTart (Round 3) @MuggleMaybe (Round 1) and @Renacerá (Rounds 2 and 3) @potionspartner (Rounds 1 and 2) and @ReillyJade (Round 3) @Rumpelstiltskin (Round 1) and @starbuck (Rounds 2 and 3) You can all find your awards below: awards by @ShadowRose If you'd like to keep your awards, please rehost & credit! Thank you all again for making this event amazing - this is a wonderful community, and we're so glad to be a part of it! - @abhorsen., @galadriel, and @ShadowRose
  8. grumpy cat

    Finale From the Other Side

    Finale From The Other Side We, grumpy cat and sibilant (aka hissing sound), the Communicants1 of the Wizard’s Council, are here to present the official proceedings of the 2019 Ministerial Election. Some journalists have levied accusations of voting tampering against us; we will use this official proclamation to provide the full and unquestionably truthful account of the election process, in accordance with the Wizarding Constitution of 1234. The Wizard’s Council - a mostly competent governing body In mid-June, Minister Femley was embroiled in a scandal of unparalleled scandalousness. The Wizard’s Council unanimously decided to impeach Minister Femley and called for a snap election to seek out a new Minister, who better embodied the Council’s values. We quickly learned, however, that the business of running elections was quite complicated. At one point, we realized that we had partaken in some very foolish tomfoolery, and had no clue who was operating the Quibbler or Rita Skeeter accounts despite having created them ourselves. The campaign teams were significantly better at running elections than us. The intelligencers2 successfully hunted down policy prompts, while the Wizard’s Council struggled to resolve a mystery of our own: the case of the secretly non-updated stories...which led your lovely benevolent Communicants to this realization: A valiant effort was made by the campaign teams to win the public’s favour but, ultimately, the most compelling propaganda was evident from the start - Greg and Ollie’s public broadcast. Your venerable Wizard’s Council and its Communicants harbour a terrible weakness for grimalkin videos. Then, the campaign teams presented very convincing arguments for their candidates’ policy positions. The most convincing argument, however, came from @juls, the Honourable Exchequer of Anne Arkey’s campaign staff: One does not simply dispute this unquestionable logic. The election cycle intensified as the campaign teams presented their signature policies and debated one another's policies, in addition to publishing short editorials around a set of three topics. The Wizard’s Council was particularly impressed by @Rumpelstiltskin's editorial drabbles centered around goats: Cheating the System, The Goatfather, A Different Rhythm. The Communicants officially dub her the Slytherin General, Mother of Goats, the Goatfather. The campaign teams continued a competitive and exciting election by reaching out to constituents. In total, the campaign teams left an astounding 654 reviews. @just.a.willow.tree particularly left a mind-boggling 200+ reviews. A Most Puzzling Lobbying Affair The public was outraged at the outcome of the most puzzling lobbying affair ever to hit the Wizarding World. It has been ascertained that the esteemed members of the Wizard’s Council are Trolls. Quite literally. The Sage Communicant grumpy cat especially embraced her role of being the resident Troll: Also, at some point, the Wisewomen of the Wizard’s Council who composed the riddles didn’t know the answers to said riddles. They even mixed up the riddles. The Cunning Councilwoman Chemical_Pixie indeed had a minuscule moment of uncertainty regarding one of her rebus puzzles. By the end of this noble election, Ingenious Communicant sibilant had resorted to calling campaign staff animals. Had the members been sneakier, mayhaps the riddles would have been easier. Three riddle answers are floating around the bottom of the front page of the forums. And finally, in a dark and twisty turn of events, dastardly scoundrel Martin Miggs has proven himself as the most elusive crossword answer. With his stealth and trickery, no one noticed this mad French Muggle trying to teach students about animals. Earning the Support of the Wizard’s Council: Or A Guide to Masterfully Pulling the Strings of the Wizard’s Council The Sage Communicant grumpy cat was