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grumpy cat

The Hall of Prophecy

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grumpy cat


This time, you’re not surprised when the door immediately shuts behind you.

As you enter the cold, vast, cathedral-like room the first thing you notice is a strange mist in the middle of it, something that reminds you of all those pesky crystal balls that you so desperately spent your school days staring at. If only somebody had the decency to warn you off from Divination, but alas, nobody did and you had to invent some pretty strange things for that class.

Walking around the room doesn’t tell you much about how to escape it. Only after you pass the peculiar mist do you notice rows of prophecies. After that unfortunate mishap when most of them were destroyed in a battle, there aren’t that many of them, but still. It’s an impressive number. You pass them, reading the notes attached but sadly, nothing stands out and even if it did, you couldn’t inspect it without going mad.

Mindlessly going through the room together with your companions is doubtful to yield anything useful, and yet, in one of the back rows something catches your eye. An old black parchment is stashed between two shelves and after casting some spells to make sure you won’t be cursed if you touch it, one of your companions takes it out and spreads it on the floor.

It looks and reads like a manifesto, though there are no discernible symbols or slogans that would make it obvious who wrote it. The weird thing is, some of the sentences are very abruptly cut off with strange line breaks and it makes you think there must be a reason for it. Maybe it hides a message that could help you figure out a way to escape.


text version of the puzzle under the spoiler


Thus speak we of a present most discriminating,
Ideals and talent uncontrollable.
Without limit, inspirational,
Fear and glory astronomical.
Always looking to revolutionise
The society of the spectacular.
Ways of new are anarchist,
But future is uncompromising.
Loved and hated by the conspirator,
Bonds of society are not enough for the genii.
Let us achieve this deconstruction,
To rule unconstrained.
Our glorious leader brings forth a renaissance!
Those who would not ruin the magical,
Welcome and together we will overthrow
The binding paranoia.
For the new world is exceptional,

While you’ve been poring over the black parchment you found, a few of your companions walked farther down the row of prophecies. Noticing that many of them are numbered, they’ve gradually started pulling them out and laying them in order on the ground.

You notice that a prophecy just down the shelf has a large number 7 carved into the side of it, so you pick it up from its place and bring it over to where the others are all lined up on the floor. Scanning the collection that your companions have already put together, the one in your hand is the last one still missing - numbers 1-15 are all represented in the row.

When you place the seventh prophecy in the line, they all start humming faintly, lighting up with a faint blue glow. “Use the stars to name us fifteen,” the prophecies speak in unison, in raspy voices that sounds almost possessed. “Once you’ve named us all according to the constellations that guide us, our sixteenth will take you in.”

You’re at a loss for what these prophecies are asking you to do - but before you can ask for clarification, they speak again.

The union of an Aquarius(1) and a Scorpio(2) brought about many things - but most notably for our purposes, it brought about a Pisces(3). This Pisces went on to attend Hogwarts, where they learned from a Libra(4) and a Sagittarius(5) (although the Sagittarius was replaced by another of the archer sign(6) before the years were up). The same Libra also had a Capricorn(7) as a student many years before, and this Capricorn had one great love in the form of an Aquarius(8). But every good astrologer knows that the neighboring signs just don’t make for compatible pairs - the Aquarius married an Aries(9) instead. The Aries-Aquarius marriage brought about a Leo(10), whose mortal enemy was yet another Capricorn(11) (not the one mentioned before, although the Leo’s relationship with that Capricorn was fraught as well - those two signs just don’t mesh well, as anyone who’s studied the stars could’ve predicted). This second Capricorn, however, directly brought about the death of a Libra(12) that the goat sign himself was rather attached to. In the aftermath of the Libra’s death, they were replaced by an Aquarius(13). This Aquarius was just as admired and eccentric as you’d expect one of their sign to be, but they failed to save a Leo(14) when it mattered most. The Leo had a Sagittarius(15) sibling - that Sagittarius’ daughter’s name and her sign are the key to your escape.

You barely remember your zodiac signs - you’ve never put a whole lot of stock into astrology, so it’s never been information you’ve thought to keep on hand. So after a lot of deep thought and consulting with your companions, you think you’ve figured out who the first fifteen prophecies are named after - and then finally, you recite the sixteenth.

As soon as you say the words, another prophecy on the shelf starts to glow, but this time not a faint blue; rather it’s a blinding fuschia, that overtakes your vision and erases the ground beneath you.

After you come to, you find out that the rest of your companions, now worriedly standing above you, have cracked the manifesto. You get up from the floor and they lead you towards a tapestry which supposedly leads out of this Hall. Hopefully, towards the exit.

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since the stars can be... fickle (or more accurately, because the internet is a mess of inconsistent information), the following chart shows the dates that each star sign should correspond to for the purposes of this puzzle:


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