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Avengers: Endgame (spoilers!)

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(I think that's enough spoilers spaces.)



Oh. My. God.

I finished it and immediately wanted to go back into the theater. It was amazing. It was incredible. I cannot. I just can't.

In no particular order, my major takeaways:

  1. Original Six.
    • Iron Man. That was an amazing send-off for Iron Man. It was so fitting. That's true of the whole movie, but it's especially true of his crowning scene of awesome at the end. He started the MCU, he's always been dramatic and larger than life, and it was such an amazing callback to the first Avengers, where he flies to nuke up through that portal. He knew he was going to die then (but didn't) and he knew he was going to die now, and him finally dying for real to defeat Thanos, who'd been such a major motivation for everything he did between Avengers and the end of Infinity War, was just.

      Just brilliant. RDJ acted the hell out of that scene. I love his expression just after he says "Iron Man" as he snaps. I found a clip on youtube of Thanos saying "I am inevitable" and then Tony saying "And I am Iron Man," and I have watched it legit like 25 times. And counting.
    • Captain America. I love this send-off for him, too. I've seen some people complain that it's out of character for him to stop fighting; I would argue that we don't know that he stopped fighting entirely, and also that like... those five years clearly changed him a lot, and I can see them really damaging him in a way that changed the way he processed things. It was also really clear to me that he and Bucky had talked about this beforehand, which I also loved.

      And, of course: the hammer. The hammer. The effing hammer. I feel like we all kind of could guess that it was coming based on Age of Ultron and the comics, but that didn't cheapen the fact that he used it or how he used it.

      Also: "Hey, Queens. Heads up." As a native Brooklynite I effing loved that.
    • Black Widow. Also a great send-off for her, though she's not gone in the same way that Tony and Steve are (since she's got her own movie coming up). It was so consistent with her character as it's been explored throughout all the movies, especially her attachment to, like, the team. Her friendship with Hawkeye has been so well-established throughout the movies (their interactions in the first Avengers, her interactions with his family in Age of Ultron, and their fight in Civil War all stick out especially). I believe 100% that she would die for him (and vice versa - but she's more ruthless, and that's why she won that argument.
    • Thor. Oh my god I cannot say enough good about Thor's depiction here. I actually really liked the depiction of his PTSD, which is really consistent with his character, IMO - Thor is good at punching things, and I think that of all the characters, he's among the least equipped to have no big bad to fight - let alone no big bad because he failed. (I don't love some of the fat jokes, but I think Joanna Robinson's take is pretty similar to mine, so I'm just going to like to her article +here (M). tl;dr, though, I thought their overall handling of him was good, and the conversation with his mother and his takeaway from it felt really consistent with his character.

      I loved how enthusiastic Thor was about Steve being able to use his hammer. In Ultron, he seemed... concerned, almost? about it, but watching Endgame and then rewatching that scene in Ultron, he seemed more considering and intrigued than concerned.

      And his ending. There are no effing words. I love leaving Valkyrie in charge - Thor has never wanted the throne, and them acknowledging that rather than changing him felt great and also fit really well with some of the things he said to Valkyrie in Ragnarok. I also love them leaving the door wide, wide open for Thor to stay on in the MCU - I feel like his arc hasn't wound down like Steve's or Tony's, and Chris Hemsworth has said that he'd interested in doing more Thor stuff. I'm glad that they seem to be leaning into that, because Thor was definitely the odd one out of all of the original Avengers and the one who really could step into a new role going forward.
    • Hawkeye. So Hawkeye's characterization has been pretty neglected in general, and he missed out on Infinity War entirely. I really, really liked that they made up for lost time here - this is the first movie that's really made me care about Hawkeye as his own character rather than as just as an afterthought.
    • Bruce. Ehhh, cool to see Professor Hulk I guess? I did love his lack of enthusiasm in smashing things.
  2. Other characters.
    • Nebula and Gamora. I love Nebula's character development so much here (and throughout the other movies). She's excellent. The Guardians have added people to the team in every movie, but it's never stopped working, and I don't expect it to stop working now.