filled with pure outrage at being called scary: This prompted Ingenious Communicant sibilant and Daringest Councilwoman something wicked to present propaganda of their own for grumpy cat, their most benevolent dictator. The Noble House of Gryffindor issued a proclamation that the Ingenious Communicant sibilant is a mean tease: The Ingenious Communicant sibilant is well-pleased at being the sneakiest member of the Wizard’s Council. Due to reasons of State Security, the Wizard’s Council cannot provide a complete account of what the House of Slytherin had to offer to earn her endorsement. The House of Slytherin was struck by a grievous malady in the form of collective amnesia over the fact that Sage Communicant grumpy cat left more than two hundred reviews during the Magical Menagerie. The Brave Intelligencer @nott theodore stood cool in the face of danger in the form of various hissing sounds coming from the general direction of Ingenious Communicant sibilant and was the pioneer in discovering Ingenious Communicant sibilant’s policy platforms. The Sneaky Councilwoman down-in-flames hid her secret platform in plain sight on the front page of the forums. Deciphering the Elusive Creature, The Rebus In their noble efforts to decipher The Rebus, the persistent Intelligencers displayed tremendous creativity. Unfortunately, most of the time their creativity was futile. House of Gryffindor The Gracious Intelligencer @Noelle Zingarella may have been wrong with these, but she almost killed your Communicants, they laughed so hard. House of Hufflepuff The Cleverest Intelligencer @just.a.willow.tree gave the Communicants an excellent education in occult terms in her attempts to decipher this particular rebus: Though these guesses were ultimately so very wrong, the Communicants appreciated the clever rationale: Your Communicants have never even heard of some of these. House of Ravenclaw The Resourceful Ravenclaws discovered a suspicious connection to a large corporation. The Wizard’s Council would like to refute any accusations of affiliation with said large corporation. House of Slytherin We have to admit, even your Cunning Councilwoman Chemical_Pixie is not this evil. Truly, we are troubled by the fact that Shrewd Intelligencer @Rumpelstiltskin, the Slytherin General, Mother of Goats, the Goatfather, would even think this would be a true answer. Honourable members of the Wizard’s Council Councilwoman Wise Crow crowsb4bros also had some rather clever interpretations of the rebus puzzles: A Quest to Unscramble Secret Phrases House of Gryffindor Intelligencer @nott theodore misrepresented the secret phrase for Wordsearch 2: House of Hufflepuff The Hufflepuff Intelligencers created an entire document detailing their methodical attempts at unscrambling the secret phrase for Wordsearch 1: #NameThePrefectsFunOgre House of Ravenclaw Magnificent Intelligencer @MadiMalfoy had a number of amazing guesses for Wordsearch 2. The Communicants present an especially entertaining selection of guesses: Her most wonderful guess, however, was her first guess for Wordsearch 1: House of Slytherin Greg may not have won the ministerial election, but meet our newest, purrfect, Gryffindor prefect: The War of the Twelve Riddles: or The Terrifyingly Hilarious Riddle Guesswork A long and grave battle was fought for Riddle Set #2 between the noble houses of Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. Ultimately, Hufflepuff won the battle. And eventually, the war. House of Gryffindor This noble House was led to War of the Twelve Riddles by courageous @nott theodore, @Noelle Zingarella and @Crimson Quill. In the bedlam of battle their guesswork was mayhaps wrong, but certainly amongst the most entertaining! As a fan of the Bard of Avon and the tragedy of Macbeth, @nott theodore tried terribly hard to make your venerable Communicants believe that the answers to all the riddles were Macbeth characters. As evidenced above, besides Macbeth, water, Mao, Titanic, a mysterious hill-living person, Lion King, the White Walkers, a sparrow-hating bird, grumpy cat and even Barny the Fruit Bat made an appearance. House of Hufflepuff The Hufflepuff Intelligencers sought the endorsement of leprechauns (riddle set 1, riddle 2), Asha (riddle set 2, riddle 1), The Toadstool Tales (riddle set 2, riddle 1), literally all the Weasleys (riddle set 2, riddle 1), Babbity Rabbity (riddle set 