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Found 6 results

  1. WriteYourHeartOut

    Ask a Staffer

    If you have a question about the site (including anything on our forums, archive, or social media) that you'd like a staff member to answer for you, please post below and we'll be happy to help you out! ^.^ Please note that answering questions in this topic is strictly for staff members to handle. Members who post here should only do so to ask a question.
  2. crowsb4bros

    Anonymous Feedback Form

    We've provided an anonymous feedback form that you can use for anonymous site suggestions, feedback, concerns, questions, etc here+. Your name, email address, etc will not be collected. You may continue to use tumblr asks anonymously as well if you prefer. Just like with tumblr asks, we will respond to all posts that require a response. If you'd prefer your comment not to be posted and responded to, please mention it in your anonymous feedback!
  3. WriteYourHeartOut

    Site Suggestions and Feedback

    HPFT is an amazing community, but bumps in the road are still bound to happen, especially because we often try out new ideas that may or may not work out as perfectly as planned. Whether they're new ideas or old ones - or even things we haven't tried yet at all - you can make the site better with your suggestions! You can make suggestions about the archive, the forums, our events, or our social media. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, you can check out our anonymous feedback form +here. Please post your suggestions here rather than starting a new thread; if the staff feel it's warranted, we will move the conversation to its own topic.
  4. abhorsen.

    Personal Social Media Clarification

    HPFT staff often use social media to promote or supplement activities that take place on the site (i.e., the archives or forums). All information necessary to fully participate in those activities can be found on either the site itself or our official social media accounts; it will not originate on any member's personal account. Many members of HPFT (including staff and prefects) do choose to interact outside the site, particularly through their personal social media accounts. While social media can at times feel like part of the site, we do not expect any of them to follow our site guidelines off-site, and comments from individual staff members on their personal social media accounts should not be taken as reflecting the views of HPFT. In any community of our size, there are bound to be differences of opinion on social, political, and personal issues, which are sometimes highlighted in more casual settings; we encourage members to disconnect by muting, unfollowing, or blocking other members who post content that they have a negative reaction to. The only times HPFT staff will take an oversight role with off-site activity is in situations like: A member cheating during a site event or activity (e.g., quid pro quos), A member persistently sharing or trying to gain access to restricted information (e.g., a non-staff member attempting to gain access to the staff forums), or A member harassing another member (e.g., continuing to contact them after being asked to stop, repeatedly targeting them for personal attacks). Members found doing any of these things might face consequences ranging from a verbal warning to a suspension to a ban. If you think you may have seen or experienced any of the above, please contact whichever staff member you feel most comfortable talking to.
  5. We want your feedback! As you know, the Harry Potter franchise has continued to grow and change in the years since Deathly Hallows concluded Harry's story. J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World now includes further books, plays, movies, and as a HP-centric site, we often find ourselves expanding with the fandom. As a site we will always be committed to creating a fun and inclusive environment that is informed by the feedback from our members, staff, and prefects. Thus we want to reach out to you, the members, to decide how best to integrate the Fantastic Beasts film franchise into our event planning and social media strategy in the future. Reactions to the Fantastic Beasts films fall on a broad spectrum—from positive to negative—influenced by thoughts and feelings about casting, character development, franchise expansion, and many other factors; and we want to make sure that we're both moving with the fandom while remaining mindful of our members and any concerns voiced. With that in mind, we've put together a survey that we'd like everyone to fill out that will help us understand how much to run with the various ideas for events and social media that FB brings up. https://goo.gl/forms/MbOgeXjgl1MscFat1 We're locking this topic from feedback as we'd like members to channel their thoughts into the survey rather than the topic. We'll begin reviewing results on October 26th. Thank you very much for your time! —The HPFT Staff
  6. crowsb4bros

    Social Media Submissions

    Hi guys! This thread is for anything you'd like posted to HPFT social media. We'll gladly post story snippets, tumblr edits, sneak peeks, picspams, jokes, writing tips, whatever your creative heart can dream up! We'd like to keep the posts relevant to HPFT, fic recs, writing in general, reading in general, and fandom oriented stuff (whichever fandom that might be). Please keep these submissions in line with TOS and make sure the content is your own. Please fill out this form below: Submission content: Username to credit: Social Media handle to tag (optional):
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