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Original Fiction Goals: Spring 2019 Edition

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Eh, hey everyone.  After promising to start another thread a few months ago, I am woefully late, but here it is!

(small cheer)

I know I said I'd post every Friday, but here's the thing.  I look at this thread through the week and remind myself, "Oh yeah, it'll be Friday soon and I need to post here.  And then Friday comes and I completely flake out.  It's Thursday night, and I have a few minutes to rub together and I'm posting this thing NOW before Life decides that I have better, more important things to do. 

Sooo.... if you want a cheering section for your OF Spring Goals, I'm all in.  

I'm plugging away at this OF thing a few hundred words at a time.  I've got 13k since last October, and I wrote another compacted 500 word scene this morning.  It's coming.  I hate how slowly my first drafts come together.  My short story from last fall has morphed into something decidedly not short.  It's frustrating.  The idea won't stay small.  I'm tabling it for another month and I'll revisit it before the summer.  I have successfully attended a few local writers groups in the last few months.  I'm starting to see familiar faces and people are recognizing me.  It's hard to make connections, but I feel like progress is being made.  I also finished a 750 word short story at the last writer's workshop and was the first to read it out loud to the group, completely unedited and everything.  It was terrifying... and also fun.  I was so proud of myself that I actually finished the story within the 30 minute time that I didn't care about quality.  A finished story is a finished story, after all.  I'm calling it a win. 

My goals for the spring are to write at least four days a week on new content of my OF novel, while doing some loose plotting as well.  The messy middle is rearing its ugly head and showing me exactly how much I still don't know about this story. It's discovery time, people.  

@TreacleTart and I decided to tackle an OF collab for the House Cup.  We've got a page of ideas and threw down a paragraph or three.  Wish us luck!  

I'm about to attempt a FF to OF conversion of a one-shot I wrote last year that's not posted on HPFT yet.  It started as a failed romance between Luna Lovegood and Charlie Weasley.  Let's just call this my self-imposed World-building and Characterization Challenge.  I'm wondering if I can make this story just as compelling as an OF as it was for me as a FF.  Can it be done??


As for everyone else, how about a recap?

@teh tarik You've got your short story deadline coming up. (dun dun dun!!) How's it coming?  Almost there?

@StarFeather Yay for a new poem!  I want to go read it when I get another free moment.  Congrats on writing!

@MadiMalfoy Any more character vignettes coming?  They sound cool!

@Cassius Alcindor How's the plotting?  Any progress?

@Rumpelstiltskin I flaked on the winter goals, but I see that the last writing collab for the House Cup gave you some material for OF.  Anything new coming down the pipes?  Gonna vamp it up again?

@scooterbug8515 Did you get that Dragon Academy draft done?  We are waiting with baited breath for beta reading.... (hint hint)

@KJ Cartmell Hi!  I saw you lurking in the threads the other day.  Feel free to join the party!  I know you're furiously editing right now.  Stop in if you have a sec and tell us how it's going.  :)

And as always, if anyone else wants to jump in, have at it!



(dancing rabbit has decided to be our Spring OF Goals mascot.  Yay for ALL the words!)



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:couch: Dragons have kind of gone quiet I've had to table the story it got out of hand and got to be too much. :couch:  (Please don't look at me like that).


While it wasn't on my list - well it was but it wasn't listed here.  I have FINISHED formatting my published novel The Gilded Rose for physical print!  I don't have an official release date yet as I only just ordered my second proof copy (the first was a massive learning experience).  If this new copy is gorgeous I may be ready to print.  If it is a disaster then I'll have to work on further formatting, but a major leg of the formatting is DONE.  Soo excited! :yay:


Right now as I wait for my proof copy to print and come in the mail, I am thinking of outlining a new project that I may end up posting on HPFT. (Not dragons, :couch:)

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Hooray for writing OF for the collab! Good luck to both of you! *cheers*

21 hours ago, scooterbug8515 said:

I have FINISHED formatting my published novel The Gilded Rose for physical print! 



23 hours ago, Pixileanin said:

I flaked on the winter goals, but I see that the last writing collab for the House Cup gave you some material for OF.  Anything new coming down the pipes?  Gonna vamp it up again?

I did manage to bust out a bit of OF! Writing this month has fallen pretty flat, though. I have more prompts for spoofy vampire shorties but I really wanted to finish the next chapter of WLC, which is a bit more than halfway done. I just keep chugging away on it and everyone keeps shouting at each other so  it's not going great atm. I did manage to round up a chapter for it of supplemental material, which did include some writing if that counts.  I don't think I've written any actual poetry in a while, which is a shame, since that's always a fun avenue to explore. I've also been spinning some OF drabbles in the Writing Exercises forum, which has been kinda cathartic.  

