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Sorting Ceremony

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You've finally made it to Hogwarts! You've just entered the Great Hall and have lined up to put on the Sorting Hat. What house will it put you in?


Write up your Sorting and post it here, or else just tell us where you've been placed! If you'd like to grab a blinkie from below for your sig and/or profile as well, please feel free to do so. :D (By me, but no credit necessary - just rehost it.)





















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The Sorting Hat's voice echoed throughout the Great Hall in a way that made her ears ring and heart pound. She'd been waiting twenty-seven long years for this exact moment. And now that it was finally here, Tanya approached the hat with a mixture of overwhelming excitement and pure, unadulterated rage. She had meant to remain calm and collected, but the moment the hat was pulled onto her head, Tanya realized her hostility was definitely going to win out.


"What the heck took you people so long to write me? You're like, sixteen years off the mark!" she asked bitterly, recalling the miserable crux of her Muggle high school days.


"Um. Your letter got lost? Or something... Whatever! You're here now, so settle down, lady," the Sorting Hat replied snippily. Tanya was not having it.


"You watch your tone, scrappy, or I swear to Alexander McQueen, I will cut you into strips and turn you into a fedora!"


"Best mind that mouth of yours, Missy, or I'm putting you in Slytherin."


Tanya gasped. "You wouldn't dare!"


"Oh, but I would. And guess what? You're gonna room with Selene."




When Tanya's high-pitched cry finally came to an end, the Sorting Hat decided to take pity on her. Sort of. "That was right in my ear, you know," he grumbled testily, "and frankly all I want at this point is to move on to anybody else. So, I won't put you in Slytherin, but just tell me which House you want so we can be done with it, yeah?"


Tanya blinked. "Deal."


"Excellent. So, what'll it be?"


And as soon as Tanya had the thought, the hat shouted, "HUFFLEPUFF!"

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I suppose it better be... Gryffindor!

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Rose watched the queue of students as they were sorted, wondering where the old hat would place her. As the each house gained members, Rose tried to visualize which she would rather live with. Then she wondered if there was a McCallister house at Hogwarts where she could live alone. Alas, her only choice was to pick the group she would get on with the best.


Gryffindor looked like a friendly, loyal bunch and Hufflepuff seemed rather kind but those attributes weren't ones Rose strongly identified with so she went on. Slytherin were cool, collected, and a bit badass. Ravenclaw, she heard, had a library bar which was very intriguing.


As the hat called her name, Rose walked to the front of the line with apprehension building about how she would define herself at Hogwarts. The hat was plopped on her curls which were rather frizzy that day and a voice began to say, "Well, well, Rose. We meet at last."


"That sounds rather sinister," Rose thinks with a glance up towards the brim.


"Not sinister at all, but the Slytherin in you would certainly think that."


Creeped out by the mind-reading hat, Rose began to hum Jailhouse Rock.


"While I appreciate the tunes, we should get on with your sorting," the hat cut in after a few lines. "People will start to think you're the next Dark Lord."


"I'm not a dark wizard!" Rose thought angrily.


"Lord Business maybe?" the hat countered.


Rose couldn't deny that her heart yearned for success as an evil successful professional.


"You do use learning rather than cunning to get ahead though... and those charts you make are phenomenal."


"How can you see my charts if you don't have eyes... or the internet?" Rose wondered.


"That's not important," the hat assured her. "Well, better be... RAVENCLAW!"

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Sarah trotted up to the Sorting Hat, still reveling in her new robes. She could really get used to wizarding fashion– these things were loose, comfy, and breezy! Plus, her pair was long enough that she could wear a pair of sweatpants underneath and no one knew.


“Ah yes,” the Sorting Hat said, as it settled onto her head. “I see we have someone who likes to be cozy.”


“Absolutely true, Mr. Sorting Hat.”


“And she’s polite, too! Cozy and polite, there can only be one place for you…”


“Wait!” Sarah thought. “You don’t have the whole story. I like to be cozy, but especially when it means I can curl up under a blanket with a book. And I guess I’m polite, but that’s just because when I was a kid I was always the nerd who actually liked her teachers, so I wanted to pay them some respect and got into the habit of saying “please” and “thank you” and “Mister” and “Miss” even when I didn’t have to.”


