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  1. Hi! This summer (6 days ago, exactly) I've set myself some original fiction writing goals. One of the issues about writing original fiction is that it's LONELY. I need a support group, and I was thinking that maybe there were other people out there who need one too. It's hard to make visible progress when there aren't any deadlines or fans chomping at the bit for the next part of your story. One of the skills I need to learn is how to write fast, and how to write on a deadline. I joined one of those four-month writing competitions on ffnet in January, where each member of a team had to write three one-shots every two weeks for ten rounds, based on different prompts and themes. I did it. I wrote a bunch of awful things, and some not so awful things. There were a few things I could be proud of too, but I wouldn't have written them if I hadn't written all the other ick. And I wouldn't have written any of it without a deadline. So. For my original fiction, I set some summer goals. I found a few short story contests out there, and even though I'm not going to get any feedback or 'reviews', I get a deadline. Here's what I'm going to do: 1) Write a short story/ one-shot between 1k-6k. Deadline July 15th. 2) Write a short story under 10k. Deadline July 31st. 3) Write a Sci Fi/Fantasy short story under 17k. Deadline October 1st. 4) Write one character vignette for each of my original characters who want to be in my OF novel. One due every week on Monday evening by 11 pm EST. I'll promise myself to post them to the HPFT archive, just to have a place of accountability. First vignette is due Monday, June 11th. (looks at calendar)... EEK!! Fortunately, I already have a list of characters. Also, I'm not holding myself to any of these initial ideas. I fully recognize that whatever comes of these vignettes will change over time as I grow my plot. No pressure to get it right, just to get it write. (Ah haha. I'm so not funny.) 5) Make visible progress on my OF plot by doing outline work, writing setting snippets, or creating any other words I can throw down. Weekly deadline every Tuesday evening by 9pm EST. I won't post these. This deadline is just for me. That thing they say about 'measurable goals' applies here. No "try to write', or 'think about'. That will happen anyway. Anyone want to join me?? By the way, this is now my summer original fiction writing mascot.