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Crimson Quill

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Crimson Quill


1. You’ve got such a wide variety of eras and characters on your AP -- how do you make each one feel unique as you write them?7

I don't know?? I feel like i just go a lot with my head canon when writing them, i just try to think about what is going on inside their head then certain mannerisms of the characters just kinda fall into place.

2. Do you prefer to write one-shots, short stories, or novella/novel-length stories and why?

maybe one-shots because I can finish them :P I think they're fun because you can do lots about lots of different characters through all eras. I love Warpaint though and I've got so excited about Bee and Albus' story. I feel like it's been great writing these characters over a period of time because they've really come alive for me like friends if you know what I mean. I love getting deep into Warpaint's worldbuilding with all my characters so I think longer/shorter stories have different advantages. 

3. What’s the quickest way you can describe the plot of Warpaint to me and convince me to read it in under 50 words?

I think you're going to have to be your own judge if you would like to read it because convincing you seems like a lot of pressure haha. The plot is basically two people who are helping each other overcome their demons while falling deeply helplessly in love with each other. I think it's got a good mixture of fluff moments and angsty ones. I think it's a story focused on finding out about yourself as a person. that's way more than fifty so i've basically failed at your question haha

4.Who do you like to write more, Sirius Black or James Potter? :P 

It has to be Sirius Black, I write him more and he has such an interesting backstory so there is a lot of material to work with.

@something wicked

1. What are the biggest challenges for you when writing an OC vs a cannon character?

I think OCs are a double edge sword - they're great because you can create everything about them so you don't have the limitations of canon characters (unless you want to write OOC) with what you do with them. they're also really difficult to write to make them realistic and believable, I always find that there is a danger with OCs to change/bend their personality to suit a storyline/certain situation. (sometimes without realising it.). I think canon characters are a bit of fun because it's often writing the rights the wrong of the source material so i love getting write some headcanon out, it's very satisfying. I really enjoy writing both for different reasons.

2. Thoughts on writing the old fashioned way? (like pen and paper and no laptop assistance) 

I always write on the laptop but recently I seem to have really struggled with getting words now on the laptop so I tried writing by hand which I think has been pretty helpful for working through that block but I have a lot of stuff to type up now. In general, I find it easier to work on the laptop because I can change things easily like I made a lot of mistakes like grammar/spelling so I always feel more confidence with the laptop. 

3. How did you go about developing Albus's character? 

So this Albus was always big headcanon for me. I just couldn't imagine all that pressure being good for someone. I always think quite deeply when writing Albus' POV because I want his anxiety to feel and be realistic where possible. I think as I write aspects of his personality just jump out at me, he is always getting clear to me as a character. The creative process with Albus is rather like getting to know someone in real life. 

4. If Bee looked into the Mirror of Erised what would she see? Similarly, if she were to see a boggart what form would it take? 

I thought about what to write for this for a while. I've come to the realisation that both of these are spoilers for the story so i can't go into details with these ones! stay tuned for updates as your answers will come with time!

@nott theodore

1. Is there anything about either Bee or Albus's characters that has surprised you while you've been writing them?

I think it surprised me how soft and vulnerable that Bee's character became as i began writing as I just ended up really stripping back everything to her core in some of the more emotional scenes. Albus? I think Albus perhaps surprised me some sassy moments but I know him pretty well so nothing major!

2. Writing Althea and Barbara together was a lot of fun! I'm so excited to see more of Althea. How different is she to Bee? Do you approach writing her very differently?

I think there is quite a bit of different between the two. Bee has such a charmed life and she is an only child which has shaped her as her a person. Althea is part of big family and very much over looked which drives part of her character. People never say no or tell her she can't do things to Bee and sadly it's pretty common thing for Allie to hear. I think a different change between writing them is their age, Allie's characteristic/mannerisms do change and develop quickly because it's written as snap-shots so I write her as a young child up to being in her thirties. it's been fun to connect together different parts of her life. I don't know if Allie and Bee would get along.

3. You've written quite a few stories in the Marauders era as well as next generation. Is there one that you prefer writing at all?

next gen because anything can happen there! I think marauders is great because there is a lot of really interesting and lovable characters to play with but i think it's difficult because things always end up the same if you want to go with canon which is limiting for some stories. there is still a lot of scope for stories though but next gen is the fave. 

4. Is there an era that you would avoid writing at all? Why?

I don't think there is any era which is a hard no but there is certainly eras like I'm less keen on for example. founders 

5. Do you have any head canon that's fixed in your mind that hasn't made it into a story?

there is some stuff around Lavender Brown that hopefully will make it into fic. I love the pairing Lavender Brown/Oliver Wood so I'm hoping to get some of that across at some point!

6. What is it about writing that makes you excited?

I think there is a lot of freedom in writing, things can be any way that you want. don't know how you can't be excited by all the possibilities!?

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