2, riddle 1), and Eldred Worple (riddle set 3, riddle 1). They mistakenly identified The Quibbler as the Miserable Ode of Quivering Quintus, which is...close, and yet so far. The Hufflepuff Intelligencers showed their craftiness and resourcefulness in attempting to decode what laid between four and five: House of Ravenclaw The Ravenclaw Intelligencers had a rather historical interpretation of Riddle Set 3: Honourable members of the Wizard’s Council Other members of the Wizard’s Council also struggled with the riddles. Councilwoman Wise Crow crowsb4bros immediately brought up concerns about the Communicants’ sneakiness: Councilwoman Wise Crow crowsb4bros, like her fellow Ravenclaws, dove into history to try to solve the riddles: Councilwomen galadriel and Ineke were also true Ravenclaws, immediately identifying a clue that the Intelligencers did not solve so easily: Councilwoman Wise Crow crowsb4bros was additionally drawn to a certain notorious Pureblood family: The Gryffindors sought the endorsement of a mysterious hill-living person, and Councilwoman Wise Crow crowsb4bros wanted to be endorsed by a well-living person. Much like her Gryffindor housemate Intelligencer nott theodore, Councilwoman belgian quaffle immediately thought of Westeros: House of Slytherin Ultimately, Shrewd Intelligencer @Rumpelstiltskin, the Slytherin General, Mother of Goats, the Goatfather, had come to the best possible conclusion: Notable Figures As per the Wizarding Constitution of 1234, The Wizard’s Council has decided to provide these questionably accurate figures in order to ward off any possible accusations of corruption: The chaos of the most puzzling lobbying affair buried Communicants down-in-flames, something wicked, and grumpy cat in over 175 notifications in the first day and a half. The Communicants took little over a week to enter all of Hufflepuff’s 450 reviews into their spreadsheet. Ingenious Communicant sibilant had to give the Slytherins 36 sad-reacts before they finally earned her endorsement. Ingenious Communicant sibilant listened to the Yellow Jacket song approximately 100 times and can now recite it from memory. The Hufflepuff Intelligencers valiantly defeated the Witch Weekly riddle and won the Battle for Riddle Set 2 after 51 guesses. After 32 guesses and an impressive variety of occult terms that the Communicants hadn’t even heard of before, @just.a.willow.tree finally cracked the occult rebus. Unscrambling Word Search #2 brought out an unparalleled level of creativity in @MadiMalfoy, with over 15 guesses and an entire notebook page. And finally, number of times Kris had to fix cryptograms: We have no idea but a lot. Puzzle Answers And now… The Real Riddle Answers That You Have All Been Waiting For Each riddle set represented a coalition of endorsers, comprised of one famous individual, a publication, and a business. Each riddle set also had a general theme. Riddle Set 1: Athletes United Riddle 1: Viktor Krum | brought to you by Wisewoman grumpy cat From the Land of the Masters I hail A crooked triumph, to no avail, To pursue a bird I was born The glint of gilded defeat I scorn In the first line, the Land of the Masters references Pannonia - historically, Krum was a Bulgar chieftain from Pannonia, which is sometimes called the Land of the Masters. The third line references the fact that he is a Seeker, as he seeks the Golden Snitch (also known as the Golden Snidget, thus pursu[ing] a bird). The remaining lines reference both his name (Krum = crooked, Viktor = conqueror, hence triumph) and the 1994 Quidditch World Cup. This triumph was also crooked and to no avail because the Bulgarian team ultimately lost the cup (hence a defeat). However, Viktor caught the Snitch--which is why it’s a gilded defeat. Riddle 2: Quidditch Through the Ages | brought to you by Wisewoman grumpy cat Maltreated I may be, But history will be known to thee. Cursed I am, but protected all the same, I laugh at swindlers of remarkable fame. Madam Pince describes the book as “pawed about, dribbled on and generally maltreated nearly every day.” The second line, history will be known to thee, references the book’s content as it is the “definitive work on the origins and history of Quidditch”. The third line references the fact that the copy in the Hogwarts Library is protected by the Thief’s Curse (thus protected and cursed at the same time). The fourth line again