The Sorting Hat sighed. “What a shame. The Hufflepuffs are in the basement, right by the kitchens; the Ravenclaws are in a cold, windy tower. But, if that’s the route you really want…”


“Oh, um, hang on a sec… Did I mention I’m really indecisive too?”


“Too late,” the Sorting Hat snapped. “You’re going to be happy in… RAVENCLAW!”


Sarah slipped off the stool and beamed at the cheering Ravenclaw table. In her gut, she knew the Sorting Hat’s choice had been the right one.

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Kenny marched to the platform solemnly.

The ceremony is very important and the first impression have a great effect on professors.

He imagined he would be sorted into that glorious house, but the Sorting Hat whispered the different things when he sat down.


"You have much Hufflepuff quality in you. You hate being alone and love chatting with people friendly. You've learned one foreign language which most of your country people hate learning more, the diligence..."


"Stop. Pottermore sorted me into Hufflepuff three times. I know about me very well. My determination has led me into the right place, which gave me wonderful chances to challege hard tasks." Kenny insisted.


"Won't you regret?" the Sorting Hat asked him to make sure.


"No, I won't regret."




Kenny smiled at the fellow gryffies, at the long table decorated with fabrics of red and gold.   

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Rumpel was battling anxiety when she first saw the ragged old sorting hat perched atop a simple stool.  What house did she belong in?  Muggle-created sorting quizzes had placed her in a variety of Houses, but this was the true test.  She sincerely hoped she wouldn't be the first to be called.


Happily, that was case.  Rumpel began to settle into a feeling of ease as she watched her friends being sorted into all four of the different Houses, and she realized that, no matter where she was, she could make a home in her new house.


"Very interesting," the Hat said in a voice that reverberated about Rumpel's head.


That anxious feeling returned to the pit of her stomach, and she repeated nervously, "Interesting?"  A hard swallow, meant to clear the lump in her throat, left her mouth dry.  "What's interesting?"


"Loyalty and fealty might lead you home, but ambitious cunning run through your bones.  Your bravery and intellect ride on resourcefulness, and you exhibit great traits of patience and kindness.


"But what strikes me the most is where your loyalty lies.  You'll do just about anything to protect yours and your family's.  Kinship and brotherhood can go hand-in-hand, but time runs thin and we must pick a place to stand.


"Your spirit is wild and free like the sea; a clever girl it better be --




Joy and relief spread through Rumpel's veins and she turned toward the table that was blanketed in green.  A family, a home, and somewhere she belonged was all that she needed.  Slytherin will lead her down the path of great success, she knew. 


I'm home, at last.

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Tammi stood huddled with her fellow first years, ignoring the fact that she was at last double the height of them all. She wasn't a giant, she was just older and had been waiting a long time for her letter.


She eagerly waited for her name to be called, jumping from foot to foot, and accidentally elbowing a poor guy in the face and apologising profusely, shoving bars of chocolate in his face to get him to forgive her.


"Tammi," the professor stated gaining her attention. Just as she took a step from the back of the group the hat came to life.




Beaming widely, she skipped along to the Hufflepuff table and sat smiling at all of her new friends. she knew that she would best friends with all of them.

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I stood among the first years taking deep breaths as I watched peer after peer get placed into their houses. I hopped the hat wouldn't place me in a house I didn't want to be in. With my luck it would though. A nudge sent me back to reality. The girl I shared a compartment with on the train said they had called my name. I nervously walked up the steps and set on the stool.


"Ah Krys, nervous are you? No need to be, just trust me." I heard the hat say. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths once again.


"Loyal and ambitious. You're a bit cunning too I see. You have a side to you that many people don't see though." Please not Gryffindor I thought. "Not Gryffindor you say? Oh no you would never do any good there. I know just the perfect house for you...SLYTHERIN!"


I jumped off the stool and beamed. Slytherin it was. I had finally found my home.

