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Please use this thread to announce the winners of your challenges; you may do so elsewhere as well, but they must be recorded here before you start a new challenge.


[b]Challenge Name: [/b]
[b]Challenge Creator: [/b] (username)
[b]Short Challenge Description: [/b]
[b]Fandom(s) Included: [/b]
[b]Challenge Participants: [/b]
[b]Challenge Winners[/b]
First place: [url="url"]Story Title[/url] by author
Second place: [url="url"]Story Title[/url] by author
Third place: [url="url"]Story Title[/url] by author

Note: Please list down all the participant names who took part in the challenge along with the titles of their entries. You do not need to provide links to each participant's story.

For example:

Challenge Name: The First Wizarding War Challenge

Challenge Creator: abhorsen.

Short Challenge Description: Participants were assigned a character who participated in the FWW to write a one-shot about.

Fandom(s) Included: Harry Potter

Challenge Winners

First place: Crucio by Lirael

Second place: Mad-Eye Moody, Auror by Dyrim

Third place: Behind the Mirror by Clariel


Congratulations in advance to all our challenge winners!

Edited by down-in-flames
updated form to include participants

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Lost Muse

Challenge Name: The Muggle Challenge

Challenge Creator: (username) Lost Muse

Short Challenge Description: Write about the inclusion of a Muggle in the wizarding world (one-shot or short story).

Fandom(s) Included: Harry Potter

Challenge Winners

First place: Cloaked in Silence (M) by paulatheprokaryote 

Second place: I'm Not Crazy (M) by rosiful

Third place: The Obliviator by Jo Raskoph

Honourable Mention: Tell Me Who You Are by silvermoonfairy

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Guest Tanda

Challenge Name:  Auror’s Tale Story Challenge Season 2

Challenge Creator: StarFeather

Short Challenge Description:  choose one from the two choices below.

-1) Complete your Auror's Tale. Any characters are acceptable.

-2) Start your new mystery from one Auror's POV. Retired Auror is also acceptable.

Fandom(s) Included:  Harry Potter

Challenge Winners

First Place: Toward the Heights by Slide

Second Place: To Steal Our Breath Away (M) by abhorsen

Third Place:Circle of Silence (M) by Theia

The Department (M) by poppunkpadfoot

Honourable Mention

Green With Envy! (M) by Bardic Magic

Determinationby Treacle Tart

Results Link:Kenny's Tea Room

Additional Message: All Participants who joined Auror's Tale Story Challenge Season 2, please credit Asphodelic@TDA when you paste her (Alishya's) award graphics.


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Challenge Name: The Happy and Gay Challenge

Challenge Creator: MuggleMaybe

Short Challenge Description: In honor of Pride month, write a fluffy LGBTQIA-themed story.

Fandom(s) Included: Harry Potter


Challenge Entries: (alphabetical by author)

The Prince and the Pirate by banshee +AO3 | +HPFF (12+)

This One Moment by dreamgazer220 +AO3 | +HPFF (15+)

At the Department of Magical Transportation by FireOpal (15+)

An Innocent Question by FireOpal (~12+)

Urgency by FireOpal (~12+)

We're Adults Now by ImaRavenclaw +AO3 | +HPFF (15+)

Her Favourite Birthday by ShazaLupin (~12+)

Blackbird by toomanycurls +AO3 | +HPFF (15+)

Graduating Interest by WindingArrow +AO3 | +HPFF (12+)


Challenge Winners

*drum roll*

Third place: The Prince and the Pirate by banshee


Julie uses only dialogue to depict Scorpius telling a rather personal, if fanciful bedtime story to his children. This story is as happy as happy can get, not to mention very well crafted.

PRIZES: 2 reviews, favorite story, favorite author


Second place: At the Department of Magical Transportation by FireOpal


In this incredibly unique fic, Kapa introduces us to an Audrey whose past surprises Percy. Percy is perfectly in character, and the flirting is superb.