references the Thief’s Curse, the book laughing at swindlers (which is a synonym of thief) because it’s protected from them. Riddle 3: Quality Quidditch Supplies | brought to you by Wisewoman grumpy cat To beat, to sweep, to flutter, To entice many a nutter. The North is my domain, True to excellence I remain. The first line references the types of things one could find in the shop: bats to beat, brooms to sweep, Snitches that flutter. The second line references how the shop attracts Quidditch fans, including particularly enthusiastic ones--nutters, like Oliver Wood. The third line references the shop’s location in the North Side of Diagon Alley (and was purposely supposed to make the Intelligencers think of Game of Thrones :P). The fourth line references the fact that the shop is called Quality Quidditch Supplies, so they’re remaining true to their excellence in their products. Riddle Set 2: Magical Allied Artists Riddle 1: Witch Weekly | brought to you by Wisewoman sibilant (and grumpy cat in tiny parts) My parent mirrors a prince’s father, And echoes a satire, so do not bother with tragedy, Because I seek out the fairest of them all, To dazzle the world with gall. The first line describes the first name of Witch Weekly founder, Tobias Misselthorpe. Tobias is also the first name of Severus’s father, and Severus is the Half-Blood Prince, thus the Witch Weekly’s parent (creator) mirrors (shares appearance/connection/name with) a prince (the Half-Blood Prince)’s father. The next two lines describes the last name of the Witch Weekly founder. Misselthorpe sounds like Misanthrope, which is a famous satirical play by comedic playwright Moliere. Thus Witch Weekly’s parent also echoes (sounds like) a play that is a satire, and not a tragedy. These two lines also reference the general light-hearted nature of the magazine. The last two lines reference the magazine’s Most Charming Smile award, through which it seeks out the fairest of them all. The last line is mostly for rhyming purposes. Riddle 2: Madam Malkin’s Robes for all Occasions | brought to you by Wisewoman sibilant I summon both man and witch’s doom, For without me they cannot groom. Be it beggar or lord, come for what you can afford. The first line references “Malkin”. Malkin may be derived from “Malkin Tower”, which was a key element in the Pendle Witches trial and thus summon(s) a witch’s doom. Graymalkin was also the name of a cat that belonged to one of the Weird Sisters in Shakespeare’s Macbeth; the Weird Sisters eventually summoned Macbeth’s doom. Thus, the malkin summons both man and witch’s doom. The last two lines reference the fact that Madam Malkin makes clothes. The third line references the fact that the shop has robes for all occasions and all people, and frequently have sales, thus having options for beggar(s) or lord(s), whatever they can afford. Riddle 3: Celestina Warbeck | brought to you by Wisewoman sibilant (and grumpy cat in tiny parts) Watch me soar through the skies, A goddess taking flight. My verse draws your eyes, A singular unique delight. Sparrow’s war is not mine alone, But a flighty mistress will always hold her throne. The first line references the celestial nature of the singer’s first name. The second line is a reference to Celestina’s Flighty Aphrodite tour, thus a goddess taking flight. The third line references that Celestina is a singer (thus her verse, or song, draws your eyes). The fourth line references the fact that there is no one else quite like Celestina, thus she is a singular unique delight. The last two lines are another reference to Aphrodite. Aphrodite is often associated with sparrows and she was one of three goddesses whose feud resulted in the beginning of the Trojan War, thus her war is not [hers] alone. She is referenced as a flighty mistress because she has many affairs (much like Celestina has many husbands), but is described as always hold[ing] her throne because she will always be the queen--much as Celestina’s music will always be revered. Riddle Set 3: Gamers Coalition Riddle 1: Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes | brought to you by Wisewoman Chemical_Pixie Between four and five There’s something to unhide Always a new matter Full of caution and some chatter A smile, a frown, unknown habit In the mirror stands the holy gambit. Fred and George are the fourth and fifth