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The moment is growing closer as other students stepped up to the hat, though there are still plenty of others behind me and more still arriving (How did they get here without the Hogwarts express?). Those already sorted clap from their tables as their new housemates join them. I know I haven't been waiting for this as long as some others, only having really gotten the chance to discover the knowledge of this wonderful world five years ago, but I have to wonder if anyone can be more nervous. Will I be sorted into the right house? What if I'm not placed where I've been planning? What if something goes wrong?


My name is called. Legs wooden, time slowed, I make my way to the stool, and the great hall is silent as I feel something come down on my head. I hear a voice.


"Well, what do we have here? Nervous, are we?"


This felt even stranger than people said it would.


"If sweaty hands are anything to go by, then yes?"


I hear a slight chuckle in my head.


"Don't worry. I don't bite…and if it's about me seeing something you don't want me to, I assure you there's been far more disturbing brains I've looked in. Now, where to place you? A little bit of everything really, but not enough to make this too difficult. Not Gryffindor, though I do see a few moments here that could fit a few past students of ours, though that could also carry over to Hufflepuff due to the motivations. Not Slytherin, though that instance a few months back sounds like something a little Snake would do. Actually, there's a few things here. My, competitive much? Oh, and that was just downright sneaky."


The hat is silent for a moment. Did something finally go wrong.


"Um, Mr. Sorting Hat?"


"One moment, Kat. This is a close one. Lots of Puff in you here. Loyal to friends. Stubborn…I don't think people realize how steadfast some of those puffs can be. Yet, Ravenclaw would suit your individualistic values and excitement for new ideas well. Well, you were a...interesting child."


"Yep. And for Ravenclaw, it has an awesome common room as a plus."


"Yes. That it does," the hat agreed. "So, it better be…RAVENCLAW!!!!"


This last word was shouted, and it's only when I feel it lift off my head that I realize my eyes are closed. I hear clapping, and rush to join the table of students under the blue Eagle banner. Finally…now my only concern is not getting a HC level riddle and being locked out of the common room. But I'll face that when it comes.


I watch the next new student step up, and smile. I'm finally here. Nineteen, almost twenty, and I'm here. And today's just the beginning...


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"Kaykay!" The professors voice boomed over the hall, making a number of other first years jump. I felt my friends grip on my arm tighten to the point of pain, turning to look I saw her practically jumping, unable to contain her excitement. Walking up the steps, I could feel some eyes on me, however being towards the end of the list, the excitement of getting new housemates had died down.


Sitting down on the stool, I wiggled into the center to make sure I didn't fall off as I hesitantly observed the tables. Which one would I find my place at? I was still engrossed in my observation when I felt the hat rest upon my head.


"Kaykay...hmmm..." silence fell on the hat. I couldn't help but feel uncomfortable under it, how many other people had had this hat on their head? It was so strange to know that this object, had an ability to think and make such crucial decisions like where I was going to sleep for the next seven years? I didn't even know what kind of drink I wanted...




I laughed to myself as I got down from the stool knowing that I would be fine. My family now had all four houses represented and we got along just fine.


Sitting down at the table and turning to see the rest of the hall, I knew that I was right at home.

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Unwritten Curse

Gina stood across from the Head Table with her fellow first years, feeling jittery as the candles moved and swayed overhead. The headmaster was speaking, presumably welcoming them to Hogwarts, but all she could think about was the Sorting. She'd been envisioning this moment for so long and now it was here. It was all so surreal.


One by one, the students were called up to the stool and the Hat was placed on their head. A tense silence followed, and then "Slytherin!" boomed throughout the Hall, or perhaps "Hufflepuff!" As the Hat made its decisions, cheering echoed off the stone walls, coming from one table or another as the first years were welcomed to their new Houses.


When it came to be Gina's turn, she felt her stomach do a flip. The room swam before her. Somehow she made it up to the stool and felt the Hat slip down over her eyes. It's warmth was comforting.


"Hmm..." She heard a voice say into her ear. "I have a decision to make, it would seem."


Gina gulped.


"You would do well in Ravenclaw. Nose always in a book. A love of learning... You value knowledge and wisdom and critical thought, don't you?


"But on the other hand, Gryffindor suits you. You never shy away from standing up for those who need it most. And you're a fierce believer in doing what is right, sticking to your ideals. That takes bravery, my dear. Conviction."