PRIZES: 4 reviews, favorite story, favorite author


First place: Blackbird by toomanycurls


Rose does a brilliant job depicting the love between Albus, her OC Brandon, and their daughter Cora. This story hits all the right notes and manages to be sincere and fluffy at the same time. Congratulations, Rose!

PRIZES: 6 reviews, favorite story, favorite author


Winners, please let me know which stories you would like your prize reviews on.


Thank you to all participants!

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Jo Raskoph

Challenge Name: HPFT Around The World Challenge

Challenge Creator: Jo Raskoph

Short Challenge Description: Participants were asked to provide a song from their culture and a short description as a prompt for the next person.

Fandom(s) Included: Harry Potter

Challenge Winners: Oh, I'll get to that, but first –


it is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that I announce to you the long awaited

„HPFT Around the World Challenge“ Results

We had a total of five prompts of which two were picked up and resulted in a submission. The two writers competing in this challenge are therefore Paula (paulatheprokaryote) and Kenny (StarFeather), both of which are well renown for their talent and skill. They are in fact very well matched competitors and so the challenge was bound to be very exciting.


Kenny entered the competition on July 30th with his piece „Fireflies“.

Let’s take a look at this: Kenny presents us with a very distinct setting for a relatively short moment where time is relatively neutral. With Ginny and Harry he uses major canon characters, which might give him an advantage as they are already well developed and give his story a strong foundation. 610 words, quite short and easy to read.


Then on the first of August Paula submitted her entry „Because You Have a Heart Like a Mine“ and it is a strong rival: Paula presents a more intricate plot told in a series of small scenes stretching over a day, so time is condensed. She chooses a minor canon character and an original character which gives her a lot of room  for her development of them but also puts her under pressure to pack a lot of information in her longer story of 1224 words.


(For better comparability both word counts are results of https://wordcounter.net/ and may differ from the ones on the respective archives.)


So we have two entries which seem quite similar at first glance: They are both romance, both one-shots, both past tense, both third person limited point of view. But Paula and Kenny, while similarly talented, employ very different manners of narrating their respective stories. An exciting match for sure!


The entries were judged in two rounds:

The first part, making up 30% of the overall score, concerns the usage of the culture prompt. Here everyone providing a prompt could award up to five (5) points to the story using their propmt.

The second part, worth 70%, concerns the overall quality of the writing.


And now that all is set up, please lean back and enjoy while we jump right into the judging for the first part:

Paula provided the prompt

by Colin & Caroline for her culture (Southern US) and about Kenny’s use of this prompt in his story Paula said:

He did such a great job with the chapter and I think really captured the song overall. The only thing I still wanted was the nostalgic feeling that the song really harped on but I think it's was still brilliant.

I'd give Kenny 4.75/5  points.

Paula awarded Kenny a stunning 4.75 of 5 points for his excellent usage of her prompt.


Then we have my prompt

by Reinhard Fendrich for my culture (Austria)

Formally the song was excellently included in the story by way of repeated lines like the ones from the song, which can be found throughout the piece. That’s 2 points out of 2 for the song itself. Paula researched a lot and included lots of references to Austrian culture. That’s another 1 point of 1. What I am missing in her realisation is the disparity between crude means of expression and romantic sentiment which, to me, is a vital part of Austrian culture. (For this part I give her 1 of 2 points, because the romantic sentiment was spot on.)

So all in all I awarded Paula 4 out of 5 points for her usage of my prompt.


This translates to 24 %  for Paula and 28,5 % for Kenny so far – so Kenny is in the lead with a 4,5 % head start.

BUT the evaluation of overall writing is worth 70 % so everything is still possible for both competitors.


To judge the writing part I referenced a narrative marking guide from 2010 – of the 10 aspects mentioned in the guide I took into consideration 5 to judge (omitting vocabulary, sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, and paragraphing).


These five criteria (rearranged to match the format of one-shots) are:

1. Audience

The writer’s capacity to orient, engage and affect the reader

2. Text structure and cohesion

Text structure: The organisation of narrative features including orientation, complication and resolution into an appropriate and effective text structure

Cohesion: The control of multiple threads and relationships over the whole text, achieved through the use of referring words, substitutions, word associations and text connectives

3. Ideas

The creation, selection and crafting of ideas for a narrative

4. Character:

The portrayal and development of character

5. Setting:

The development of a sense of place, time and atmosphere

So now the setup is complete: Here comes the second part of the competition!



