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Peaky Blinders

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Hey all! So Peaky Blinders is a fantastic BBC show dealing with the Shelby family of Birmingham, West Midlands, England after WWI and before WWII begins. They own a business and are basically a British gang wanting to expand their empire. The first 4 seasons are available on Netflix now! 

The BBC just recently announced that it Season 5 is being bumped up from airing on BBC Two to BBC One, in order to reach a wider audience, which is great! There's also still 2 more seasons planned accordingly to Stephen Knight, the creator of the show, who wants it to end with the first air raid sirens of 1939 over Birmingham. 

Please keep all major plot spoilers in a spoiler tag for those who haven't seen all of the seasons yet to keep things safe for everyone to read! 

Also, because this show is rather gory, let's do our very best to not get into those details here 😬


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adorably cute

@MadiMalfoy AHHH i am so late getting these thoughts to you from our original date of bringing this topic up 🙈

season 4 was WILD


honestly, john dying this season was bad enough but then when we thought arthur was dead i almost LOST IT. that would have been TOO MUCH TO LOSE AT ONE TIME. 

still not really sure how i feel about this jessie eden but it seems like from the ending she'll be back next season? she was with the entourage walking out after the vote. next season should definitely be interesting after all that!

above all though, i need to talk about alfie's dog, who is the REAL VICTIM of this season

anyway, i am VERY excited for season 5!

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nott theodore

I'm so glad that there's other people who love this series!


I finished watching series 4 in 2017, I think?  When it first came out, anyway.  But now all 4 series are on Netflix before the next series comes out, I'm very tempted to rewatch them before the new series.  Not that I should be planning on watching more TV in the next few months when I have so much already lined up and plenty of work to do...



I shouldn't, but I really love Tommy Shelby.  He's not necessarily my favourite character in the series (not that I'm sure who is) but the writing of this show is just so clever.  I'm impressed every time I watch a new series - the protagonists are all horrible people but you can't help but root for them because they're up against people that are just as bad or even worse.  Every series, I don't know what they're going to do to top the last, but each one has brought a fresh, exciting storyline and kept the suspense going all the way through.


@adorably cute I'm with you - I was so upset when John had died but I couldn't bear the thought of Arthur being killed so close to his brother, too!  And I was pretty upset when Alfie died, even though I felt like it had to happen?  I just really enjoyed the way that Tommy and Alfie played off each other and that they were good enemies, so to speak.


Does anyone have thoughts about what's going to happen in series 5?  It's going to be really interesting to see Tommy on the trajectory to make his family seem more respectable (or more respected, at least) because I can't imagine that they'll lose too much of the gang warfare/criminal activity despite the fact he's now been elected as an MP.  As for that, I'm so intrigued to see whether he sticks with the values of his home area, or whether he's going to be using that power to infiltrate trade unionist and socialist movements as a Labour MP.  There's so much possibility for the next series!


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