As the Hat spoke, Gina felt her nervousness begin to disappate. She felt safe, heard. The Hat knew her well, that much was clear, and she felt confident that it would make the right decision.


"I know exactly what to do..." And then she heard the Hat shout, loudly for the whole Hall to hear, "GRYFFINDOR!"


Beaming, Gina took the Hat from her head, gave it a quick grin, and marched off to the table of red and gold amidst cheers and welcomes and pats on the back. She immediately felt at home and didn't stop smiling for the remainder of the evening.

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Gabriella Hunter

"This thing really smells." Gabbie thought rudely when the Hat was placed onto her head, curls standing on end.


"That's not very polite." A stuffy voice snapped in her head.


Gabbie knew that she wasn't crazy. "You talk?"


"I talk." The Hat huffed.


Gabbie thought this was pretty fascinating and she wanted to ask if he bathed or not but considered how fruitless that would be. Her mother had told her not to be nervous about the Sorting but she couldn't help but wonder if there had been some sort of mistake.


What if she didn't belong in Hogwarts?


What if that annoying Goyle boy had been right about her?


"Seems to be a lot on this mind of yours." The Hat mused suddenly, startling her.


"I think a lot," Gabbie said with a frown.


The Hat seemed to find this amusing. "You think a lot, that's true but not quite enough for a Ravenclaw." Gabbie stiffened in annoyance. "I sense bravery here...not the kind for a Gryffindor and so much cunning...."


Gabbie groaned. It figures that I'll be in Slytherin,


"No, no. There's some softness here too and loyalty....hard work is something that I think you appreciate more than getting back at others." The Hat said while Gabbie started to sweat nervously.


The Hat sounded amused, "No need to worry. I've got just the place for you, so it had better be HUFFLEPUFF!" it shouted.


Gabbie was floored by this and heard the cheering in the Great Hall for only a few seconds before she snatched the Hat from her head and shoved it into Professor Longbottom's chest. "I WILL BE A PUFF!" she screamed before darting towards her House table amid baffled laughter and congratulations.


The next seven years were going to be the best of her life.

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Bianca stepped off the train into a light drizzle. She tightened her scarf with one hand and looked down at her cat, tucked under her other arm.


"Romeo, we're not in Kansas anymore. As in, this is Scotland."


Romeo did not look impressed, but this was nothing new. Bianca was none too impressed either; for miles around, there was only fields and cows.


She turned the train conductor. "But sir, where is the castle?"


"'Ogwarts? Young lady, this is Dufftown. You want the next station thataway."


"Hippogriff sh-"




This time, when Bianca stepped off the train, she was greeted by the glowing lights of Hogwarts castle and the eerie boats of the Black Lake. She walked quickly - you would never see her run - and made it to the Great Hall just in time. Her name was called, and she sat on the stool, the Hat slipping down past her ears.


"Difficult..." said a voice in her ear.


Bianca swallowed. "I don't mean to be."


"Hm? Oh no, this crossword, I can't get three across, a ten letter word for home. Anyway. Ah, well, as for you... Your creativity and imagination would put you in Ravenclaw, but your ambition and strong sense of self make you a Slytherin. But deep in your heart of sass, I see you have always known where you truly belong."


Bianca smiled and snapped her fingers. "The answer is three across, please Hat."


"Ah? So it is. Well then, welcome to... HUFFLEPUFF!"


Into the sea of black and gold and cuddles and fun facts, Bianca took her place.



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Sarah stood facing the sorting hat feeling extremely excited and nervous. She had been waiting for this day pretty much her whole life and now its here. Nearly jumping up and down in anticipation of her name to be called, when it finally had she ran to the stool with the biggest grin on her face. As she sat down the hat slowly began slipping over her eyes and she could now hear a voice.


"Well, this is a pretty easy one now, isn't it?" he said making Sarah smile. She had always known where she would be placed at Hogwarts, as did everyone else.


