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Noelle Zingarella

Writing Goals for May

  • Edit and post chapter 16 of Moonlight (with help from the lovely @Jo Raskoph). I am finding this intimidating because I am (finally) shifting the setting to Romania and introducing a bunch of characters and a big new plot line. Sometimes I think that what I've come up with is totally awesome, and sometimes I deflate and worry that it's all s---.
  • Edit and post a Collab piece about Molly Weasley taking her boys to church. 
  • Write, edit, and post the Regulus Black and Lucius Malfoy Build a Story entry. I've started, and I have an idea, but all I seem to want to do right now is start stories and wander away with them partially written.
  • Write, edit, and post another Collab piece about (of course) a baseball game. 
  • It would probably be wise to start at least one more challenge piece, so that I'm not scrambling when they all come due. But, knowing me, I'll probably just wind up working on Chapter 17 of Moonlight because, let's face it, I already started in on that the other day when I should have been writing about Regulus instead. :couch:


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Recent Badges

  • Work on writing Chapters 1-5 rough draft of one of my fanfiction that I hope to publish on here.
  • Respond to my messages that I owe people on here as well as on Discord and or Twitter (and or at least get started on it).
  • Do some laundry (as it's much needed).
  • Work on reading and reviewing stories I have yet to get to and or been wanting to.
  • Work on a blog entry to post on here.
  • Try to watch Godzilla movies that I haven't watch yet and in order for Godzilla: King of The Monsters (which I'm pretty excited about)
  • Get back to my friend about her birthday party which is also sometime this month

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Unwritten Curse
On 5/5/2019 at 8:36 PM, Unwritten Curse said:

These are my goals for this upcoming week.


  • Post Project Azkaban, Chapter 3
  • Leave Challenge Prize Reviews
  • Post Printed with Pride


  • Grade Late Work
  • Finish updating Unwind unit
  • Create Creative Writing unit guide


  • Read What If It's Us
  • Get the basement organized
  • Create a summer schedule

Onto week two. I can do this.

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