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If you have a pet (or pets), I demand that you share pictures. Right meow.  ;D :P


At the moment, I only have a cat, and sort of a dog (who lives with my mom), but I shall share both, because all the cuteness must be seen!



First up is Tangerine Weasley!


Here he is being a total ham.



And here he is napping on my pillow.



And here he is playing editor to my writer.



And here he is rocking a snapchat filter



And here he is sleeping really close to my face. (I woke up to that.)










And that's all the cat pics for now. (Not that I don't have a thousand more, but I need to cut myself off somewhere or I'll never stop. :P)


*calms down*


NEXT! This is Angel!


And she is rocking some adorable Independence Day accessories:



And... apparently that's the only picture I have of her... Huh. I'll have to fix that and come back with more sometime.  ;D



Now share your pets! I want to seeeeeeee! ^.^

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Oh boy Tanya, Tangerine and Angel are the cutest. ;D ;D I'm going to hop in here with a couple pictures of my dog, Carly. She's an eight year old miniature dachshund and even when I'm off at school, my sister sends me near-daily snapchats of her, so I've got plenty of pictures. I'll limit myself to two– one of her modeling and one of her in a slightly less flattering, but still totally adorable pose.


fc7iub.jpg  24vof95.jpg

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So, as most of you know, my wife and I have two cats, Sophie and Gremlin.


Here's Sophie.




And here's Gremlin sitting on my wife as she sleeps.  Gremlin looks fat here, but she's actually tiny at 8.5 lbs.



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Do you have fur babies? Or scaly babies? Or feathery babies? Why not post them here and tell us a little bit about them!


I'll start us off. :)



This is Kreacher, he'll be 5 (I can't believe it, I feel like we just brought him home!) in about a week. He hates mostly everyone, except me and my fiancé. He'll usually sniff people when they come over, and then just stare at them like, "How dare you come into my home." He's a total jerk, but I love him dearly. He's like a little puppy, he'll eat anything and everything that sits still long enough in front of him, he greets me at the door every time I come home from being out, and he's almost always on my lap, or resting up against my leg. He's a Big baby who tries to act tough haha.



This is Lily, and she just turned 4 years old today! (Well technically yesterday, since its after midnight and it's the 13th now). She is the most laid back, chill, sweet little cat in the world. Hardly anything bothers her, she rarely bites (unless she's playing, or I'm trimming her claws). She's a little peanut, too. Even though she's 4, she's about the size of like a 9 month old kitten. I call her my forever kitty. But she's super friendly, will come up to just about anyone and is just always pleasant. And she follows me everywhere. Anytime I go anywhere in the house she's always right behind me. Every night before bed, she comes upstairs, waits outside of the bathroom for me, then waits for me to pick her up to say goodnight before she goes into the cats' room (yes, my cats have their own bedroom lol), and I'll find her waiting for me in front of my bedroom door each morning when I get up. People who say cats don't show affection like dogs do clearly have never owned a cat.

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Notice by Staff:  A "Pets!" Topic already existed in the thread Hogwarts --> Quidditch Pitch.  Both topics have now been merged here.  Enjoy posting about your pets!

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OMG Meg!  Your Lily looks so much like my Spinx! See?





And seeing as I'm sharing a pic of Spinx I'd be remiss not to share one of my Tinkerbell (Tinky for short).  This is not her best picture mind...





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had a betta fish. He sadly passed away a little under a month ago but I thought I'd share a couple photos anyway.

His name's PJ (Pudge Juan), half named after Pudge the fish from Lilo and Stitch and the other half after my friend because I thought it would be funny. Also a bonus photo of his tank buddies: S.S.Bark (Splat-Sheldon Bark) and RDH (Richter Downey Hulk). Parts of their name are from Lilo and Stitch, Hollywood actors and the last third is just another word for a ship because I wanted them to be military ships... yeah... RDH... RDJ. hahaha :P RDH is the reddish one because Iron Man.

kY2aqJSm.jpg tljAHwgm.jpg 3MqQtgQm.jpg

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I just realized I never replied to this topic before.

So this is my little Spike. He's a bichon havanais, 13 years old and probably one of the laziest dogs I've ever met. He spends most of his day sleeping, but he occasionally moves around to cuddle or to eat and drink. He sometimes gets these random bursts of energy, and when that happens you have to play with him or he won't stop barking. He's always been really strong, the smallest pup in the litter, but actually the first to learn to walk up the stairs. The vet said he would likely not live to see his 13th birthday (he is born with a heart disease), but here he is happy and still very much alive. Everyone loves Spike. He never goes anywhere without us, and he's just the sweetest and most loyal dog I've ever met (also, look at those beautiful eyes) :wub:





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So many cute pets! I rescued a puppy almost a year ago. Sirius is not the best Gryffindor, but he is so loyal and very well behaved, especially for a young guy. Despite our best intentions, my husband and I have spoiled him but he's so cute and cuddly that it's hard to resist.

Here's a pic of my not-so-little pupper.




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Are you guys ready for the most normal pets ever! I hope not because I am not your normal fur mom. My boyfriend and I love our babies but we also know that our taste in pets can be a bit different. 

