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Sirius Black/OC

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Before I started shipping Sirius with Remus, I was all about Sirius/OC. Add your recs to the list!


Title: Haunt My Dreams

Author: absolument

Link(s): Here (M)

Length / Completed: Novel, 56403 words, Complete

Additional Pairing(s): James/Lily

Genre(s): Drama, General, Romance

Summary: Leda Belsings knew she couldn’t resist Sirius Black. From their awkward, affectionate moments at Hogwarts to the Halloween night that crumbled both of their lives, their relationship was a complete mess. What happens when they are thrown together after fifteen years and Leda is forced to both face every memory she has been pushing away for so long, and attempt to resist Sirius once again?

Reasons for recommending: Well-written, engaging story that allows for glimpses of the past worked in with a difficult present. The characters really shine here, too, both original ones and all you'll recognize.

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nott theodore

I'm not sure how this one hasn't made it here yet (even if most people have read it already!)


Title: How to tame a Marauder

Author: melian

Link(s): HPFF (M)

Length / Completed: Novel, 62 chapters, complete

Additional Pairing(s): James/Lily

Genre(s): Drama, Humor, Romance

Summary: As Sirius led me around the room, I took a deep breath. "So, was it a bet or a dare?"

"What do you mean?" he asked. When his eyes drifted to James I grinned.

"Don't play dumb. You'd never ask me to dance in a million years. Besides, Potter just gave you the thumbs up."

He groaned. "Are we really that obvious? OK yes, it was a dare."

Reasons for recommending: This story is a classic, I think, and it's one you'll find yourself reading time and time again.  The world is built up so beautifully, and even though it's mostly a romance, you're not allowed to forget that this is set against the backdrop of the first wizarding war.  It's a really brilliant story.

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Crimson Quill

Title: Yaxley 

Author: @Sleepingbagonthesofa

Link(s): click (m)

Length / Completed: Novel, 12 chapters, WIP

Additional Pairing(s): 

Genre(s): Drama,  Romance, Dark/Horror



"Sirius, this isn't a game."


Cassiel Yaxley starts her Seventh Year at Hogwarts attacked from both sides. Her sympathies lie with one, her family are on the other.


Haunted by dark marks and hunted by people she once called friends, there's only one thing she's sure of: Sirius Black should be avoided at all costs. 

Reasons for recommending:  Deni has created a brilliant story here, it's a love letter to Sirius/OC stories of the past but still have a fresh twist on it. Deni has introduced Cassiel as her central character who is interesting, layered and conflicted. She makes a wonderful narrator for this story. Cassie and Sirius have some awesome chemistry as well as having a hint of Jily too. A must read! 

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