Weasleys, and Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes is their joint venture (and is thus between them). There’s always something new to discover, reveal, or unhide in the shop, a new matter, if you will. The fourth line references the fact that the shop sells a number of defensive magical objects, thus it is full of caution, and that there are usually many patrons, thus it is also full of some chatter. The fifth line references the fact that Molly didn’t know of Fred and George’s enterprising (thus it is an unknown habit). At the end of the war, only (holy--or holey) George remains the lone gambit. Riddle 2: The Quibbler | brought to you by Wisewoman grumpy cat The pain, the insult, my greatest enemy. Never to quiver from assault, I stand tall with my devilry. The first two lines reference Dolores Umbridge. Dolores means “pain” and Umbridge means “insult”. Umbridge is referred to as the Quibbler’s greatest enemy because she banned students from having copies of it. The Quibbler, however, does not quiver from assault in that the students continue to read it regardless, and in that it continues to report the truth during Harry’s fifth year and the Second Wizarding War--therefore standing tall with its (supposed) devilry (because The Quibbler’s reports were claimed to be wrong/dishonest, hence devilry). Riddle 3: Ludo Bagman | brought to you by Wisewoman grumpy cat Remember, remember! The fifth of November, A spook, my friend, shamelessly caught! Brought to ruin by my own plot. A player, a fool, I know naught. The first two lines reference the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 - one of the plotters was Ambrose Rookwood. Augustus Rookwood was a spy (a spook), a friend of Ludo (of Ludo’s father) and he was caught and imprisoned. Ludo was brought to ruin by his own plot when he tried to trick his creditors with leprechaun gold and owing money to goblins. The last line references his name. In Latin ‘Ludo’ means ‘I play’ and he was also a Quidditch player and a fool. Riddle Set 4: Advocates for Free Speech Riddle 1: Millicent Bagnold | brought to you by Wisewoman Chemical_Pixie I oversaw the shadows most dark During the days of sinking hope A miraculous tragedy became our lark And I gave the rights to cope So basic, so inalienable For a time not maintainable The first two lines indicate the time during which Millicent served, at the height of the First Wizarding War (thus during the days of sinking hope). She was also in power when Voldemort fell; this is the miraculous tragedy referred to in the third line--miraculous because it was unexpected and single-handedly ended the war in a very miracle-like way, but a tragedy because Voldemort’s downfall also brought on the murder of James and Lily Potter. The remaining lines refer to her assertion defending the celebrations after the end of the war as 'the wizards’ inalienable right to party.” But of course, this time of peace and celebration is not maintainable, as Voldemort never truly died. Riddle 2: The Daily Prophet | brought to you by Wisewoman Chemical_Pixie A fluttering creature emerges from her well of stone, Resting on Tudor’s grave, whose end was foretold When the sun rose and set by the ancient crone. Ursula presently delivers her tidings so bold, Coming from the cave of her mind To share with those of her own kind. The first two lines refer to the prophetess Mother Shipton, who lived in a cave with a Petrifying Well (thus well of stone) nearby. The phrase “Resting on Tudor’s grave” references the fact that she lived during the Tudor period, and the phrase “whose end was foretold” references her prophecies of the end of the world and the end of the House of Tudor. These two phrases establish that the riddle is centered around something that tells prophecies, with Mother Shipton as an example of the prophet. The third line describes a day, with the sun rising and set[ting]--which, combined with previous lines, indicates that the subject of the riddle is a daily prophet. The last three lines describe Mother Shipton, also known as Ursula, who was born in a cave (thus cave of her mind) sharing her prophecies with others, much in the way that the Daily Prophet spreads news to others. Riddle 3: Flourish and Blotts | brought to you by Wisewoman Chemical_Pixie Halfway down the slant I reside To offer services far and wide, Where Light and King both collide: The White Wave is to confide For