"You love learning, but it doesn't overtake you. You're courageous but also indecisive. You're ambitious but wont do anything to get what you want. What you do have, though, is incredible loyalty, you're one of the most friendly people, very patient and fairness is your top priority. While you posses many qualities from many different houses, it is clear that you belong in... HUFFLEPUFF"


Sarah quickly took of the sorting hat and ran over towards the yellow and black, as she knew she would. She sat down knowing that this is her family, and that she couldn't be any happier.

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Olivia stood with all the other first years, feeling grateful for once that she was as short as she was. It helped her to blend in with all the eleven-year-olds.


Shuffling impatiently from side to side, Olivia waited restlessly for the Sorting Hat to get to her. She'd been waiting for this moment for years and years, but now all she wanted to do was know which house she was in.


Eventually, her name was called. Swallowing nervously, she stepped up to the stool and sat down as the Hat was placed on her head.


"Well well well," a voice muttered. "You're a mixture of all the houses, it seems."


Olivia shifted on the stool.


"Slytherin would suit you very well. Ambitious, with lots of determination. Green and silver could be for you."


"Or," the hat continued, "you could be in Hufflepuff. You're kind, caring, and loyal."


"But then there's Ravenclaw. You love knowledge, and learn new things just for the sake of learning. You admire creativity and enjoy making things, whether musically or writing."


"I think I know where to put you," the Hat said. Olivia waited eagerly for its decision.


"RAVENCLAW!" it shouted.


Grinning broadly, Olivia ran to the Ravenclaw table, feeling right at home amidst the Blue and Bronze.

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Stella Blue

Kristin walked up to the Sorting Hat, thankfully not self-conscious because most of the other first years she was getting sorted with seemed to be much older than eleven years old as well. :P


As she donned the Hat, she was in quite the quandary over what house she really belonged in. The truth was, she loved all of the houses.


"Slytheravenpuffindor?" she suggested to the Hat.


"No, that's not a real thing. Duh," said the Hat.


"Ooookay. Gryffinpufflerinclaw."


"You can't be in all of the houses," said the hat. "Stop trying to be so fair and share all of them. That's it, Hufflepuff for you."


Then Kristin did the Huffle Shuffle over the the badger sett and never looked back.

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Jill stood anxiously in line, waiting for the Headmistress to call her name for the famous Sorting Ceremony.  While she was nervous about the ceremony itself, she already knew which house she would belong to.  Only one house that would truly make her feel at home.  Did she really have to go through this nerve-wracking ceremony if she already knew where she belonged?


But then again, she’d waited too long for this moment.  Waited too long to finally sit on the stool and have the hat yell out her house with pride.  And now it was finally here.




Finally, after what felt like an eternity, she heard her name and confidentially strode up to the small wooden stool.  She perched herself on it, and the hat was placed on her head.


At first, there was nothing.


Her heart pounded in her chest.  How could she be wrong about where she belonged?


“Why won’t you just say Hufflepuff already?” she asked the hat irritably.


“Well, that would be the obvious choice, my dear,” a voice commented in her ear. 


“It’s the only choice. Where else would I go? I’m no Gryffindor or Ravenclaw.”


“No, but I do see some pride in you.  And that ambition. Slytherins aren’t all about power-hungry, evil wizards, you know.”


“I know. I have a friend whose one, but that’s not me.”


“Are you sure? You could do great things in Slytherin.  The potential is there.  I can see it, buried deep inside.  You’re quite goal oriented, and you could be a leader if you believed in yourself a little bit more. You look out for yourself more than you’re willing to admit.”


“Your point?”


“And then there’s the attitude, of course…”


“I don’t have an attitude.”


“Mmhm.  If you insist, the choice I make is…. HUFFLEPUFF!” 


Jill grinned broadly as the hat was taken off her head, and she scampered off to join her fellow badgers at the Hufflepuff table.


She was finally home.

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Scooterbug stood there shaking like a leaf.  Most people marked it off as fear and nerves which was honestly a shame for someone of her age her letter arriving rather late.  Yet fear wasn't what scooter was feeling, she was nervous of course but there was so much excitement in her that it could only be expressed in shaking as she worked not to be jumping up and down.  Of course the sugar from 1 too many pumpkin pasty could be a contributing factor that and the muggle coffee she snuck onto the train.  Thus when her name was called a squeak elicited from her lips before she rushed up to the hat and jammed it on her head.


