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So, I may be twenty-three years old and this programme is from the 1960s but Thunderbirds has been a HUGE part of my growing up! I would absolutely love to know if anyone else on here knows of it - I have written numerous stories for this fandom too. International Rescue is a fictional rescue organization and the Thunderbirds are the names of their rescue crafts. It is set in the year 2065 and the premise of the show is that Internation Rescue respond to disasters where lives are in mortal danger and no other means of rescue (such as local responders, etc) are adequate. The five Thunderbird machines are each piloted by one of five Tracy brothers, the sons of billionaire ex-astronaut, Jeff Tracy.

The episodes are wacky, wonderful, hilarious, tense, and so damn enjoyable! My absolute favorite episode involves the Empire State Building in New York City being moved (literally the entire building at once) to make space for more skyscrapers!! You can probably guess how that goes, but it's such an amazing episode! Scott Tracy, the pilot of Thunderbird 1, is my favourite character. 


Now, that is just the Original Series created by Gerry Anderson (also creator of shows like Stingray, Joe 90, Captain Scarlet, Space Precinct, UFO and Fireball XL5 to name a few!). There have since been several other takes on the Thunderbirds. The 2004 live-action motion picture, starring Bill Paxton and Anthony Edwards, is a big divide amongst fans. I personally LOVE it, although the plot definitely has its issues, visually it is wonderful! Most of my fanfiction stories take place in the movie-verse purely for visual reasons. 



There's also been the most recent Thunderbirds Are Go! animated series, a reboot aiming to get the next generation into the fandom. Everything in this is much more modernized, including the technology of the Thunderbird machines and the boys' uniforms. The episodes are much shorter and much wackier and arguably much more unrealistic, but as a show aimed at children, it is rather entertaining. Especially the banter! Gordon (Thunderbird 4 pilot) is my favourite in this medium!



So, over to you! Are you aware of the Thunderbirds? Which episodes are your favorites? Any character you love in particular? 

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