      I also loved that old!Gamora was swayed where old!Nebula was not, because it says so much about the journey old!Nebula had to take. She's clearly built relationships with people + become very invested in a greater good - despite the fact that she probably knew that the person she really loved wasn't coming back - but that ruthlessness is still there. She didn't hesitate to fry her arm (and look how far she's come since the first time she encountered the power stone) or kill her old self. That combination makes a really fascinating character, and I can't wait to see more of her.

      The symmetry between her pleading with Gamora here and Gamora pleading with her in Guardians 1 is so, so fun. This Gamora was just days away from betraying Thanos on her own, but I really liked how hearing that she and Nebula develop a close relationship and genuinely become sisters is what pushed her over the edge. We saw hints in Guardians 1 that Gamora cared pretty deeply about Nebula, and while I don't want to read too much into it, it feels like Gamora got what she wanted in a way that's really... I mean, touching. She trusts future!Nebula pretty implicitly, and I don't think it's just seeing some of future Nebula's memories (which were clearly focused on the post-snap era).

      I like Gamora being back in general, but I also like that the Gamora that's back isn't the Gamora we know. Some things didn't get a do-over, and the things that didn't get a do-over really, really hurt. I wouldn't be shocked if Nebula knows where Gamora is and just isn't telling.
    • Falcon. I loved his getting the shield, both because I lowkey really have liked Sam's character and because the symbolism of a black Captain America (even if he doesn't technically call himself that) really matters and says to me that the MCU is genuinely trying to move in a more inclusive direction, which is the only thing the films felt like they were lacking. I hope Falcon (and Bucky, presumably? they seem to be a duo now) get their own movies, rather than just the tv show, but I am totally going to watch that tv show.
    • Rocket. This is part of why I love Thor leaving with the Guardians. Only Rocket and Nebula have experienced those immensely shitty five years, and while Thor was absent for a lot of them, Rocket is still clearly very attached to him. For me, that's interesting in terms of potential character development/dynamics going forward if Thor truly has joined the Guardians (which seems to be the implication) and also just... like, a really good reason for that to happen.
  3. Twists.
    • I loved Thanos dying so early and most of the previews being covered in the first fifteen minutes. It really left me not knowing what to expect.
    • I loved that a damn rat is really what saves the world, among other things.
    • I loved how entangled Loki is with the space stone.
    • Getting the stones. I really liked how they retrieved the stones. They all meant something - the reality stone and space stone both led to some really great feel good moments, the time stone and the mind stone were both good callbacks to past movies, and the soul stone just hurt.

      And the power stone. God, the power stone has driven so many plots and led to so much character development over the movies, and I really love that. Here, Nebula's frying  the power stone showcased her personality (which I talked about more above) in a way that I loved + led to the major climax of the film (yesss) was great. Yessss power stone.
    • I loved the plot twist re: Thanos finding out via Nebula. Loved loved loved it. I wasn't expecting it, it was so jarring, and it freaked me out so much.
  4. Moments of awesome.
    • Everyone coming back through the portals killed me. It was amazing. It was amazing. I loved it, especially Falcon's "on your left," Valkyrie on the flying horse and Pepper in her suit.
    • Thor handing rule of Asgard over to Valkyrie and leaving with the Guardians.
  5. New thoughts on future movies.
    • Guardians 3/Thor 4. As is pretty obvious :P I'm really excited to see the Guardians and/or Thor moving forward, because there's a lot to work with there. I don't want to look too far ahead, but I'd actually potentially love to see the Guardians go past three movies even more than getting a fourth Thor. (Except I'd miss Valkyrie. Can Valkyrie get her own movie?) It's so different, and unlike the other trio films we've gotten so far, I feel like the setting of Guardians is so different and the dynamics have changed so much as a result of the additions (and loss) of various members that there are more stories to tell there.
    • Captain Marvel. She wasn't in this as much as I was expecting, which actually really intrigues me - it's heavily implied that she's doing a lot of planet hopping, and I can't wait to see what that entails.
    • Ensembles. The directions the next movies will be going in seem really wildly divergent - Black Panther/Spiderman will probably be happening on the physical Earth, Dr. Strange is going to be more mystic Earth, the Guardians/Captain Marvel will be in space, who knows what else is coming... and there aren't many particularly strong connections between them, and most bonding happened off-screen. I'm curious to see how that's going to play out, because I feel like having the ensemble movies is helpful in linking everyone together.