"Eager Beaver no?" whispered the hat into her ear.


"Eager Badger you mean!"


"Are you sure?"


"What?  I've always been a Huffelpuff!  I have all the house stuff!  I'm friendly, cheerful, loyal, hardwork –"


"Yes I see those things and no doubt you would fit in among the Huffelpuffs and would easily find their common room home but why are you so friendly and hard working?"


"Well, it is good to have people to rely on and I work hard to advance."


"Hmm, yes and you like power, you are ambitious, cunning and you work things to your advantage.  Also your loyalty seems to be selective."


"What are you saying?" asked scooterbug a little bit of trepidation in her voice.

"That deep down you are a Slytherin."


"What? But –"


"No, my mind is made up you belong in SLYTHERIN!"


The hat came up off of Scooterbug's eyes as she blinked in shock and timidly made her way to the proper tale now scared.  What would these Slytherins be like, little did she know that she would find the perfect home snuggled away in a snake basket provided by Selene and make the best of friends as well as discover just how Slytherin she is while still having a certain love for Huffelpuffs.

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Paula stood nervously with the other first years, hopping from foot to foot anxiously while drumming her hands on her skirt.


Being stuck smack dab in the middle of the alphabet, Paula expected to wait forever for her name, but she quickly learned that witches and wizards rarely followed the sensible order of things. Her name was called third of the bunch.


She focused on stepping one foot in front of the other, sure that if she tripped she would quite literally die of embarrassment and become a Hogwarts ghost.


She gulped as the Sorting Hat was placed on her head.


"Ah yes," the Sorting Hat said as it scanned her thoughts. "You clearly value the pursuit of knowledge over everything else and never want to graduate. You'd make an excellent Ravenclaw.”


"I think you're on to something, but let's make a list of each house and weigh the pros and cons. I think I'd really like Slytherin for the comfy–"


“RAVENCLAW!” The Hat shouted.


Paula ran to the join the table, thrilled with all of the remarkably cool super nerds she was now surrounded by. This was definitely home.

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Recent Badges


Meg stood amongst the excited first years in the center of the Great Hall. For as magical and beautiful as it was, she could not focus on anything other than the old patched hat sitting on top of a wooden stool. Her knees trembled as she pleaded in her head, please let it be Slytherin. Please, please, please let it be Slytherin.


Professor Selene, who someone nearby whispered was the head of Slytherin House, stood in front of the entire student body. Immediately all chatter died down. As she unrolled a long sheet of parchment, Meg swallowed compulsively, for she feared she would be sick. If she was not placed in Slytherin, she did not know how she would face the rest of her family, who had all been in Slytherin for as long as anyone could remember. She grew up with silver and green hangings around her bed, green dressings on her bed, and even most of her clothing had been green. She just had to be a Snake.


One by one Professor Selene called up the students to be sorted. BellaLestrange87 rushed up to the stool and the hat barely touched her head before it called out, RAVENCLAW! WIth a large smile, she hopped down and rushed her way towards the cheering table of Ravenclaws.


Meg became more and more anxious as she watched each student have the hat placed upon their heads and were sorted into their houses. She fiddled with her fingers, shuffled her feet and felt like he heart might beat out of her chest. She just wanted to get it over with once and for all.


Dojh167 ran off to the Hufflepuff table, Lady Asphodel marched confidently to the Gryffindors and PaulaTheProkaryote joined BellaLestrange87 with the rest of the Ravenclaws.


Finally “MegGonagall!” was called. Her heart stopped.


With small, timid steps, Meg made her way up to the imposing looking stool with the mysterious hat. As she sat down, she gave a small, half-smile towards Professor Selene and watched the students in the Great Hall disappear as the Sorting Hat fell over her eyes.


She gasped when hearing a raspy voice in her head.


Well, what do we have here? Another Gonagall, eh? But is Slytherin where we should place you?


Meg begged silently, Please Slytherin. Please, please, please Slytherin, with tears forming in her eyes.


