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[September] Story of the Month Nominations

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September Story of the Month Nominations


How it works: 

This thread is for you to nominate your favorite stories to be recognized as the HPFT Story of the Month.  Seconding isn't necessary, as all stories will move on to the voting round. 

Mid-month [approximately 10 days after the nomination's thread is posted], a Prefect will post a voting poll for all of the stories that have been nominated. Don't worry about having to rush - you will have about 10 days to read the stories and vote for your favorite!

Winners will be announced in the News Bulletin on the first of each month. All SotM Winners will also receive a cool prize! 

Please post your nominations in this thread using the following format: 


Link to Story:
Warnings [if applicable]:
Reason for Nomination:

Rules for Nomination: 

1. To be eligible for nomination, a story must have been updated sometime within the past 12 months. 

2. Stories can be any genre, character type, fandom, or length.

3. No NC-17 rated stories.

4. Any story nominated must follow site guidelines.

5. All nominated stories must be posted on the HPFT Archives.

6. You may only nominate ONE story.

7. Stories do not have to be complete to be nominated. WIP's are acceptable.


Nominations will close on August 13th at 11:59 pm EST


Previous Months' Winners:

+Click for Complete Masterlist

March '19 -  NOT HELD | FROGS

April '19 -  how long? by crestwood

May '19 - Inheritance by Bunbury

June '19 - 9.9 Out of 10, Highly Recommend by down-in-flames

July '19 - All the Waves Resounded by BookDinosaur
August '19 - reorienting by sibilant

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Title: cards on the table
Author: @VaguelyCreativeName
Link to Story: here+
Warnings: sexual content
Reason for Nomination: I think everyone needs to read this. If you haven't, please do; it's a short one-shot about Poppy Pomfrey being the most amazing Healer, and doing incredible things at Hogwarts. It's about how she helps students who have no way out of their current predicaments, and how truly amazing and badass she is in her line of work. I'm not doing this story justice -- I read it and thought about it so much afterwards, how much Poppy Pomfrey truly has to deal with, and I really really hope everyone can take a few moments to read this amazing piece. ❤️

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nott theodore

Title: Logarithmic
Author: @val
Link to Story: (M)
Warnings [if applicable]: domestic abuse, sexual content, substance abuse, violence
Reason for Nomination: Val recently completed this novel and I've loved following this story and watching it (and the characters) grow.  It tells Eloise Midgeon's story during the final two years of Hogwarts, and I love the fleshed-out, realistic characterisations of Eloise and her Hufflepuff housemates.  The war is ever-present, but this story has the perfect balance between light and dark within that.  The writing is so compelling and there's so many twists and turns in the plot that you never know what to expect, and even at the end of this first novel I have questions that I want answering in the sequel.  It definitely deserves some more love!

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Title: Azrael Rising
Author: @Aphoride
Link to Story: +click
Warnings [if applicable]: Violence
Reason for Nomination: This is another installment of Laura's Vauxhall Road series (which, if you haven't already, I definitely recommend dipping your toes into anything in that series), so it comes without surprise that Tom Riddle is front-and-center. Getting inside the mind of Tom Riddle to execute his character in the way the author has is a mastery of its own, and should be awarded with an uncountable number of gold stars. The way his character is wielded [by showcasing his inner demons and his slow decent (or graduating ascent, depending on how you look at it)] is simply done well. He's an extremely complex character and can be difficult to pin down, especially in terms of motivation, but I was fully satiated by this portrayal. The story itself is, of course, beautifully written -- Laura's stylistic approach to writing accentuates the dark and horror elements of this story, and left me chilled right down to the bone.  Go on, click the link, fall in love...and be very, very afraid.

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