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Favorite Magical Creatures in the Films

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We are thrilled at seeing fantastic beasts (magical creatures) which look real in the film. My child's favorite is the Niffler. I like the the Bowtruckle and the Dragon, of course (advertisement: please make an entry  @Dragon Tale story challenge hosted by...me. :D ). I try to like Nagini (oh, Merlin, please save her!) and snakes. Snakes or dragons are sometimes sacred creatures in Asia, on the contrary, they seem to be often hated in the Western countries. 

I'd like to introduce dragons ? in Asia.↓     

I prefer western dragons to Asian ones, they are wingless serpentine creatures.

In that point, the Occamy may be similar to them below.

I like wings, you know I am in the Ravenclaw House. :ravenclaw:

http://allaboutdragons.com/dragons/Japanese_dragon (all)


What is your favorite magical creature in the films, Fantastic Beasts I or II?


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I thought the look of the Occamy in FB was amazing! The little babies and the one that grew to fill the house thing it was hiding in. The Niffler reminds me of platypuses and I ADORE THAT. Also, the bowtruckles were so NOT how I imagined them in the HP books so it was a pleasant surprise when we met Pickett :D

In CoG, the Zouwu stole my heart! The lion-like one with the massive tail that turns into a playful kitty upon seeing the rattle XD
And the MOONCALVES!!! They are perhaps the cutest things ever - huge blue eyes and webbed feet, look a bit like Alpacas. 

The Augurey is also fun because it has Cursed Child connections... *hides* 

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The Bowtruckle and the Nifflers had my heart! I love how they actually built up a relationship between them and Newt. 


I do agree with you, the Zouwu was cool. I'm a cat person myself, and could just imagine cuddling with that death machine.


I can't wait to see what new magical animals appear in the next movie.

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