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The Productivity Thread

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I um forgot about this topic -_-

  • buy bus ticket back to Uni City for end of reading week
  • early modern europe readings
  • read sources for term paper on impressment in the royal navy
  • biology lab report v2
  • read book for early modern europe essay

New list:

  • biology lab report
  • finish early modern europe essay
  • study for women and crime midterm
  • ethics readings

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  • text at least 500 voters before polls close (more a personal goal than a to-do, but including it anyways for the sake of being able to cross it off and feel productive)
  • apply to at least 3 more jobs
  • re-dye roots
  • edit videos
  • stay on top of nano word count trajectory
  • make tattoo appointment



a fully crossed off list is a 10/10 feeling 😋 slightly shorter list this week due to friends coming into town and other various social obligations:

  • edit this week's videos
  • start planning gift guide posts
  • 2 more job applications
  • send thank-you notes to interviewers
  • start making holiday shopping list
  • pack for thanksgiving trip
  • continue to stay on top of nano word count (with an emphasis on finishing this jily au)
  • edit complex chapter 4 and get it posted on saturday
  • make graphics/picspams/etc.

haha i like how i said this list was going to be shorter 🙃 guess i'm saying goodbye to a normal sleep schedule for the next few days!!

Edited by ShadowRose

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someone please hold me accountable for this list because i cannot and will not hold myself to it

things i need to do:

  • the overdue language-writing-reading assignment i haven't even started
  • plan out publishing I essay
  • promptly catch up on pub I assignments
  • plan out for scriptwriting pitch
  • actually make it to my scriptwriting lecture
  • look at fictional writing catchup 
  • remember to actually do human things like eat and shower
  • washing up 
  • laundry 
  • make appointment with uni's disability services about the fact i cannae read

things i want to do: 

  • find my favourite ring
  • organise the fridge
  • wash my sheets
  • read up on japanese grammar
  • read up on nutrition
  • finish & edit chapter 5

the day i learn to prioritise properly is the day i have been replaced by an alien😭

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Unwritten Curse

To Do for the remainder of this week:

- Catch up on NaNo
- Complete homework for both classes
- Finish Watch Us Rise
- Organize Argumentative Writing Unit

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my to-dos apart from gazillion work stuff until wednesday: 

  • i've fallen behind on my nano word count by 10k which means i need to write at least 2500 words everyday to keep up
  • write one short story & edit two chapters before the 21st workshop session - so glad i can count these words for nano
  • make an event planning spreadsheet 
  • read next module and finish assignment
  • leave two reviews on hpft 
  • read the wych elm and girl, balancing 
  • pick up documents
  • tickets for december
  • get bike fixed
  • set appointment with vet
  • read intros about each of the journals rec'd
  • maintain proper sleep cycle hopefully
Edited by Theia

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