a darkness to preside. The first line describes the location of the store, halfway down Diagon Alley (the slant). The second line refers to the variety of books sold by the shop (thus services far and wide). The last three lines refer to Lucius and Arthur’s altercation in the shop in the second book, which resulted in Ginny getting Tom Riddle’s diary. Lucius’s name means Light and Arthur’s name refers to the King. Ginny’s name means White Wave, and she confides/shares her secrets with Tom Riddle’s diary. In the last line, the darkness that presides references Tom Riddle. The Accolades The Wizard’s Council is incredibly impressed by all the campaign staff’s hard work during a tough election cycle. The Communicants would like to share some special recognitions for especially deserving campaign staffers: For her inspiring and tireless dedication to the Calistair Campaign and her ingenious puzzle-solving attempts, which were a never-ending delight to the Council, we dub @MadiMalfoy Mage Madi the Magnificent. For her spectacular story-spinning abilities, we dub @Rumpelstiltskin the Slytherin General, the Mother of Goats, the Goatfather. For her incredibly convincing arguments around the virtues of metal money and its inherent inertia, we dub @juls The Honorable Exchequer. For her unparalleled expertise in all things occult, we dub @just.a.willow.tree the Supreme Sorceress. For her truly astounding achievements in riddle-solving, including many late-night guesses and much persistence and creativity, we dub @WriteYourHeartOut the Great Sphinx. For her unwavering persistence, initiative, and brilliance and her ingenious riddle guesses, we dub @nott theodore the Foxiest Riddler. For her undying support of her fellow campaign staff from the start to the end of the election, we dub @Noelle Zingarella Dedicated Combat Support. For the best show of teamwork and collaboration the Wizard’s Council has seen, we grant the whole of the Truth Campaign team the Capital Collaborators Award. And Last, but Certainly Not Least, A Proclamation In the midst of the chaotic election cycle, an independent candidate rose through the ranks rapidly. grumpy cat rose to power through her undeniable charm, thinly-veiled threats, and irresistible smile. Using her ties to the underworld, she bribed and persuaded the following organizations to endorse her: Despite earning these numerous endorsements, grumpy cat decided ultimately to slink back to the underground and instead rule the Wizarding World with an invisible hand. Thank you for reading! blog post written by @sibilant and @grumpy cat , award graphics by @grumpy cat 1 communicant is a person who imparts information 2 intelligencer is a person who gathers intelligence
  9. Hey, guys! We've gotten some anonymous feedback asking whether there was a way for staff to participate in HC events, and we've seen similar sentiments expressed at other points as well. We've been mulling over whether this is possible/wise for awhile, especially since while all staff can participate in planning events, not all staff members actually do - many staffers barely even stop into the event planning thread and would love to participate in events if they could. We're wondering what you would think about our restricting non-gamekeeper access to house cup event planning threads so that other staffers have the option to fully participate in house cup events (similar to how they do in prefect-run events). This would involve: All staffers involved in planning an event formally joining the gamekeeper team. This would not involve any additional responsibilities or commitment beyond the event planning they would be doing anyway, and they could join at any time. Restricting permissions to view the event planning sub-forums and other houses' event discussion threads to gamekeepers. No other staff member (including admins) would have access to them, so non-gamekeeper staff would not have any advantages that members do not have. Clearly identifying gamekeepers (regardless of other roles) with a distinct color and the gamekeeper title for the duration of the event. If a staffer doesn't have "Gamekeeper" in a non-teal color under their name, they are free to participate and don't know anything more than members do. We're making this a poll, but if you have any feedback, feel free to leave it below and/or contact the staff in another way. Thank you!
