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abhorsen.'s graphic requests

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Hey, guys! I'm Branwen. ^_^

I've been making graphics for 6 or 7 years now - I'm ranked "Master" over at TDA and "Famous" over at Shadowplay. You can check out my TDA gallery +here and my deviantart +here, if you want to get an idea of what my graphics look like. (Also, I usually do the bulletin graphics, so if you like those, you might like my other stuff.)

Now, onto the important stuff:

Graphics I'll Make: Banners, Headers, Signatures/Icons, Awards

Sites You Can Use Them On: I'm good with the graphics being used on HPFT (obviously), any of our affiliate sites, and tumblr if you want to promote your fic there. For anything else, just ask. ^_^

Slots: One at a time for now. If you want matching graphics, mention that, because I might want to do them all at once. ;)

Turnaround: 7-10 days.

Request away! ^_^ Here's the form:


Story and Author Name, including link: [if you don't have a link yet, let the artist know; they may or may not choose to fill the request anyway]

Graphic type/dimensions:

Sites you intend to use the graphic on:

What you'd like on the graphic: [this includes text, characters/faceclaims, mood/theme, specific items/settings, etc]


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I've been thinking I should request graphics but too weenie to do so for ages, so this new forum is wonderful. :P Forgive me, I haven't made any graphics in years and......I am afraid.

Story and Author Name, including link:  two certainties [m]

Graphic type/dimensions: banner, 700x110; possibly a sig version which could just be like....500x110 or something? if not then that's totally fine, I don't want to be a bother!! 

Sites you intend to use the graphic on: HPFT, and possibly AO3 if you're ok with it but if not I totally understand. <3

What you'd like on the graphic: [sweats] uhhh god I have no idea. D: preferably not the movie actors? you have read the fic, so you know it's....sad. Was the shattering timeturner cabinet in the films? I don't think so, hmm. god I have!! no idea!!! I realise I am giving you absolutely zero things to work with here. you can bother me for more things if you like? why is my brain so blank. I don't think I want a quote on it, just the title and the penname would be rad, unless you have any other ideas! as you can tell, I have....no ideas.

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1 hour ago, abhorsen. said:

@facingthenorthwind - How's this?



I love it!!! Will rehost and then put up on hpft tomorrow. <3

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Awesome! I'm so glad it works. <3

One slot open.

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Posted (edited)

Story and Author Name, including link: Cherry Blossoms (M)

Graphic type/dimensions: 700 x 110 pixel  banner size

Sites you intend to use the graphic on:  hpft archives

What you'd like on the graphic:  The atomic bomb dome in Hiroshima, cherry blossoms in bloom in the blue sky.

You might use these:  the atomic bomb dome peace symbol (all audiences), cherry blossoms 1 (All Audiences) cherry blossoms 2 (all audiences)

Mood in pastel colors wishing peace all over the world. 

the title: Cherry Blossoms


Thank you in advance, Branwen.  :)

Edited by StarFeather
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