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Helga Hufflepuff/Godric Gryffindor

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When I first joined Pottermore and was sorted into Hufflepuff, it came with this quote as part of its welcome message:


However, it’s true that Hufflepuff is a bit lacking in one area. We’ve produced the fewest Dark wizards of any house in this school. Of course, you’d expect Slytherin to churn out evil-doers, seeing as they’ve never heard of fair play and prefer cheating over hard work any day, but even Gryffindor (the house we get on best with) has produced a few dodgy characters.


Disregarding the rather harsh view on Slytherins (Sorry, Snakes! Love you all! <3), the mention of Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors getting along best just struck me as so cute. And it makes me think that back when Hogwarts was first being founded, Helga and Godric probably got along well, too. I think that though there are obviously some base differences between what makes a Hufflepuff and what makes a Gryffindor, I do believe we actually value very similar things. So with Helga and Godric, I just think it's so sweet to imagine that through a close friendship, they later grew to love each other. Even though I don't think it lasted (because of lineage facts that seem to not quite add up with this pair), I think they were probably adorably together for a time.


What do you think about these two?

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Okay, so while I am a hardcore Helga/Salazar shipper, I also sort of ship this too! I always thought that there was sort of a triangle thing with Salazar/Helga/Godric thing where both men loved and adored her.  I mean come on, how is it possible not to adore an absolutely cute Puff?  (Okay so I'm a bit biased *snuggles the puffs*)


Anyway I do think that there were affections between Godric and Helga.  As you pointed out Tanya there are certain lineage things that indicate that things were not lasting between Helga and Godric.  Maybe it is because she went with Salazar?  I know there are potential lineage things with him too but at the same time I have unique thoughts on how things could have and couldn't have worked. 

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Personally, I've always thought of it like an older brother little sister relationship, but I could see it being cute.

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