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So, I've been wondering if anyone else here is into film and I decided it's best to just start a Great Hall topic about it. I'm big on classic film (50-60's Hollywood typically), but I also love contemporary foreign, and basically every major film movement ever(French New Wave, German Expressionism.) I also love Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar! So whatever you'd like to discuss I'm very down to talk it! 

Let's discuss our favorite movies and share some recs 😁

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Ummm hello, movies are basically my life! :D The mister and I have an annual tradition where we keep a list throughout each given calendar year of all the new releases we see. Then, on New Year's Eve, we each make a Top 20 and have to try to guess each other's, and whoever gets the most right gets to pick dinner lol. It's a silly, nerdy tradition, but it's fun! I may or may not have seen 110 new releases during 2018.

Anyway, I have a really hard time settling on a genre/era that I'd label as my favorite, but I do tend to gravitate toward dramedies and coming-of-age stories. But, my favorites are a random collection of films that just resonated with me and I keep going back to them. A few of them are:

  • Love Actually: I know it's a cliche favorite, but I love it and will fight anyone who says it's "just another rom-com." I love how it explored love beyond romance, and showed that love between family and friends is just as important and valid. It's a great ensemble piece, too, and one that doesn't feel either bloated or stretched thin.
  • Children of Men: I'm reaaaally picky with sci-fi, and as depressing as this one is, I loved every minute of it. Alfonso Cuaron is a great director and the cinematography in this movie blew me away!
  • In Bruges: Quite possibly one of my favorite scripts ever. It's so witty without trying too hard, and every time I watch it, I catch a new joke that I didn't the first time around. 
  • Toy Story: Do I really need to go into detail about this one? 😛
  • Back to the Future: Another cliche favorite, probably, but it's just a delight. I've always admired how it perfectly blended sci-fi, drama, adventure, and romance. There's really something for everyone in this film. And to this day, it doesn't feel the least bit dated, in my opinion at least.

There's of course a ton more, but these are just off the top of my head! 

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Omg, that sounds like so much fun, I may have to borrow that tradition from you :whistling:

I don’t always stick to new releases because the theaters around here run my wallet dry, but a couple years back I watched over 200 films I hadn’t seen before within the year, so I can relate to the obsession. 

I haven’t seen Love Actually or In Bruges yet, but they’re both in my watchlist! (by the way, if you haven’t heard of the site ‘letterboxd’ for logging films you’ve seen I recommend it - it makes it so easy to keep track of what you watch and plan to watch!) 

I actually just rewatched Children of Men this past Christmas. My mother didn’t vote for it because it’s not exactly cheerful, but I think I could watch it every day. The attention to detail even for small things in the background of shots is incredible. 

Toy Story was my favorite film full stop for a very long time. It was released at the perfect time for me to grow up with it and it still gives me goosebumps. 

Back to the Future has somehow become underrated. There aren’t many scripts I’d say are tighter, with less that could be cut out. It’s also one of that class of sci-fi movies (a list that includes Jurassic Park, how do the dinosaurs still look good?!) that has aged like fine wine, effects and all. 

Now I want to go watch something 😂

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