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Could I do the same as Kenny, putting my AP on here and seeing which story stands out? If not, feel free to skip me. ^_^


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adorably cute
Posted (edited)

I think, if I'm counting right, this would be the third slot?

Link to Chapter(s): http://hpfanfictalk.com/archive/viewstory.php?sid=1773 (M)
Word Count: eleven chapters for a total of 33,600 with each chapter anywhere from 2500-4000 but I'd appreciate a review on whatever chapter you'd like to read!
Summary: Home was a rather relative word for the girl who bounced between countries to divorced parents (who continue to do so, going for the record there Mom?), but perhaps, as Carson Wood is coming to find, the word can mean more than just a house with furniture inside. Or of family, friendship, finding love, and a bit of Quidditch.
Advisories: sexual content, substance abuse
Genre: drama, humor, romance
Main Characters: Fred Weasley II, James Sirius Potter, Louis Weasley, Original Female Character, Original Male Character
Ships: Fred/OC, James/OC, Louis/OC, OC/OC
Areas of Concern: characterization, flow, overall feel
Preferred Staffer (if applicable):


Edited by MegGonagall
Added rating for link.

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1. StarFeather

2. just.a.willow.tree

3. adorably cute (Claimed by TidalDragon)

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Reviewed Charlie Weasley and his Dragons by StarFeather



1.  just.a.willow.tree

2. adorably cute (Claimed by TidalDragon)



One slot open!

  • Thanks 1

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Link to Chapter(s): Brightview [T]

Word Count: 1941 (ch 1)



Bridget Carlisle wants nothing more than to put the events of the past few months behind her. Between being kicked out by her overly-devoted religious parents and forced to transfer schools in the middle of her junior year, she's had enough drama to last her a lifetime. 
Or so she thought.
Welcome to Brightview College, where the churches are plentiful and sweet girls with pretty eyes crash into you at the worst moments. Enjoy your stay.

Advisories: N/A

Genre: Drama, General, Romance

Main Characters: OCs

Ships: OC/OC

Areas of Concern: Genral thoughts, are the characters/their friendship believable, would you keep reading, etc

Preferred Staffer (if applicable): Anyone who's interested!

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Snagging that last spot ^_^

Link to Chapter(s): +Marked Hearts (M)
Word Count: 7,878 words
Summary: Three times Clarke Griffin didn't believe in soulmates.  And one time she did.
Advisories: consent issues (mild/moderate), hate speech, sexual content, substance abuse, violence
Genre: angst, (modern) AU, drama, fluff, romance
Main Characters: Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin
Ships: Bellamy/Clarke
Areas of Concern: general flow, characterization, if the soulmate magic/myth worked for you, any other feedback/thoughts! 
Preferred Staffer (if applicable): anyone familiar with The 100 or anyone that's interested :wub:

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Link to Chapter(s):Cherry Blossoms (M)
Word Count: 255
Summary: This is a story about one girl in the protagonist's memory and one boy (who used be a teeage soldier who became an adult.)
Advisories:Consent Issues (Mild/Moderate)
Genre: Angst
Main Characters: One man who remembers the past. One Korean girl in his memory.
Ships: None
Areas of Concern: Please let me know if you feel I need to write more in detail. Any feedback will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Preferred Staffer (if applicable): Anyone who can spare time for this, I will really appreciate for. 

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Link to Chapter(s): Scarred (T)
Word Count: 1427
Summary: A post-Fred story where George finds a way to cope up with the loss. 
Advisories:Self-Harm, Sexual Content, Violence
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Main Characters: George Weasley
Ships: None yet
Areas of Concern: An overall critique would be good :)
Preferred Staffer (if applicable): Anyone really :)


Thanks a lot in advance. 

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Posted (edited)

Link to Chapter(s): dinbolly (t)
Word Count: 4585
Summary: In which Scorpius plans a new life in the Pacific, Albus is so nervous he forgets his own name, and there is a life-size cardboard cutout of Viktor Krum.
Advisories: T-rated sexual content
Genre: fluff, humour
Main Characters: Scorpius Malfoy, Albus Severus Potter, Draco Malfoy, Astoria Malfoy
Ships: Scorpius Malfoy/Albus Potter
Areas of Concern: just your general thoughts?
Preferred Staffer (if applicable): Ineke if possible? ❤️❤️ thank youuuu :wub: 

Edited by facingthenorthwind

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Link to Chapter(s):  Close to Murder (M)
Word Count: 1660
Summary: Anyone who has lived in an apartment probably has a horror story and if they don't they know someone who does have one.  This is mine.
Advisories: Domestic Abuse, Substance Abuse, Violence
Genre: Dark/Horror, Drama
Main Characters: Original Characters
Ships: None
Areas of Concern: Would love to hear some general thoughts, any concrit is welcome.  Is the piece too descriptive?  (I was told by one person that it was)
Preferred Staffer (if applicable): N/A

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Link to Chapter(s): +passionfruit (M)
Word Count: 4209

"How would you feel about a free trip to France this summer?”

“That depends. What’s the catch?”

“It’s a trip with my family,” Marlene says.
She can’t quite bring herself to look Sirius in the eye as she continues, “I’d be introducing you as my boyfriend.”

Advisories: sexual content
Genre: angst
Main Characters: Marlene McKinnon, Sirius Black
Ships: Marlene McKinnon/Sirius Black
Areas of Concern: pacing/flow, Marlene's characterization

thank you! :yay:

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Link to Chapter(s):  A Place Not Far From Here (M) can be any chapter; whichever tickles your fancy! I can specify if needed.
Word Count:  98, 454 (chapters range from 2,200 - 6,100 words)

Attempting to stay one step ahead of The Cause, which violently echoes the time of Grindelwald, Amelia Fortescue faces turths she'd rather not admit, especially the ones related to James Potter.

As she tries to make sense of her present, she needs to confront her past. Amelia must find her way, but it's not as far as she might think.

Advisories: Derogatory Language, Domestic Abuse, Hate Speech, Sexual Content, Substance Abuse, Violence
Genre: Action/Adventure, Crime/Mystery, Dark/Horror, Romance
Main Characters: James Sirius Potter, Amelia Fortescue (OC)
Ships: James II/OC
Areas of Concern: None in particular. I'm curious to know thoughts on POV, description, and characterization. You can focus on one, some, or all--or even something else if you'd like. Suggested chapter if you want to get a feel for the story: chapter 10. If you want to give feedback on where the story is currently going, chapters 22-24. ~This is a very open ended request. Please ask for any specificity if you want some!~ Thanks in advance! 

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Posted (edited)
[b]Link to Chapter(s):[/b]Peter Calhoun (M) 
[b]Word Count:[/b] 3017
[b]Summary:[/b]  A man finds himself again after his wife's death.  
[b]Advisories:[/b]  Language, Sex Violence 
[b]Genre:[/b]  Original Fiction, Short Story 
[b]Main Characters:[/b]  Peter Calhoun, Claire Rochester, Zeke 
[b]Ships:[/b]  OC/ OC 
[b]Areas of Concern:[/b]  This is my first attempt at posting original fiction.  Characterization, Voice, Plot, Anything of General Interest 
[b]Preferred Staffer (if applicable):[/b]  I don't think I have one?  (The piece will be renamed "Peter Calhoun".  The chapter shall remain under the same title.  Titles are difficult.  :)  Thanks. 
Edited by LunaStellaCat
formatting off

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Posted (edited)

Hey guys could I ask you review this piece instead.  


London at Park Lane (M)


I'm loopy and stupid with my OF.  Sorry.  Not trying to jump the line.  I'm crippling indecisive.




Edited by LunaStellaCat

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