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Found 11 results

  1. WriteYourHeartOut

    Ask a Staffer

    If you have a question about the site (including anything on our forums, archive, or social media) that you'd like a staff member to answer for you, please post below and we'll be happy to help you out! ^.^ Please note that answering questions in this topic is strictly for staff members to handle. Members who post here should only do so to ask a question.
  2. If you would like your username changed, please reply with the name you would like it to be and whether you'd like it changed on the archive as well. You can find a masterlist of all of the name changes below. AbraxanUnicorn -> @PinsandKneazles adorably_cute -> @belgian quaffle Asphodelic -> @Llysh Chemical_Pixie -> @kuusi palaa danicasyer -> @starlitcastles Dojh167 -> @sinnersandsapphics dreamgazer220 -> secretdreamer esmeraude -> @apondinabluebox faeruhs -> @copilot firewhiskey -> @firewhiskey_ginger forever_dreaming -> @sibilant gaia (beatrix) -> @Zinnia Grey greisful -> @vellichor hopelessDREAMs -> @pixiedust javu -> @Alwynse MadiMalfoy -> @magemadi onestop_hpfan18 -> @livingfree PaulaTheProkaryote -> @crowsb4bros pixiedust -> @hopelesslyaddicted RoRoWeasley -> @singmetothesun secretdreamer -> @dreamshadow ShadowRose -> @down-in-flames Sleepingbagonthesofa -> @something wicked starbuck -> @grumpy cat StarFeather -> @Tanda Theia -> @galadriel You-Make-Me-Wander -> @WanderWitch
  3. toomanycurls

    Forum Issues/Bugs

    If you've come across something about the site that appears to be broken, please post it in this thread. If you would like to request a new feature, please post here. Known Issues: -New Message count does not go away after reading This is fixed! -Alo -Emoticons do not show in all skins I think I fixed this - Alo -The recent poster is listed as the topic starter. Woot, this is fixed!!! -Alo Once you've posted here, your issue will be added to the list. Issues will be crossed off when they are resolved.
  4. WriteYourHeartOut

    Delete/Edit/Move my Topic/Post

    If you have a topic or post that you'd like deleted, edited, locked/unlocked or moved to a different forum, please fill out the form below and post: [b]Topic Title:[/b] [b]Link:[/b] [b]Reason for Request:[/b] [b]Edit*, Delete, Lock, Unlock or Move? (To what? To where?)[/b]: *Please make sure when requesting edits that you include exactly what you'd like to replace the post with so that the staff only has to copy and paste. After your request has been fulfilled, your post will be deleted.
  5. crowsb4bros

    Anonymous Feedback Form

    We've provided an anonymous feedback form that you can use for anonymous site suggestions, feedback, concerns, questions, etc here+. Your name, email address, etc will not be collected. You may continue to use tumblr asks anonymously as well if you prefer. Just like with tumblr asks, we will respond to all posts that require a response. If you'd prefer your comment not to be posted and responded to, please mention it in your anonymous feedback!
  6. WriteYourHeartOut

    Site Suggestions and Feedback

    HPFT is an amazing community, but bumps in the road are still bound to happen, especially because we often try out new ideas that may or may not work out as perfectly as planned. Whether they're new ideas or old ones - or even things we haven't tried yet at all - you can make the site better with your suggestions! You can make suggestions about the archive, the forums, our events, or our social media. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, you can check out our anonymous feedback form +here. Please post your suggestions here rather than starting a new thread; if the staff feel it's warranted, we will move the conversation to its own topic.
  7. Hello, all! We've been working on some fairly significant rule changes for awhile (mostly revolving around the archive), and as per our current +site rules, we want to give our members the opportunity to give feedback before finalizing them. We want to emphasize that while we will consider any concerns expressed and do our best to address them, we will not necessarily integrate them into the final rules. Following the results of several feedback polls, we finalized a draft of the new site rules that you can access below. Highlights include: Combining the forum and archive guidelines into a single document. Narrowing where advisories are necessary, particularly around T-rated fics and references. Moving "fuck" to be a T-rated word, based on the feedback poll +here. Removing the 25% on sexual content. Removing/combining advisories that don't get much use and/or have a lot of overlap with other advisories, based on the feedback poll +here. The planned changes include: Combining the 'self-harm' and 'eating disorder' advisories due to overlap and for the latter, lack of author use. Removing the derogatory language advisory due to overlap with the hate speech advisory and lack of reader use. Removing the 'spoilers' advisory due to lack of reader use and inconsistent author use. Removing the stalking advisory due to lack of author use and overlap with 'domestic abuse' and/or 'consent issues' advisories. Relaxing our rules limiting numbers of awards or chapter images, leaving multiple reviews on the same chapter, and linking to material directly in the chapter. The main reason we're making these changes is to make the site easier for both authors and readers to use. Right now, the advisories can be difficult to navigate, and they're also required so broadly that they don't necessarily function to warn readers of potentially triggering content, which is what they're intended to do. We think that these changes will improve both of those things, and after the new rules are finalized, we encourage authors to go back and edit their ratings/advisories to reflect them. We will also be revising tutorials to be more specific and clear. We're including our draft below in the spoiler tag, and you can find the googledoc +here. You're welcome to give your feedback in this thread or in the google doc - whatever you're most comfortable with. Please make sure you leave it by December 16th. Thank you!
  8. abhorsen.

