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Original Fiction

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Recommend your favorite Original Fiction stories here! 

Title: The Maidens in the Tower
Author: @MuggleMaybe
Link(s): The Maidens in the Tower (M)
Length / Completed: 4160/WIP
Era: Original Fiction
Genre(s): drama, fairytale/fable, romance
Advisories: domestic abuse, sexual content, violence 
Summary:  Then the King flew into a passion, and ordered a dark tower to be built, into which no ray of sunlight or moonlight should enter. When it was finished, he said, “Therein shalt thou be imprisoned for seven years, and then I will come and see if thy perverse spirit is broken.” Meat and drink for the seven years were carried into the tower, and then she and her waiting-woman were led into it and walled up, and thus cut off from the sky and from the earth...

 A story of love on the American prairie.
Reasons for recommending: Renee has done an amazing job with these first two chapters. The language is amazing, and she does such a great job capturing the time period of this piece. You'll love her characters instantly, and you'll be eager to find out what happens next. It has a historical fiction feel to this, and everyone should definitely read this.

Title: Dolor Lake
Author: @Rumpelstiltskin
Link(s): +Dolor Lake (M)
Length / Completed: 716/complete
Era: Original Fiction
Genre(s): dark/horror
Advisories: self-harm
Summary:  A sweet monster who feeds on happiness lives beneath the surface of Dolor Lake.
                     A story about the depression that follows a happy manic. 
Reasons for recommending: Do not take Rumpels' warnings lightly - this story is dark. But it's a truly powerful and poignant story about depression and self-harm, and her writing is so beautiful that it truly blew me away. I strongly suggest giving this story a chance.

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Title: Dum Vivimus Vivamus

Author: sunshine_locks

Link(s): Mature

Length / Completed: 18,227 words / yes

Era: Original Fiction

Genre(s): angst, general, humour

Advisories: eating disorders

Summary: Reflections don't change, but people do. 

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