Okay those are my thoughts WHAT ARE EVERYONE ELSE'S.



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Okay now that I am 24 hours past seeing it, I can somewhat coherently gather my thoughts. :P In brief:








Ahem. But really, here's some longer analysis & thoughts I had on the film!

1. The trailers! The trailers honestly didn't give ANYTHING away whatsoever, and when some of those shots appeared in the actual film, I realized they'd actually edited out some of the characters in order to preserve some of the surprise/plot/etc. Also, they really only pertained to like the first twenty minutes of the film, so I really didn't even know what to expect after that, which I think was a very creative, good idea by the Russo brothers. 

2. The original six Avengers (Tony, Steve, Thor, Bruce, Clint, Natasha)

Tony: TONY GODDAMN STARK. That man, I tell ya. RDJ acted the shit out of his part in this movie, and we got to see so many sides to him here too, which was really special. He got to be a dad, have his happy ending, and yet he still knew he could do something more. It felt right that he was going to die, and was something I'd been expecting going in, but I just didn't know how it was going to go. With him doing the snap, though, that was fitting, and the perfect send off. He made everyone else have their happy endings, even if it meant he couldn't. I CRIED SO DAMN HARD, OKAY?! Tony's following Strange's lead when he holds up that finger just killed me and that's when I knew he was going to die, no matter in what way it would be happening. Also, earlier on when he was doing that simulation for time travel, I KNEW WHAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT!! Mobius strips & eigenvalues, that's quantum mechanics and I learned that shit! 😆 Anyway, I think what Branwen has said also sumsup my feelings about Tony Stark well too. RDJ, man. LEGENDARY. 

Cap: AMERICA'S ASS, REPORTING FOR DUTY!! Okay but seriously, that was hilarious shit that I was so here for esp. since Tony is the one who initiated the thought! When Cap fights himself and then looks at HIS OWN ASS after the fight is over, I just lost it! But also, I can't not say anything about him WIELDING MJOLNIR!!! When I saw the hammer being summoned, and then it was being summoned by CAP?!? I lost my SHIT!!!! It was completely a fanservice moment that had been predestined ever since Age of Ultron, but I scream-cried when the camera cut to Cap holding it! HE DID SO GOOD!!! Initially I was really upset about his ending, but damn did he not do enough these last what, ten years?! I bawled my eyes out (tbh I already had been for like 20 minutes at this point but anyway) when he said he got his happy ending WITH PEGGY and handed his shield off to Sam, with Bucky looking on. Bucky totally knew what Steve meant as soon as he saw that Steve was old, and that broke me even more. What a great send off though for him too, honestly. 

Thor: While I didn't find the constant jokes about Thor being fat and an alcoholic to be in the best taste, I can understand the Russo Brothers wanting to illustrate PTSD and other related grief issues in a manner different to that of the other characters, especially as he's a character known for his ridiculous physique. I just think they could have done it in a better manner that didn't seem to be fat-shaming, because it cheapens Hemsworth's performance. Otherwise though, I'm so happy he chopped off Thanos's head because damn was that satisfying! His lack of apprehension about Cap wielding the Hammer though was great and then their little tradeoff of axe & hammer was cute in the battle! His crowning of Valkyrie as leader of New Asgard was wonderful, and him going off with the Guardians to leave his storyline open to future movies (for which I read a rumor that Taika Waititi is in the works to direct another!!), and that was nice. 

Bruce: The thing I found most unsettling after the initial Thanos kill is that when we see Bruce again after five years, he's this mix of the Hulk and Bruce, and I just can't get behind it. I understand it's "balance" but god it's just soooo weird for me. Although, I did quite enjoy his apathy to smash things when they returned to New York, and definitely laughed at his half-hearted smashes as he went to retrieve the Time Stone. He had a good scene with Tilda Swinton, and I also appreciated his attempts to help Scott go back in time and whatnot. Could have done with less of him being the sole comedic relief because after a while I got tired of it. He had a decent ending though, even if Nat wasn't there anymore. 

