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This could also easily go in the Squee-worthy Reviews thread because it made me sooo happy :D Thanks for the super sweet review @abhorsen., I was so nervous about trying out a poem and this review was the best thing to see when I logged in today. love you Branwen! <3 


Shreya, omg - this is seriously your first time writing poetry?? This is amazing. The imagery is gorgeous, and as someone who writes poetry a fair amount, I'm especially impressed that you were able to handle a sestina so well for your first time. 

(Your first time?? Seriously??) 

Amazing job. Really.  Thank you for sharing it. <3



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i got this on heaven taking the place of something evil on ao3! :D 



This was soooooo amazing. Like sooooooo much better than the cursed child. It made me laugh out loud and also even cry. Like you should become an author. I wish I could right like you. I loved this so much and if anyone ever asks if I know a good Scorbus fanfic I will recommend this one straight up. It was soooo good because it wasn't just like oh look Scorbus got together and they lived happily ever after. It like actual seemed like a real life situation and I just loved. You have to write more stories like this and you know maybe even a book (I would read it). So yeah this was just too amazing to even deal with!!!!!!

ahhh my heart is so warm <33

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