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[May] Story of the Month | Voting

May Story of the Month Voting  

18 members have voted

  1. 1. Please Choose One [as always, please do not vote for yourself]

    • Inheritance by Bunbury
    • Thea by Noelle Zingarella & potionspartner
    • The Crush of Freaks and Muggle Filth by Felpata Lupin
    • Daughter's Lament by beyond the rain
    • Owl Never Do That Again by ShadowRose

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  • Poll closes on 04/23/2019 at 03:59 AM

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May Story of the Month
The Polls are Now Open!

please remember to vote before April  22nd at 11:59 PM GMT!


Title: Inheritance
Author: @Bunbury
Link to Story: here++
Warnings [if applicable] Derogatory Language, Domestic Abuse, Hate Speech, Violence
Reason for Nomination: Jane is a phenomenal writer - when you're reading Inheritance, it's like you're literally there in the story. she has an amazing ability to use both description and dialogue to really bring her story and her characters to life. Inheritance is a story about Phaedra whose father died (did he?) and who needs help in dealing with a dark curse. Snape is her eventual love interest but even without the romance, his characterisation is spot-on! the story is dark and mysterious but also humorous...and i can't wait until the next chapter! *_*


Title: Thea
Author: Noelle Zingarella, potionspartner
Link to Story: Thea (M)
Warnings [if applicable] : Derogatory Language, Substance Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Hate Speech, Violence
Reason for Nomination: The authors wrote four pieces of work themed on the same incident from a different person's point of view and this is the one of them. The protagonist is a squib who would have hardship since her mother found out she couldn't do magic. This is a very original story which revealed the secret of House of Black and you can meet young Sirius and Regulous!


Title: The Crush of Freaks and Muggle Filth
Author: @Felpata_Lupin
Link to Story:  +click
Warnings [if applicable]:  being freaking precious beyond all reason
Reason for Nomination: I just. Okay. Words. So you'd probably ask how and why would someone write a Regulus x Petunia ship, but Chiara absolutely nailed it.  I'm pretty open to most ships -- I just hadn't ever (ever ever ever) considered this one in particular. Just the way the story unfolded and set things up for an entirely new AU perspective on the HP series was done so well. I has a blast reading this, and I'd bet that anyone who clicks on that button right up there will, too. 


Title: Daughter's Lament 
Author: @beyond the rain
Link to Story: +HERE [M]
Warnings: Derogatory Language, Hate Speech, Sexual Content, Spoilers, Substance Abuse, Violence
Reason for Nomination: Bex's new story about Bellatrix Lestrange's daughter is so AMAZING!! The story starts out exploring Aurelia's childhood as she grows up with the Tonks family, and her exploration of Aurelia as a character is just so interesting. But it's when she turns 11 and goes to Hogwarts when things really start to take a turn... This story is packed FULL of all the mystery and intrigue you could ask for, AND it also has Hogwarts Mystery characters to boot!! It is such a good read, and I just love it so much!!! I've always been such a fan of Bex's writing, and this fic has easily become one of my newest obsessions, lol. I cannot wait to read MORE!!!


Title: Owl Never Do That Again
Author: @ShadowRose
Link to Story: Here
Warnings [if applicable]: Sexual Content
Reason for Nomination: I've just finished reading this and had to nominate it before I've even left the review! This is hysterical. The whole concept of not only receiving a wrong Owl, but for it to go to another family member is brilliant. Freddy is such a little rogue, teasing Vic about the saucy contents of the letter too - it's fluffy, funny and a little bit smutty too, so something for everyone ;)



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