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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Recommended Posts


Title: Bravery

Author: EclecticBookworm

Link(s): AO3 (T)

Length / Completed: completed 27 chapters 50445

Main Character(s): Jenny, Giles, Buffy, Willow, Xander, Angelus

Main Pairing(s): Jenny/Giles

Genre(s): General, Angst

Summary: “Rupert, what’s the ideal situation for you?” Jenny asked, crossing her arms and giving him her best inquisitive look. “That I just stay at home? Watch TV while the guy I love is throwing himself  into life-threatening situations? Do you think you would ever be able to sit still and do nothing if you knew that you could do something to stop me from getting hurt?”(an AU of Becoming, and the summer that follows it.)

Reasons for recommending: (optional) Celia is Jenny Calendar's #1 fan, and has really perfect headcanons for her. She knows the buffyverse would be a better place if Jenny had lived, so she shows us that. Well, there is still Angst and Awful Things. But Jenny is not dead, which is great in a number of ways, but in particular for the role model she gets to be with Willow and that that relationship gets to continue to develop.  The author has a lot of stories in this universe and is an all around wonderful person and Hufflepuff and I would be thrilled if she got enough reviews to check out HPFT ;)


Title: Imperfections

Author: electicbookworm

Link(s): AO3 (T)

Length / Completed: WIP 28 chapters 55600 words

Main Character(s): Jenny, Giles, Buffy, Faith, Willow, Xander

Main Pairing(s): Jenny/Giles

Genre(s): general, angst,


“Cool,” said Faith. “So you’re a witch?

“Technopagan is the term,” said Ms. Calendar, and shared a smile with Giles, as though they were sharing some kind of joke that Faith wasn’t in on. Judging by the looks on the other faces in the room, though, no one else was either, so that made Faith feel a little better. “I’m mostly good at practical magic.”

“Love that movie,” Faith quipped. Ms. Calendar gave her a newly appreciative look.

(s3 au. Jenny and Faith hit it off.)

Reasons for recommending: (optional)Sequel to Bravery. If you think Jenny being the role model Willow needed was cool, picture this: JENNY BEING THE ROLE MODEL FAITH NEEDED. If that's enough, how about the promise that Faith will be present in the season 4 reerite and there will e much gay? I think that's enough.


Title: 5 Times Buffy Saved Tara (+ One Time They Both Found Safety)

Author: centreoftheselights

Link(s): AO3 (T)

Length / Completed: One shot 709 words

Main Character(s): Buffy/Tara

Main Pairing(s): Buffy, Tara

Genre(s): Action, Romance

Summary: The evolution of Tara and Buffy's relationship through Seasons 5 and 6. (AU where Tara never got shot.) Reasons for recommending: (optional) Good gay shit. This ship is too pure to be true, but sometimes that's just what you need. This is beautifully written.


Title: Of Letting Go

Author: slutorama

Link(s): AO3 (G)

Length / Completed: One Shot 3775 words

Main Character(s): Tara, Buffy, Dawn, Xander, Anya, Giles, Beth Maclay

Main Pairing(s): Tara/Willow

Genre(s): Fluff, Angst

Summary: "Demon or not, I still think you're a freak." Set during the events of Family.           

Reasons for recommending: (optional)Remember when all her heart broke for Tara and her years of emotional abuse? And how finally that episode got a happy ending and that was great, but still not quite enough to make up for it? Here's more.


Title: tongue-tied and starry eyed

Author: nowrunalong

Link(s): AO3 (G)

Length / Completed: completed 17 chapters 10773 words

Main Character(s): lots of femslash

Main Pairing(s): lots of ladies

Genre(s): General, romance, angst, fluff

Summary: A collection of short fics, written for Buffyverse Femslash Week.

Pairings in chapter index!

Reasons for recommending: (optional) All. Of. The. Femslash. Need I say more? Okay. ALL. OF. THE. FEMSLASH.


Title: Thirty Six Questions

Author: nowrunalong

Link(s): AO3 (T)

Length / Completed: 1 shot 4097 words

Main Character(s): Faith, Buffy

Main Pairing(s): Buffy/Faith

Genre(s): Romance, fluff, angst

Summary: Buffy and Faith's story, told in a series of 100-word drabbles - inspired by a list of 36 questions designed to make you fall in love.

Reasons for recommending: (optional) This is a really beautiful fic, with a fun and original structure. It is a wonderfully complete story built from microficton, and amounts to endless feels.

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