Challenge Name: [Insert Prefect Writing Challenge Name Here]   (Prefect's Fall Writing Challenge) Deadline: 10 November 2018 Description: You've survived the train ride and made it back to Hogwarts! Congratulations students! That also means it's time for your first Homework Assignment (Prefect Writing Challenge) of the school year!  It's Autumn here at Hogwarts, which means that we'll be wanting you to include this magnificent season into your writing! Honestly, how amazing does the Whomping Willow tree look with all of its ominously swinging limbs garnished in shades of burnt oranges and golden yellows? Autumn also comes with some fantastic myths from all over the globe, especially when it ties into those October events! Perhaps you'd prefer to explore some myths and legends in your writing.  Alternatively in the Muggle realm, the next Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them releases this fall, so maybe you'd like to write about some cool mythological creatures, instead. Prompts: Write a one-shot (approximately 1000 words maximum), including one of the following: Myths and Legends from around the world (from local myths to urban legends to fairy-tales, the choice is yours) Mythical Creatures and/or Fantastic Beasts Something pertaining to the Fall Season (ie: Halloween, pumpkin picking, apple picking, decorating, any celebration held during Autumn, etc.) Details: You may include multiple prompts, but do note that there will be no bonuses (in the form of judging points or prizes) for combining prompts. You may combine this with other challenges. You may not submit a prewritten story. Please include which prompt(s) you will be using in your one-shot in your post in this thread. Only one entry per person is allowed.  Accepted Fandoms: Harry Potter and Original Fiction Accepted Ratings: A-M Length: Please keep all submissions to a word count under one-thousand (1,000) words. Prizes: Each Entry: Each entry will receive an entry review from one of the Prefects.  Third Place: Award Graphic, PicSpam related to their entry, WJ Questions Second Place: Award Graphic, PicSpam related to their entry, WJ Questions, One (1) Additional Review First Place:  Award Graphic, PicSpam related to their entry, WJ Questions, Customizable About Me Dividers (see spoiler below for template), Feature in the Prefect Blog    Happy writing!! --Your HPFT Prefect Team