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Rare Pairs

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Oh boy, a rare pair thread; this is where I'm going to live now, haha, I rarely ship canon actually....I think I have one canon ship and half of it is dead, rip and have a lot of rarer pairings that I need to yell about.

Let me start with my biggest one, the first I fell in love with way before I even started reading fanfiction, let alone writing it, and that is now taking up all of my fic-writing time: Remus Lupin/Lily Evans, aka Remily. I just think they're absolutely perfect for each others; she's always described as kind-hearted, intelligent, and outgoing, and I feel as though that's the perfect partner for Remus, who's kind as well but much more reserved, who feels as though he doesn't deserve love or kindness towards him because he is a 'monster' in his own mind. She would draw him out and get him to open up, and I think they would compliment and temper each other quite nicely.

Another that I have, I honestly don't know how I started shipping it but I did, is Draco/Ron. It was initially a kind of crack-ish comment made between myself and a friend, when trying to figure out ships for an au I'm writing with Pansmione (another rarer fave), but then I started thinking....and started shipping seriously. 

In the Remily au I'm working on (and dying over, rip me), a background ship I've got is Marlene McKinnon/Severus Snape, which I'm...weirdly drawn to--despite her not having much characterisation in the novels, as she's...you know, dead.

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Whobridge I hear you ask? Yaxley/Dolores Umbridge of course! My all time favourite rare pair and one that I attempted to advocate for back in my HPFF days, I even went as far as to write two stories about them which I reread the other day and cringed slightly. This discussion topic however has filled my mind with warm Yaxbridge memories and ignighted a few plot bunnies for new stories.

These are two fierce personalities who both worked in the ministry (at the same time might I add) both had a love for power, a hatred for muggles, yes Umbridge had a penchaunt for pink and Yaxley black however day and night? chalk and cheese? Yaxley also had access to the minister during Thickness' shortlived sort of reign which I imagine would have been highly attractive to a power hungry woman like Umbridge. I just see them working.. even if only in my mind.


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Despite quite a lot of character/backstory details sketched out at one point, I've never managed to write anything of this ship because I'm lazy and not really a writer these days, but a ship I have spent a fair bit of time thinking about is Scorpius/Hugo. Scorpius/Rose and Scorpius/Albus both seem a lot more common to me. I think that's why Scorpius/Hugo appeals to me...it's not the obvious choice, and it seems slightly less angsty but also with opportunity for angst with Ron, since in my head, he'd not have a Malfoy as a first choice partner for any of his kids. I see this pairing as less moody than Scorpius/Albus and less explosive/competitive than Scorpius/Rose. I like to imagine it as a more mellow relationship.

In my mind, I also imagine Scorpius as a slightly uptight wizarding architect and Hugo as an artist type who takes after Arthur to some extent as far as being a little eccentric as viewed by other wizards. He'd work part time in the joke shop or perhaps some other shop.

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I've been trying to find fics with Hermione/Neville as the main ship bc i just LOVE the idea of them being together. Neville's this soft-spoken boy with a heart of gold and courage that's simmering below the surface and who better to bring him out of his shell than a smart muggleborn bookworm who finds it hard to make friends? And on the flip side, Neville gets attracted to her for who she is - big front teeth, bushy hair, obsessiveness with studying and all - and thinks she's the most beautiful girl he's laid eyes on, someone completely out of his league. They become friends after bonding over homework in the library and it's a slow-burn, each of them moving past their self-esteem issues and becoming a power couple.

I can also picture Neville hesitatingly tell Hermione about his uncle Algie dropping him from the window when he was a child, and that his gran worries he wouldn't be like his parents. Hermione gets super angry and goes on a rant about how unfair it is, and how he's a loyal, brave and intelligent person who shouldn't doubt himself. and a standoff between Augusta Longbottom and Hermione. That would be gold. 

If anyone wants to write a Neville/Hermione fic for me that would be amazing. :D 

On a different note, I'm also really fond of Harry/Luna these days. Luna's one of my favourite characters and her story isn't explored much in canon but i can totally see her and Harry being a wonderfully odd couple. 

If we're talking really rare though, I totally ship Hugo/Lysander. I don't know why but they've always appealed to me as a couple, both of them just working their way through life problems together. I have a one-shot written about them already and I might explore the ship further if inspiration strikes. 

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I think the only really rare pair I read, and this is WILD, is Hogwarts/Giant Squid. Someone did that on FFN ages ago and I was very morbidly curious. I remember absolutely nothing about it except it very much exists, and that information alone I'm not sure what to do with.

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