Natasha: NATASHA FINALLY WAS MORE THAN TWO-DIMENSIONAL THANK GOD! Okay, so I've had beef with the previous Avengers movies because she was written so poorly, and ScarJo had to act with that shitty writing. But she finally got some damn good stuff in this movie (I'm totally not bitter) and she really developed so quickly in that first hour of the film. Her desire to help people through ensuring the rest of the world was maintaining safety and security was so heartwarming. Also, her concern and love for Clint even as she'd learned of his new path with killing notorious people. Her finding him in Tokyo was special, and then they're subsequent journey to find the Soul Stone, just ugh, heartbreaking. Absolutely heartbreaking. I know the reason she died was not because of lazy writing to kill off the only female character, but rather because it furthered Clint's character, and because she knows he has a family he could potentially get back, while she has no one (besides the Avengers 😭) and so it's a logical decision on her part. The fight is so heartbreaking but so in character, and it's only fair she wins and therefore dies. Ugh, such a good characterization finally and real tears were shed for her death, 100%. 

Clint: I started crying 5 goddamn minutes into this movie because of this man. 5 MINUTES!!! His ENTIRE family turning to dust right before his eyes, and then his panic, and then the cut to the credits just broke me instantly. Honestly, I don't blame him for doing what he was, but his new haircut was honestly like, fantastic? Yes, it was definitely a pull to be "hip with the kids" but it worked for me tbh. His pain is so clear, yet he knows there's a job to get done, and I'm happy he willingly went with Natasha back to the Avengers compound to try and save the world. The internal conflict comes bubbling to the surface during his fight with Natasha, and his further pain when he returns to Earth with the Soul Stone but not her just kept my tears flowing. I'm happy he got his happy ending with his family, and I liked the stronger feature he got in this film since he literally wasn't in Infinity War. 

3. Everyone else: Honestly, seeing all of those people coming back was phenomenal and I was scream-crying as everyone was reintroduced, tbh. The ladies coming together for battle was BADASS and I cheered so loudly at that moment! It was sooooo good. Captain Marvel just being a general galactic badass was my MOOD and her short haircut was great! The returning to the old film scenes got cheers from the whole theater each time a new one came up, and I was definitely doing part of that! Overall, I really liked all the little features everyone got, and I look forward to all of the future films coming out for many of them!

Okay so that was a lot, I apologize. But damn if it wasn't a fantastic end to a beautiful franchise, and I honestly will happily sit through those 3 hours, 2 minutes again and again and again in the future, tears and cheers all around! 

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I just want to reiterate everything Madi said! I didn't expect anything like what I saw when I walked into the theater!!! It was incredible!!!! 




also, I don't know if it was just the theater i was in, but did anyone else have a really long trailer section? It seemed like it lasted forever (maybe I was just really excited for the movie to start.) 

Also I loved the soundtrack. It was surprisingly fun. 

Anyways, it was a great movie, and a fantastic conclusion to the story they've spent years building up to.

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OKAY I’m going to roll in here with a little criticism. I really did enjoy the movie and some of the arcs really made me happy, but overall, I felt like there was something missing.


I think what frustrated the most was the lack of attention to diverse representation. I’ve had higher expectations for the MCU in this area since Black Panther and tbh every movie after Black Panther has been a let down in that area. Even Captain Marvel—I really loved Captain Marvel, but at the end of the day, it was white feminism at its strongest and I’m growing increasingly tired of stomaching such stories and waiting constantly to see myself on the screen.

I don’t think that Endgame really did its most important female characters justice. I’ll be the first to say that a sad ending isn’t a bad ending, and I appreciate the attempt to give Nat closure. But I was frustrated by the fact that her closure had to come in the forming of a sad ending, and by the fact that her sacrifice wasn’t nearly as celebrated as Tony’s. Tony gets this grand funeral (and honestly I’m not mad about that—Endgame was, imo, largely a love story to Iron Man and Cap, and I think considering that, Tony’s storyline was effortlessly executed and very satisfying). All we get for Nat is a shot of her bloody corpse lying on the ground.

That was why, when all the female heroes in the MCU showed up on screen together, I had a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. It’s like that kind of white feminism again, you know—that “we’re all in this together!” declaration while killing off female characters and not letting them have the families and futures that the male characters get to have.

