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Lost Muse

Cursed Child Australia

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Lost Muse

So, I am super excited as Cursed Child is coming to Australia and I'll get to attend my first HP related event ever :excited: (I never had the chance to attend any midnight screenings or book releases or ComicCons or anything of that sort).

Alas, I know nothing about theatre and particularly theatre in Australia (as I only moved to the country about 1.5 years back). So, thoughts on the Cursed Child cast for Australia? How similar/different are such plays from the "original" (that is the ones that happened in the USA). What are usually such events like? Would love to know anything as I am really curious to know as much as possible (without spoilers - though I have read the screenplay book) so that I can anticipate and mull over it thoroughly before the play :D 


Angie :wub:



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Okay. So. I will not ever see the Aussie version, but I have seen both the London and NYC version. For me it was a lot of the same things. They changed things in Broadway that was not happening in London till Year 3 started (they implemented almost all the changes Broadway had and I have no doubt that'll be brought over to Australia as well, including some added/removed dialogue at some points. A few of the changes not implemented were basically more like how things on set looked or where they stood, but that's nothing you'd really notice unless you go so often you'd compare. Like me), but overall it's the same, really. 


I can't say much about the cast, simply because I am not familiar with Aussie actors (with exceptions of Robert Chase and whoever played in McLeod's daughters lol), though I will say you have one stunning looking Harry and Ginny and I am jealous I'll never get to see them in action.


Also - if whatever happens in NYC/London regarding such things also happens in Australia - prepare to see a lot of people decked out in HP merch & the occasional cosplayer (the latter  happens more in London with events like Cast Change and stuff like that). NYC audience was way louder than London was, but that might've just been a thing that changes per country and how events generally tend to go in that part of the world. Maybe Europeans are a bit more subdued lol.


What did happen, I think, but maybe it was also because of the main 7 being British in USA and part of the cast also originally hauling from the UK, is that most (if not all) of them did play with a British accent so I'm curious to hear if that happens in Australia as well.


If you're even more curious - there is a score coming out from the play on November 2nd. I don't know if you want to be surprised by the music going on (it's truly not a musical, but there is music during the play, also to be heard in parts in trailers and vids from the official accounts too), or not, but it should be going on sale in the theatre itself as well (though you can already pre-order the cd).

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