  10. magemadi

    2019-2020 House Cup Opener Results

    Experimentalists Unite Results This is the blog post where we tell all of you how fantastically evil and scientific you all were for the 2019-2020 House Cup Opener event run by your Prefects! Points breakdown for each task is explained and the final results are tallied as well! Let's find out which House came out on top, Mad Scientists! Mad Scientist Networking The objective for each House was to complete a task list of 20 items to widen your contact list of fellow mad scientists. This ran for both weeks of the opener, and you all did not disappoint! There were some very creative graphics made and lovely letters written to the Houses, and general good cheer all around! This task was worth 150 points total, or if you really want to get into the details, each specific task was worth 7.5 points. Here's the breakdown for this task: : 150 points : 150 points : 150 points : 131.5 points Potions Results and Discussion The objective for this task was to write a short essay (500 word maximum) about one of four topics relating to various scientific experiments. We received a whopping 16 entries for this task, and each House submitted at least 2 essays! Having so many entries was so great, and such varied content that judging all of these was extremely close for all of the Prefects. Each entry was worth 5 points, and the top 4 entries received quality points. Those results are as follows: PPE : 30 points : 25 points : 15 points : 10 points Quality Points It should be noted that all of these entries were within a range of 0.1 points, so it was very difficult judging all of the fantastic entries we received! 1st Place - 60 points - yellow crane by @just.a.willow.tree 2nd Place - 45 points - Grow by @MuggleMaybe 3rd Place - 30 points - Hit Record by @crowsb4bros 4th Place - 15 points - The Great Crow Mother by @crowsb4bros Total Results and Discussion Points : 30 points : 130 points : 60 points : 10 points Guess that Scientist The objective for this task was to correctly identify twelve specimens (six writing samples and six visual samples) from six different scientists. Each Prefect submitted a ~100 word blurb on the creation of the Developing Solution potion that creates moving photos that are used throughout the Wizarding World. The lovely @something wicked created a picspam for each of the Prefects. Guessing was all or nothing, and we were honestly surprised at how quickly everyone got them all correct. (We tried to make it challenging for you all, but clearly you are too good for us!) Each House received 100 points for completing this task! Final Results After all of this, it's time for the final results to be examined. In fourth place with 260 points, ! In third place with 280 points, ! In second place with 291.5 points, And your winners of the House Cup Opener with 380 points, ! Thanks to everyone for having such a good time with the House Cup Opener and indulging our Mad Scientist tendencies See you soon for our Fall Writing Challenge! Your HPFT Prefects
  11. down-in-flames

    The Great Collab Results

    From December to May this year, all four Houses participated in a massive writing collaboration, working in different teams with new themes and challenges every two months. After six months of hard work (and many, many words), the Great Collab of 2018-2019 has come to a close, and points have been tallied! Round 1: New Beginnings A fitting theme for the start of a six-month-long adventure, yeah? For round 1, Gryffindor and Slytherin teamed up to form Team Frosty, and Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw banded together to make up Team Rudolph. Team Frosty received the challenge themes 'slow build' and 'vampirism', and Team Rudolph got 'space opera' and 'teen pregnancy.' By the numbers... Stories Team Frosty Gryffindor: 7 total (7 using challenge themes) Slytherin: 10 total (10 using challenge themes) Team Rudolph Hufflepuff: 5 stories (3 using challenge themes) Ravenclaw: 21 stories (15 using challenge themes) Quality Points In third place, Possibilitea for More by @belgian quaffle! In second place, Bram Stoker Be Rollin' in His Grave RN: Human Conservation Reserve by @Rumpelstiltskin! In first place, Rush of Blood by @nott theodore! Round Winner TEAM FROSTY (Gryffindor and Slytherin)! Points Awarded Gryffindor: 435 points Hufflepuff: 25 points Ravenclaw: 255 points