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MalfoysAngel's Reviews

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I Want to Review Your Stories

Hey everyone! I want to get better at leaving reviews so I thought I would open a review thread to help better my skills and ability to leave reviews. 

Some Basic Information

My reviewing style is somewhat lacking but I will do my best to use the RISE Model for each review I leave (Unless I lose all common sense and just keyboard smash out a review singing your praises) For more info on the RISE Model see the handy image below:


This is something I have to use when I'm giving peer feedback in school and It really helps me when I have to leave CC (which I don't like to do) so I'm going to apply it to my reviewing style to see how it works. 

Rules (Because If I don't I will get in too deep)

Fandoms Accepted: Harry Potter, Original Fiction

What I Love to Read: Send me all the Dramione, Wolfstar, Anything with a healthy amount of Ron bashing, Neville/Theo, Blaise/Luna, Hermione/Theo, Ginny/Blaise

What I'm Okay with reading: Anything else not mentioned in the Please don't make me list. 

Please don't make me read this: Crossovers, Ron/Hermione (PM me on this one first) 

Slots: I will have 2 slots open at a time. Please don't request after the slots are full as your request will be ignored. 

Turnaround TimeHopefully 3-5 days but if it's been more than a week please nudge me either here or on Twitter. I'm a full time student, single mom, and I work full time and as a result I tend to be forgetful. Please remind me and pester me until I leave your review. 

Other Info:  At this time I will only be reviewing one chapter/story per member at a time. If you would like me to read another story/continue with a multi-chap, please allow 2 other people to request before requesting again to give others a chance to receive reviews.  If it has been more than a week since I opened a slot up with no response you are free to request again. 

Please pay attention as there will be times I will temporarily close requests due to work/school/family stuff so any requests during that time will be ignored until I post to open up requests again. 

With all that being said Please use the following form to place your request:




Story Title with Link:




Any pairings, warnings, etc.:

Areas of concern:


 Request Away!

2 slots OPEN


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Fixed spelling and grammar issues.

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Hey, Tasha, dear! :waving:

I thought I'd start you off, if that's okay! ;)

Penname: Felpata_Lupin

Story Title with Link: Twelve ways not to break the Bristlecone's Law

Rating: T

Fandom: Harry Potter

Summary: James makes love potion for "science"

Any pairings, warnings, etc.: small hint of Jily, but not really... :P advisories for Consent Issues (Mild/Moderate) and Substance Abuse

Areas of concern: this was written for the HC opener and it's my very first attempt at dialogue-only, so I'm curious to know how that worked out. I don't really have any particular concern, I'm just curious of your general thoughts! ;) Thank you so much in advance! :rose:

Open requests (in the last two weeks): 1/5

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@Felpata_Lupin Done! 


2 slots open!


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