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Harry Potter

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Share your favorite fics about Harry Potter here! I'll start us off.


Title: To Dwell on Dreams

Author: Helen Jay / Helen J Haslam

Link(s): FFnet | HPFF (M)

Length / Completed: 122,056 / Yes

Pairing(s): n/a

Genre(s): AU, Drama, Action/Adenture

Summary: Harry is lost.  His parents are alive and Draco Malfoy is banging on his door.  What is this place, how did he get here?  And, most importantly, does he really want to leave?




Title: Harry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood

Author: @CambAngst

Link(s):  HPFT | AO3 (M)

Length / Completed: 262,430 words / Yes

Pairing(s): n/a

Genre(s): Drama, Mystery, Action/Adventure

Summary: Many years after the Battle of Hogwarts, follow Harry, Ron and Hermione as they lead four generations of the Potter and Weasley family in an action-packed battle for survival against a shadowy puppet master who threatens to destroy the world that they worked so hard to build.

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Title: Harry Potter and the Curse of the Incas (Book 8)

Author: APerkins

Link(s:) HPFF

Length / Completed: 41,832 / No

Pairings: Arthur/Molly, Bill/Fleur, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione

Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, General

Summary: Adventure in the traditional HP style - continuing on from book 7.


With everyone still grieving, Harry jumps at the opportunity to go curse breaking in Peru.



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Title: Schrodinger’s Cat

Author: TidalDragon

Link(s): Schrodinger’s Cat (15+) HPFF Schrodinger’s Cat (15+) AO3 / Schrodiner’s Cat (15+) FF.net

Length / Completed: one-shot/completed

Pairing(s): Ginny/Harry

Genre(s): Angst

Summary: Love doesn't die until someone asks the question.

Reasons for recommending: A brief look at Kevin’s AP will leave your head spinning with choices for high quality stories to read. Every time he puts his pen to paper, the result is something good, but this particular story is hands down my favorite.  All over fic, we see the death of relationships, but often times they’re written in a dramatic, over the top fashion. Instead of going that route, Kevin does this stunning thing where he writes about the end of a relationship in a way that will move anyone who’s experienced the end of a long term love. It’s poignant, thought provoking, and brutally honest. In terms of fic, it’s definitely in my top 5 favorite fics.





Title: Healing

Author: 1917Farmgirl

Link(s): Healing (15+) HPFF / Healing (15+) AO3   /  Healing (15+) FF.net

Length / Completed: 13 chapters so far/WIP

Pairing(s): Arthur/Molly, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione

Genre(s): Drama/Humor/AU

Summary: Wars end, but healing takes time and courage, especially in the face of so many changes.  Follow beloved characters as they learn that life can and does go on, that family can mean more than blood relations, and that it's okay to love and laugh again.

Reasons for recommending: What can I say about this story without giving it away? If you love canon compliant characters with an AU twist in the plot, this is the story for you. Jill writes the Weasleys in phenomenal fashion in this. It won a Dobby last year for best post Hogwarts and I have to agree with that enthusiastically. I love the way that this story makes me fall in love with all of my favorite characters all over again.


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Title: "Ninety-Two Seconds in Catatonia"
Author: @MuggleMaybe
Link: here+
Length/Completed: 704 words/yes
Genre(s): Angst
Summary: Was it normal to stand still for this long?
Reason for Recommendation: This story is phenomenal. I haven't stopped talking about it since I read it. It's an absolutely amazing portrayal of PTSD, and I feel that it covers themes that aren't often discussed in fanfiction. It shows a side of Harry that we don't get in canon, and it's absolutely stunning.

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Noelle Zingarella

Title: The Baby in the Closet
Author: @Oregonian
LinkClick! (M)
Length/Completed: 11 Chapters/44884 words/yes
Genre(s): Angst
Summary: As Harry and Ginny eagerly await the birth of their first child and their new lives as parents, Harry discovers that before he can move forward, he must take a journey into his past and revisit what has never been put to rest.  He learns the truth of the poetic line "The child is father to the man."

Reason for Recommendation: Vicki takes on a serious theme that doesn't get much attention in fanfic: what Harry has to face in order to work through his childhood psychological scars as he prepares to become a father. It's well handled and the characters are very true to themselves. Get a box of tissues though--you'll need it.

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Title: The Next Great Adventure 

Author: @TreacleTart

Link(s): Clicky!

Length / Completed: 16,451 / No

Pairings: Arthur Weasley/Molly Weasley, Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter, James Potter I/Lily Evans, Nymphadora Tonks/Remus Lupin 

Genre: Action/Adventure, Angst 

SummaryA tale of death, love, and the bond that holds everyone together.

Reason for Recommending: This story is one of my all time favorites for many reasons, the plot, the gripping writing, the emotions, and the characters. Harry is just written beautifully in this fic. It’s really difficult to find fics where Harry feels like Harry, but Kaitlin does an incredible job of keeping him 100% in character. If you’re a fan of Harry centric fics, and haven’t read this already, you’re doing yourself a disservice. 

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