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Experimentalists Unite! | Rules and Information

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House Cup 2019-2020 Opener Event: Experimentalists Unite

 Welcome to back for another year at Hogwarts, students! Please take your seats for some announcements regarding the start of term. As a reminder, here are your Prefects: 

:gryffindorcrest: @something wicked and @belgian quaffle

:hufflepuffcrest: @MalfoysAngel                                             

:ravenclawcrest: @MadiMalfoy and @Chelts-rhj                  

:slytherincrest: @Rumpelstiltskin and @crestwood           

This year, the Prefects will be testing your skills with the topic of Potions, the scientific method, and other related eccentric tasks.


Starting this Friday, September 6th at 12:00 pm GMT, you will be tasked with completing four different experiments over the course of the following two weeks. 

First, you'll be ensuring you know what your fellow scientists are up to, along with your Prefects and Hogwarts Staff. Time for this experiment will be allotted the full two weeks, and will open right away, and is meant to be completed with the scientists in your House as a collaborative effort. You'll also be given a research writing task to complete individually that will be revealed right away, with the final draft due into the HPFT queue by the end of the first week on September 12th at 11:59 pm GMT

The second week of your experiments consists of the Prefects ensuring there are no shenanigans or horseplay occurring in the laboratories. In order not to get caught messing about with your research, you must learn more about your Prefects. This task will open at 12 pm GMT on September 13th and run for one week until the end of the event on September 19th, 11:59 pm GMT. You will have this week to continue working on your Mad Scientist Network. 


Stay vigilant for when each thread will open! Prefects will also be available by tagging us in the event threads, by PM, or through being tagged in our respective common room if there are House-specific questions. Here are the links to your first two experiments! +Mad Scientist Networking  +Potions Results and Discussion .

Now, here are some general rules so that there are no accidents and we don't end up with singed eyebrows like Seamus gets when he doesn't follow the potions recipe correctly:

  • If you have a general question about a task, please post in the respective thread and a Prefect will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • If you have a question that is specific to your House, please post in a thread in your common room and tag your Prefect(s) and they will get back to you when they can.
  • If offsite communication occurs (i.e. a Twitter DM or Discord chat), please be sure to cross-post any relevant information into your common room so no one feels left out. 
  • Staff are allowed to participate in this event! 
  • Rules specific to each experiment will be posted in those threads. Any updates for the overall event will be posted here. 
  • Explore your inner mad scientist and HAVE FUN!

Now that the rules and experiments have been announced, it's time for you to don your lab coats, safety goggles, and gloves! Have a safe and fun time in the laboratory, and watch out for that lever! 


Your HPFT Prefects

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Dear Scientists and Experimentalists Alike

You've done an incredible job at teaming together with your House to complete all of the experiments we Prefects have cooked up for you!  You're all amazing and have yet again shown that each House is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to House Cup tasks. We're extremely proud of all of you!

Thank you so much for participating in the second Prefect-run House Cup Opener! :D

We will be getting the result of the opener to you in the next couple weeks!

Congratulations on surviving the beginning of the year! May this House Cup year be the best one of all.

:gryffindor:  :hufflepuff: :ravenclaw: :slytherin:

With much love,

Your Prefect Team xxxx

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