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Found 2 results

  1. Alopex

    Fic Feud!

    ~~ Fic Feud!! ~~ Welcome to Fic Feud! Last year's Throw Down the Gauntlet was a very popular event, so we have brought you yet another exciting partner-based writing competition! With your assigned partner, you must write a story between 2 and 4 chapters long by April 15. Individually, you must contribute at least 1000 words. (If you read that and felt intimidated and like this isn't the event for you, you can still submit a sentence (keep reading for details). We also want some back-up writers, so if you're more of a "maybe" than a "taker" at the moment, consider signing up for that.) Here is how it will work: Stories must be posted on our archive with both you and your partner listed as an author. Each chapter must be between 1000 and 4000 words in length and be based around 4 elements from at least 3 different categories. The twist is that you will be assigning another group a sabotage (and receiving one yourself), to force or prevent choosing certain elements. For your reference, the five categories will be: Sentence(s) to include - to be submitted by members; you can edit tenses/pronouns to make it fit your story Character(s) - any canon Genre(s) - from our archive, EXCEPT general and micro-fiction Inclusivity(ies) - from our archive Theme(s) - from our archive We will list this out in more detail once the sentences are submitted, when we announce partners and who you will be sabotaging. Obviously, you can go the easy route with picking elements that very easily fit together (e.g. questioning identity with genderfluid/genderqueer, marriage with romance, war with PTSD). However, we don't want to see you stick to the easy route! We challenge you to step outside the most obvious choices and blow us away with more creative combinations! Creativity will be a component of your score, so don't give away those points by playing it safe. A quick overview about points: Points will be awarded two ways—for participation and placement/winning. The participation points will be given for every completed chapter, whereas placement will be determined by judging each story. Annnnd the schedule: March 1 - 8 Click here to fill out a form to submit a sentence participants may choose to include in their stories (you may only submit one). You do NOT need to participate as a writer to submit a sentence! March 1 - 8 If you would like to participate, reply to this topic to sign up. Remember, THIS IS NOT A SOLO ACTIVITY, so it is very important that you are able to FOLLOW THROUGH FOR YOUR PARTNER. You can also sign up as a back-up writer. These are the people we will be asking to help out should anyone have something come up and need to drop out of the competition. Just reply to this topic saying you wish to be a back-up writer rather than a full participant. March 10 Partners will be announced. You will also learn which other pair you will get to sabotage. You can start writing right away if you wish, but just remember that you may need to alter your plan depending on what sabotage you receive. March 12 Sabotages are due. If you don't post your sabotages in time, the group you are sabotaging can pick whatever elements they want without restriction. March 15 Final decisions about your elements are due. We do need you to post these up front because it's too easy to write something and pick what fits afterward. April 15 Competition ends! There is no sign-up form. Just reply to this topic saying if you are a participant or a back-up writer.
  2. Alopex

    Fic Feud

    Fic Feud is a partner based writing competition. See this thread for details and to sign up!