Hmmm… I see plenty of loyalty, yet also a tendency towards rash, reckless behavior. However, you are quite the ambitious young woman who can be mighty cunning. I think we will place you in…




Meg felt her shoulders relax and a relieved smile spread across her face. When the hat was taken from her head, she looked at Professor Selene, and noticed the corner of her mouth turn up just a hair. Meg couldn’t have run towards the Slytherins fast enough. When she sat down, and looked at the green clad students around her, she truly felt at home. 

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Kyle stood there dashingly among the eager throng of new students waiting for their names to be called for sorting. When finally the hat called his name, Kyle almost skipped up the steps, everything was perfect until he tripped over the very stool which got a chuckle from everyone, even himself.


He placed the hat on his head and the hat did not immediately respond. In fact it took nearly twenty minutes to respond as if it couldn't think what to say. It kept debating between Slytherin and Hufflepuff and finally it felt that Kyle would feel more at home in Hufflepuff, where he could plot his schemes in the coziness of the badger den.


So with a mighty roar the hat yelled "Hufflepuff!!!!!!!"

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I was trembling a lot these days - or rather just today.


We were gathered in a line, standing at the head of a great hall (which I would later find out was actually called the Great Hall), staring at an old, tattered hat.  Just moments prior a Professor walked out and placed a three-legged stool into the center of the platform and upon the stool she placed a hat and walked away.


We waited.  Then suddenly, the hat appeared to smile widely before bursting into song!


A thousand years our score unfolds

When I was just a thread

Stood the great, the best, the bold!

The famous Founders Four!


Gryffindor was more than brave

He lead the group in strides.

Lady Hufflepuff her heart she gave

A truly generous kind.


Slytherin he brought ambition

For the castle so deserved.

Ravenclaw sought a mission

For a power she conserved.


Be just and fierce

Just like our four

And you will soon discover,

The greatest pact

You sure can make

Will be the friends you uncover!


My jaw had dropped.  Through the applause the Professor reappeared and began calling out names.  It took no time for mine to surface.




With shaking legs I took to the stool.  The hat slipped over my head and plopped right over my eyes, surrounding me in darkness.


Yes, I see, I see.  You'll find great friendship in this house, Randee.  I have no doubts on my opinion here...


Without warning the house suddenly shouted out...  SLYTHERIN!

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At the call of her name, Alishya steps up to the stool. Her back faces the Staff and her eyes are directed at the other nervous first years, and old students blurring in the background at their respective tables, waiting with eager ears.



She feels the hat slip on her head, and she starts to take a deep breath.



"At heart, you're loyal, but your desire to be courageous and brave are greater than your other qualities you already possess." Says the hat.



When Alishya reflects on Neville Longbottom, the hat gave sound of acknowledgment of her emotions and thoughts.



"Let it be Gryffindor!"



With a grin spreading across her face and filling up with determination, she excitingly makes her way to the table with her fellow lions cheering for her.

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At the sound of my name, which I wasn't prepared for, although I didn't let it show, I stood up and walked towards the Staff table. The old hat, which sat looking rather unhappy, on the stool I was about to sit down on, let out a sigh.


Sitting down, the hat was placed on my head and I closed my eyes, fingers crossed that I would be a Ravenclaw, that my love of learning would win over everything else.


“Hmmm, you're resourcefulness and ambition makes you perfect for Slytherin. Yes, your ambition is perfect and I can see that you would do whatever it takes to succeed. Determination is a powerful trait to possess."


I squeezed my eyes tighter, hoping that the hat would tell me I was also perfect for Ravenclaw and that I could decide where I wanted to go.


“But you also value knowledge and learning, although I must say, your riddle solving skills could do with some improvement."


I could feel the hat smirking. He was definitely a Slytherin at heart.


“Please don't place me in Slytherin simply because I suck at riddles. I think that would be highly unfair of you.” I huffed, frowning. “I'll have you know that I've been researching the best ways to solve riddles so-”




Hopping off the stool, I gave the hat a big smile before heading over to the Ravenclaw table, Watching the Slytherin's, I wondered what it might have been like being green and silver, but ultimately, I felt right at home with my fellow Claws.

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