To be honest, our journey for pets started just over a year ago and all because this one cat followed us for blocks during one of our Pokemon walks. We would stop and it would come right up to us and lay down for us to pet him. It was so sweet and we wanted to take him home with us. But we knew he belonged to someone else so of course we did not. However this made us realize that we really wanted a pet we could love. Near us we have three animal humane societies and so we decided what would be the harm in going and taking a visit at our nearest one and seeing what they had to offer. There were many cats and dogs and even a few rabbits there. We looked around and as we were on our way out saw this tiny kitten in a room where you could play with him. Of course this little fluff ball called to me so inside we went to play. We sat there and let the kitten wander around us, climb on top of us, and of course spent lots of time petting the kitten. However it was closing time so we had to go which broke my heart. Over the next few days pets were still on our mind and after visiting with some of my relatives we decided to go to a different animal humane society and see the pets there. We had gone on the website to see a few animals they had to offer which is when we found these two boys and we thought, we want these boys. They are a bit different but we like them. We looked up what we would need if we were to adopt them and decided we would go look at them and more than likely come home with them. 

So we get there, both if us excited to finally be pet owners and head right to the section we needed. We went right in, looked down into the first cage and that's when we saw them. They were beautiful and amazing and not the boys we had come for. The boys we had come for were in the cage next to theirs but our eyes and hearts were glued to these two girls. So without further ado, let me introduce my two beautiful girls, Padma and Pavarti (supposed to be Parvati but I'm smart and mix up letters :P). These are our beautiful Guinea Pigs!




So they like to be really messy and constantly spill their food bowl over so that's why the cage is a mess. 

Here is our Padma. She was much quicker to warm up to us and will purr frequently. She is the adventurer of the two girls.




And this here is Pavarti. She definitely took a lot more time to warm up to us and to get any sort of purr out of her is amazing. However she is the absolute best for snuggles.



Our girls do have a bit of a sad story. You see the girls ended up at the animal humane society because they were left outside of a pet store in a cardboard box. Why someone did not want these girls, I don't know. But the fact that they were left outside just tugged at my heartstrings even more. We love every day with them and have had them for 1 year now!

Now a few months ago my boyfriend and I decided that we had more room in our hearts to love more fur babies so we started looking around and found these handsome boys! Meet our amazing Chinchillas, Ronnie and Chilli! 




Ronnie is the slightly darker chin. He has a lot of attitude but is the first one to know when we have entered the room. He loves attention and will quickly come to the bars of the cage so he can be the first one pet. 




After play time he tends to puddle like this on any of the ledges. 

He's also really silly and will sometimes stick his nose out of the cage like this


Now meet Chilli. He is slightly lighter in color and often more grouchy, keeping towards the back of the cage sleeping. However he does love being pet and getting treats.



Also as a Chinchilla, they do not take a bath in water as their fur is so thick it can actually grow mold if they get wet. So instead they take bath's in dust. Both the boys love their dust bath's but Chilli loves it there most. This is him enjoying his dust bath


The funny thing about his love for a dust bath is that I tend to use it to my advantage. You see they can be hard to catch to get back in their cage after having some play time so I tend to add a little fresh dust to his bath and bring it over tomorrow him. He will usually go in it right away and I just carry him back over to his cage. 

So these are my fur babies. I hope you enjoyed seeing pictures of them. Sorry if the post is messed up, I've been typing this all on my phone. 

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Posted (edited)

safljdglhasfshl i cannot believe i haven't replied to this topic?? it's like it was made for me (and timmy, mostly timmy)

those of you who follow me on twitter will know that i have a bestest 14/10 dog but here are pictures of him anyway bc i lov him


WU6v4OCl.jpg     gxpM7c0l.jpg




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How have I just found this topic? You all have the cutest pets!

My flatmate has cats so technically they aren't mine, but I've lived with them since she bought them and they are my little babies.

First we've got Brodie


Aaaaand then there's August (I reckon this is the picture that sums him up perfectly. After taking this photo I realised he was stuck and had to pull him out of the chimney...)


Both are also known as Potter and Weasley when nobody else is here, we couldn't resist! 


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Kitties! Kitties! Oh my!!

i promised to post pics of them and wasn’t sure where until I found this amazing topic!

First up is Missy. She turned 18 years old this May. Then there is Cleo, who turned 7 years old in July.

Then, two weeks ago we walked into Petsense to look around. They had a wall of cages with shelter kitties up for adoption. There was a brother and sister combo that we just fell in love with. We called them Ginger and Rusty. They were born in May.


(posting this on my phone, so not sure how the pictures are going to turn out. May have to edit on the computer :))






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So I cannot believe that I haven't posted in here before! I just have my one kitty, Fudge but growing up we have had a rabbit and multiple fishies.

My Bubby boy, who goes by a wide variety of names (nugget, s**head when he is being a bin chicken, Bubby, Furby, Sookhead, etc.) is 9 years old and was estimated to have been born on my birthday,😍 obviously 6 years after me haha.

Being Australia, we get sun a lot and this is his favourite spot curled up in my dad's bendy pillow.


In some photos he can look positively 100% ginger, but he is actually more of a champagne tabby. (In this photo he has his 'happy paw' going - finally got attention after no one being home all day and he has some sun through the back door)


Final pic for now, this is one of a series of very cute close ups I got of him while he was happy with me near him. I often get hissed at when he is with my dad or sister who are his favourites. I'm only needed for attention and meal times 😂


He's laying on his cat cartoon shaped pillow, given to him by his grandparents for their fur-grandbaby's first birthday 😂 wish I had a pic of it but it is slightly white looking, being covered in his fur by now haha.

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Posted (edited)

I can't with all this furry cuteness, it's too much 😍

I'd like you guys to meet Hera, my firecracker. She loves to sleep, play around the house until she's tired, eat (chicken is her weakness), and by all means not letting me read! Naturally, I love her to pieces 🐶💕





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