I would’ve been happier about Clint actually getting to have a family if I cared even a little about his family. The prior movies did so little to actually get us emotionally invested in them (as compared to Tony’s family arc).

I was also extremely frustrated with the treatment of POC. At first, the emergence of all of the Wakandan heroes was really thrilling—but, like Nat, they also weren’t really honored or memorialized in any way for their sacrifices and bravery, with the exception of Valkyrie being made King of Asgard. Also while each of the white male characters got their shining moments in the spotlight and celebrated afterwards, most of the women and POC (and definitely with the POC being posited as sidekicks) were either lumped together in one (see: the women of Marvel) or given their moment in the spotlight, and then forgotten about afterwards (see Nat, Gamora, etc). The reductive homogeneity was really disheartening, especially after a movie like Black Panther.

I don’t even want to talk about the failure of LGBTQ+ representation...I was so, so disappointed by the constant queerbaiting (@ Carol and Steve).

I realize that Endgame is supposed to provide closure to earlier phases of the MCU, and in that sense it really succeeded! I feel that, for the most part, Tony and Steve and the other male Avengers that formed the foundation of the previous phases of the MCU were given closure and I was really satisfied by their storylines. But I also entered Endgame hoping that it would set the stage for future phases of the MCU, and honestly, in terms of diversity, I’m really not very optimistic.


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800 words of heaven

Unpopular opinion: this movie was meh. I'm glad I watched it in cinemas, because I reckon it would've been worse at home, even with my excellent surround sound system and big-ass TV. More specific thoughts below.


1) WHY WAS THIS FILM SO LONG. I love a good, long film - AS LONG AS IT'S ACTUALLY ENTERTAINING AND WORTH THE TIME. Endgame honestly wasn't. I think I was checking my watch every hour, on the hour, trying to figure out how long I'd have to wait for it to get to the point. The first two hours were such a drag, and by the time it got to that epic final battle, the movie had lost a lot of its weight, making the payoff of that fight scene so... meh. And then once the fight scene ended... WHY DID THIS MOVIE TAKE SO LONG TO END?! More specifically, that scene with Thor and the Guardians in space. I think you could've got the point across in a much shorter and snappier way, whilst still keeping it funny. At that point, I was just so tired of everyone that I think the scene would've been more humorous if it had been earlier in the film.

2) I'm glad Sam's the new Captain America. Never been a fan of Winter Soldier Captain America, and I'm even less of a fan of the guy in the films. This would've been an entirely different rant about how being a white dude means that you can be working for the enemy for years, committing atrocities errywhere, and still be deserving of the shield that represents the best of the American spirit. Go, Sam! That's been a long time coming.

3) Nat's death. OMG. You killed the ONE WOMAN you've had from the very beginning for a man who's become a serial killer. STOP KILLING WOMEN TO FEED MAN-PAIN (and nominally get the soul stone). It was sort of okay when Thanos did it, because he's a villain anyway. But Clint? It would've been so much better, and the sacrifice would've meant so much more when his family came back at the end of the film. There would've been more tangible consequences from the re-snap.

4) Clint, it's bad enough that you're going around like a high-budget (but still ridiculous) Frank Castle. (By the way, many people lost their families. Not all of them became serial killers. THIS IS NOT THE WAY. The rest of the Avengers should've been a lot more pissed - or at least distant - with him than they were. But no, everyone was just too excited about "getting the gang back together".) But why did you have to be a culturally inappropriate Frank Castle? Leave the quasi-samurai suit of armour at home - especially when going after the Yakuza. That costume was pretty gross, all up.

5) Tony's arc. Actually, this was one of my favourite aspects of the film. I love Iron Man, and they did him justice. It began with him, and it ended with him. A fitting, touching end.

6) The time travel. Cool concept. Pretty fun to watch. Would've been better if all the stuff before hadn't dragged on for ten thousand years. Would've been even more better if a lot of it didn't just feel like I was watching a series of trailers for previous films.

7) Scott Lang. What a guy. Genuinely funny. Not too many overly long scenes. The real MVP of this movie.


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