Slytherin: 375 points Round 2: Back from the Brink The second round saw Gryffindor unite with Ravenclaw as Team Cupid, and Hufflepuff team up with Slytherin as Team Hathor to tackle the theme 'back to the brink.' This round was particularly prolific for all houses - Team Cupid had the challenge themes of 'internalised oppression' and 'careers', while Team Hathor was working with 'time travel' and 'fate/prophecy.' By the numbers... Stories Team Cupid Gryffindor: 16.5 total (14.5 using challenge themes) Ravenclaw: 15.5 total (11.5 using challenge themes) Team Hathor Hufflepuff: 7 stories (5 using challenge themes) Slytherin: 19 stories (11 using challenge themes) Quality Points In third place, Lycanthropy by @facingthenorthwind! In second place, Perforce by @Renacerá! In first place, 3:27 AM by @poppunkpadfoot! Round Winner TEAM CUPID (Gryffindor and Ravenclaw)! Points Awarded Gryffindor: 482.5 points Hufflepuff: 210 points Ravenclaw: 327.5 points Slytherin: 245 points Round 3: Take Me Home The final round of this year's Great Collab was all about coming back to where you belong (as well as, uh, the ~alternative~ interpretation of the phrase 'take me home'), and we had some wonderful stories come out of both Team Tulip - Gryffindor and Hufflepuff - and Team Bluestar - Ravenclaw and Slytherin. The challenge themes this time were 'sports' and 'magical creatures' for Team Tulip, and 'bullying' and 'infidelity' for Team Bluestar. By the numbers... Stories Team Tulip Gryffindor: 5 total (3 using challenge themes) Hufflepuff: 3 total (2 using challenge themes) Team Bluestar Ravenclaw: 7 stories (5 using challenge themes) Slytherin: 5 stories (3 using challenge themes) Quality Points In third place, My Girl by @Renacerá! In second place, Reorienting by @sibilant! In first place, Pax by @Aphoride! Round Winner TEAM BLUESTAR (Ravenclaw and Slytherin)! Points Awarded Gryffindor: 100 points Hufflepuff: 90 points Ravenclaw: 535 points Slytherin: 200 points The Final Results In fourth place, receiving 350 points, HUFFLEPUFF! In third place, receiving 820 points, SLYTHERIN! In second place, receiving 1017.5 points, GRYFFINDOR! And finally, the winners of this year's Great Collab, with 1117.5 points, RAVENCLAW! Congratulations to all of you! awards by @down-in-flames - please don't forget to rehost and credit if you'd like to display them!
  12. We want your feedback! As you know, the Harry Potter franchise has continued to grow and change in the years since Deathly Hallows concluded Harry's story. J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World now includes further books, plays, movies, and as a HP-centric site, we often find ourselves expanding with the fandom. As a site we will always be committed to creating a fun and inclusive environment that is informed by the feedback from our members, staff, and prefects. Thus we want to reach out to you, the members, to decide how best to integrate the Fantastic Beasts film franchise into our event planning and social media strategy in the future. Reactions to the Fantastic Beasts films fall on a broad spectrum—from positive to negative—influenced by thoughts and feelings about casting, character development, franchise expansion, and many other factors; and we want to make sure that we're both moving with the fandom while remaining mindful of our members and any concerns voiced. With that in mind, we've put together a survey that we'd like everyone to fill out that will help us understand how much to run with the various ideas for events and social media that FB brings up. https://goo.gl/forms/MbOgeXjgl1MscFat1 We're locking this topic from feedback as we'd like members to channel their thoughts into the survey rather than the topic. We'll begin reviewing results on October 26th. Thank you very much for your time! —The HPFT Staff
  13. Hello, friends! Now that the snowball fight is done and the staff are getting ready to finalize our rules and categories for the FROGS, we wanted to give everyone the chance to give input on any specific categories they'd really like to see, particularly categories that deviate from some of the more standard genre/era/etc ones. We won't automatically include every suggestion, but we'll definitely consider them as we make our final decisions. If you'd like to make suggestions, please do so by Friday (December 22).
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