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Found 2 results

  1. SolitarySorceress

    Hello! Salut! Salaam! Namaste!

    Hello folks! This is my first ever blog post and I've a lot to say, so I really hope that you'd find it in yourselves to read to the end of this. If not, still drop me a comment and say Hi, I'd feel really welcome. So, starting off my blog with a post containing my introduction, giving some information about my life and what do I hope to do here on the site. Who Am I? Please call me Maggie. I officially joined this site on June 10, 2016. That's more than two years ago!! Forgive me but I found it in me to come say hello to you amazing people only now.. Well, if you haven't already guessed by my joining date, I was really active on HPFF (Are we allowed to mention it here? ). I do remember many of the names here (I've been snooping around a bit), had forged some great bonds with many of you folks and I'm no stranger to this community. I was active in the forum events, used to participate in challenges and continually gave life to my plunnies and even delved into graphics during my brief stint on HPFF previously. I hope some of you would be able to recognize me if I were to mention my old username/pen-name. But, I just feel like I need a fresh start here on HPFT, hence the new name. I hope I'll be able to make friends here again. I'm no troublemaker, I promise!! The Sabbatical If you're wondering where was I during the last two years or even if you're not, please read on. The short version is, real life took over. The long version is, I graduated university, got a job, moved out of my parents' home to a new city, built a new life, struggled with bosses and assignments, slogged in many late night hours for work and finally, finally got my due in terms of recognition from my management. Old friends grew distant, people changed, met awesome people, made some great new friends, even had a crush which I eventually outgrew!! WHew!!!! It doesn't seem as long and challenging here, but believe me, I've been through a hell of a roller-coaster ride! I could never distance myself from the HP fandom though. I continued on reading Jily (my one and only OTP) here and on tumblr and just kept making up stories in my head which I still hope to write one day. I even tried participating in one of the house cup events (it was the reviewing event, snowball event I think ) but just had to leave in the middle because real life took over once again. Apologies to my fellow teammates.. Why Come Back? Because.. I just feel like it? I'm in a very happy place in life right now. I've got my dream job which I would be hopefully starting very soon and things are looking up for a while now. And all this happiness and positivism, which I feel around me nowadays, has inspired me again to come back here. Blah.. Blah.. Blah.. Some other things about me, if anyone's interested.. I'd soon be moving countries, but that's OK because it's for a job I've wanted for a long time. I'm into other fandoms as well, so we can talk about these as well: GOT The Handmaid's Tale -- I'm crazyyyyyy about this one Stranger Things Marvel Universe Arrowverse Did I say that I'm a software engineer? I love singing. One of my hobbies is to sing and record those songs. I'm not a terrible singer, I promise.. Also, I'm a Gryffie!! A special shout out to any fellow Gryffindors reading this post I love writing character sketches and about magical objects. Actually, I'm planning on writing a magical object series soon!! Did you read through all of this? Thanks a lot! Please drop me a note below! Hopefully I'll be able to have a longer journey here this time!!
  2. FawkesyLady


    Alright, so I've been a member of this community for over a year now and I have to admit, I feel a bit like a child staring in on a tank at the Aquarium. I am sure at some point I'll manage to fall in, or grow up to be rich enough to pay my way in for a scuba session, but please forgive me if I don't seem to understand how this whole thing works. I suppose my content count is low because I don't post, so I'll have a go at it. My only complaint so far is the archive side of things has no direct way of communicating with the staff who are proctoring the chapter approval process. I have to assume that some of my art disappeared from an already approved work recently because it was the wrong size or something of that nature. Where does one get banners that size? Canva doesn't seem to have it as a preset. Anyway... A little about me: I posted my very first WIP on 29 May 2017, and it is an ongoing work on A03 and FFN - and so far I've been led to believe that I'm not doing a terrible job. I love the characters and the world that JK Rowling put together. She's fantastic. I should get this out there right now: Snape is one of my favourite characters. I can't apologize, it is my own personal feeling. He's brilliant, strong, tragic and got the job done. No, he isn't the only hero, but he is the one that keeps me coming back. Yes, he's flawed. No, it isn't really okay for adults to abuse their power to bully students (although it hasn't always been such a taboo). I still adore him. The premise of Time Immemorial was manifold: What if Hermione underwent a dissociative fugue at the end of the war and had a time turner. Secondarily: What would have happened if Snape had a mentor, and if adults were the ones who fought the first war? A problem that I've had is that the story really is two stories: One - Hermione and Severus' story. Two - What is happening to the whole of the Wizarding World. My cast is too large, the scope is huge, and I have many POVs, all of which work for me, but keeping in mind how I felt the first time reading GoT or anything classic out of Russia, it probably is a bit much. But I can't stop now! I've written over 200K and 54 published chapters. So, if you start reading a story that is sshg, and find a over-arching Wizarding War plot, would you be truly upset that Severus and Hermione are not the stars of every single chapter? The only stories I've published here are "The Spark," which was a piece written for the Rule of Three Challenge and a piece called "Lost Dog Days of Summer" which is still half caught in the chapter approval machine here after being posted 7-29 to 7-30. The Lost Dog piece was written for a Summer Fic exchange that is hosted on A03. The first four chapters of ten are here, if you are inclined to read a Beach/Summer themed piece about Sirius running away as a dog. I don't think either piece is bad, and I am rather proud of myself for finishing them. More some other time. Love, Fawkesy.