    Clarification on "Safe Space"

    We've gotten some questions lately about what we mean when we say that we want our site (including both our forums and our archive) to be inclusive/a safe space, so we'd like to offer a little clarification. When we say that we want to be a safe space, we mean that we want HPFT to be a place where people can participate without being afraid that they will be attacked for who they are - especially if they belong to groups who are often attacked, invalidated, or even have their physical safety threatened in many other spaces. This is something that many members of our community have experienced, and our staff's efforts to show that we value their identities through site events, activities, and broader site infrastructure is something that many members have said that they appreciate about HPFT. We're using the word "identity" very deliberately here, because there is a difference between identity and opinion. "Identity" (e.g., gender, race, sexual orientation) is something that one cannot leave at the door any more than one can leave one's lungs there. While opinions can also be a core part of how we define ourselves and how we interact with the world, there is ultimately a difference between what one thinks and who one is - and while we broadly support our members' desire to explore ideas and learn from each other, we do have some limits on what topics and opinions we allow on the site (which are enumerated in the +Content Guidelines). Additionally, we do not allow hate speech, slurs, harassment, or personal attacks. While we understand that policies similar to the one we've outlined here are often more heavily concentrated in some political parties than others, HPFT as a site does not have any political affiliation. Everyone who is willing to follow our rules is welcome to participate here. If you find that some members frequently make comments on the site that are not against the rules but do make your time on the site less enjoyable, we have an option in account settings to +ignore content from specific users that you are welcome to use.
  9. Today there was some discussion on Twitter regarding the use of karma points to applaud and smite users, particularly the use of the smite option when someone shares an unpopular opinion. As a result, I want to highlight the options for karma on the site. Karma can be implemented in three ways: -Turn off the functionality -Turn on with a +/- breakdown visible -Turn on with only a total score shown There's not an option to just enable applauding but the labels (karma, applaud, and smite) can be changed. The points are aggregated to the user profile and not as directly linked to a single post (although people may guess which posts were smited, it is just a guess). What I'd like people to discuss is: -How should karma points be implemented? -Please discuss the pros and cons of leaving it as is, changing to a total view, or disabling it. Based on the discussion and feedback we will either leave the karma system in place, edit the +/- visibility, or disable altogether -- so please share your opinions!
  10. WriteYourHeartOut

    Beta Reading Suggestions

    Some of you may have noticed that we don't have a beta section set up anywhere on the forums yet. The reason for this is because previous versions have always felt a bit flawed, so that the section - and those wishing to utilize the section - were left rather neglected. From memory, the set-up was rather like this: - There was a topic for short-term betas, to be used by people looking to have merely a one-shot beta'd. - A form was available to fill out for anyone looking for a long-term beta with things like what the story was about, how long it was predicted to be, how many chapters already existed, turn-around time hoped for, easiest form of communication, etc. - If a beta was interested, in the project, they would post in the thread that they think they could help out. - If the original poster felt good about the beta's offer, they would accept, and together (and privately) they would work out the details from there. - The topic would then be moved to the archives and eventually deleted. - If it didn't work out for some reason and the original poster was in need of a new beta, they could have their topic reopened or post again (depending). Flaws tended to be lack of activity in the area - especially with long-term betas - and, when someone did find a long-term beta, often times it wouldn't quite work out and the same stories would return to the section. So. All of this in mind, we are obviously looking for ways to improve the system so that both beta readers and requesters get the best experience we can offer, and to keep interest up. Please offer up any suggestions for improvement you may have below! ^.^
  11. Jo Raskoph

    Rat Race planning

    First of all: this is all wonderful and it's so nice of you to allow suggestions For the rat race section I have always missed a place where I could look for others who wanted to race and to agree on a general time frame for races to take place. It could be something simple like: I'd love to race this Saturday afternoon. Does anyone else have time between about 2pm to 7pm (gmt)? OR: I'm hoping to get a lot done this weekend and would love to race - is anyone around who has time and when would be convenient for you? On the old forums I hardly managed to join races unless they were planned on Twitter and planning like this would be very handy for me and probably for others too What do you think?
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