Since I would like to update at least ONE of my fanfic WIPs (*blatantly ignores the sheer number of WIPs on my page) and because my main OF has been NOT COOPERATING (*seeths internally*), I'm looking at this for the Spring Quarter Goals:


We're late game now, but I'm going to finish this chapter of WLC if it KILLS me. It might. 


I'm going small in April, in hopes that I can get a WIP FF chapter out. Let's shoot for EITHER 1/2 a chapter of WLC OR a spoofy vampire shortie to add to BSBRIHGRN. And a poem. Rumpels will be writing a poem in April if it kills her. It might. 


Depending on what happened in April, I'm either going to be writing 1/2 a chapter of WLC AND a spoofy vampire shortie to add to BSBRIHGRN  -- or -- I'm going to write a full chapter of WLC. <.< And a poem or a drabble to post to the archives, if it doesn't kill me. It might. 


Willing I survive all that, that's not a LOT of writing, but it will be writing, none-the-less. While I'm not really pushing myself hard this quarter, it's setting me up to be REALLY happy if I surpass any of these goals. \O/ Yay! 


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On 3/13/2019 at 6:44 PM, Pixileanin said:

@MadiMalfoy Any more character vignettes coming?  They sound cool!

I sure hope so! :couch: 

March is rough for me as it's the end of the winter quarter so I've got lots of deadlines/final exams coming up very soon so I probably won't do much OF writing besides my bits for the Great Collab. :/ But anyway, here are my OF goals for the quarter anyway! 


Maybe jump into my document for my Eirraphe 🐲 vignette for Kenny's challenge and get an idea or two written down for that so I can actually get that done


Actually get into Scrivener if it kills me or I swear to Merlin I'll just have to force myself to do it! AKA I need to start world building properly in there and fleshing out my very rough ideas of my future-ish set world so I can have those details ready to go for when I actually get into writing the novel.

Maybe write something or get ideas down for a Mrycella character vignette -- let's aim for 500-1000 words 🤷‍♀️

Write my Eirraphe vignette -- at least 1000 words!


If progress in April is slow for Scrivener, then I will spend more time working through that and making character boards, etc. 

Finish up Eirraphe vignette if I haven't already done so! 

Finish up Mrycellla character vignette -- perhaps a total of about 2000 words for the piece then?


These are very loose goals as I'm not entirely sure how this quarter is going to shape up class-wise and I'm starting to get into research next month as well, so we shall see! 

Here's to a good spring quarter! ☕ :bunny:

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this quarter is off to a bittersweet start for me. i'd submitted a short story to a magazine a few months ago. last month, it got through the slush pile and was longlisted, but last night it got rejected in the final round. i received a wonderfully encouraging rejection email from the editor though, saying they'd loved the piece, so that was nice. it was the very first time i'd submitted something, so hopefully this is a sign of better things to come. :) 

 my broad spring goals: 

- finish hammering out the short story that i've been slowly piecing together. it's one of the most complex ones i've written, trying to weave together multiple characters' storylines into a short piece, and i'm hoping to mark it as Complete by the end of April. 

- complete plotting the second act of my novel. 

- two more poems for the collection i'm working on. 

apart from this, i really want to write at least one chapter of fanfic. but i'm nearing the end of the program i'm in and things are picking up, so hopefully i'll get enough time for this as well. 

i'll be back with updates and more defined goals as i make progress! good luck with your goals, everyone! 


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17 hours ago, MadiMalfoy said:



Maybe jump into my document for my Eirraphe 🐲 vignette for Kenny's challenge and get an idea or two written down for that so I can actually get that done

can't wait!  :)


 I also need to write Charlie and dragons plus Tonks. However, there popped up my RL thesis project. I need to research first. I'm wondering where to focus...


By the way, chat with @downbelow let me think of the possibility to write a new original fic... what if a dictator or totalitarians banned manga since they thought it would be setidious...



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Jo Raskoph

May I join?

My goal for March is to finish and post 2 short connected OF stories for the Collab which will also be my entry for Rumpels' awesome OF challenge.

Then for April and March I'm hoping to contribute another 3 stories for the collab (and I'm keeping my fingers crossed, that I'll be able to return to my main OF universe for these, because I've been neglecting that recently). I'm also planning to get something done to complete Rumpels' requirement of additional material for the challenge - so: worldbuilding!

My main goal is not to procastinate, get shit done, and write regularly.


Go, OF goals!! We can do this :)

Edited by Jo Raskoph
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