1. Audience: Like I mentioned before, Kenny certainly chose his assets well to orient the reader as he is using well known and developed characters. He was able to fully exploit this advantage – the reader can not get lost here and the narrative is engaging from the start. I give him a full (1) point for this aspect.

2. Text structure and cohesion: Kenny’s story is half as long as Paula’s and describes only one scene. However, he managed to structure his narrative into distinct stages (set up, development and resolution) so this is a full half (0,5) point for this aspect. For cohesion I award a quarter point because there are hardly and threads here to control, but those are controlled well (0,25).

3. Ideas: Of the three things the specs say ideas can be (created, selected and crafted), Kenny’s strength is obviously the second – his story contains few elements, but they are all perfectly selected and tell exactly the story he wants to tell. This makes a good 0,66 points.

4: Character: Kenny beautifully manages to build on the given characters he’s working with. Lines like “Your hair…is different from Ron’s.”, spoken by – you guessed it – Harry, are almost painfully in character (in a good, no great way). However I’m taking a quarter of a point off here, because I felt Ginny’s character was less developed than Harry’s. Of 12 spoken lines, she speaks only 4 and her lines are a tiny bit more generic than Harry’s. So it’s 0,75 points here.

5: Setting: Kenny’s scene is lovingly set, his descriptions are lovely and accurate and without further preamble I give him another full (1) point!


Score: 1 + 0,75 + 0,66 + 0,75 + 1 = 4,16 of 5 points to Fireflies by Kenny! That’s 58,24 % of 70 %.



Because You Have a Heart Like a Mine:

1. Audience: Despite choosing a minor character as her protagonist (which could have caused a little confusion in the reader), Paula manages to firmly deliver her scenes to the audience in a way that leave nothing lacking. So a well deserved full (1) point!

2. Text structure and cohesion: Paula had more scenes to manage than Kenny and she did really well, but I felt the structure of setup, development and resolution was a little out of proportion with set up falling a tad short. So that’s a quarter (0,25) point. Cohesion was masterful, however. Paula chose to use repeated and modified lines to hold the narrative together which worked really well despite all the different scenes. This is a full half (0,5) point which makes 0,75 points for this aspect.

3. Ideas: The sheer fullness of scenes Paula presents us with are very well created, selected and crafted and earn her a full (1) point.

4. Character: Paula lets us get to know her main characters through a collection of moments, a technique which allows her to present multiple facets of their personalities. Paula also explores the character of the two character’s (potential) relationship which makes for a very in-depth exploration overall. A well deserved full (1) point.

5. Setting: The rapidly changing scenes would have needed a tiny bit more setting than they got – the plot got away from the scenes in a way. This makes 0.5 of 1 possible point.


Score: 1 + 0,75 + 1 + 1 + 0,5 = 4,25 of 5 points to Because You Have a Heart Like a Mine by Paula! That’s 59,5% of 70%!


So Paula narrowly wins the second round!



Which brings us to a final score of:

Fireflies: 28,5 % + 58,24 % = 86,74 %

Because You Have a Heart Like a Mine: 24 % + 59,5 % = 83,5 %

This narrow outcome once again reflects the excellent work delivered by both of you, Paula and Kenny. I am impressed by your skill and very proud you chose to participate in this challenge. Thank you both!


Second place: Because You Have a Heart Like a Mine [15+] by paulatheprokaryote

Congratulations, Paula!

You can request three reviews OR quick betas from me.


First place: Fireflies [no rating] by StarFeather

Congratulations Kenny!

For your prizes I will create an e-book (.epub) of the fanfic of your choice and you can request three reviews OR quick betas from me.

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Guest Tanda

I'd like to say thank you to both Jo and Paula for giving me a great chance to continue writing fanfictions! I really spent beneficial moment.

Your CC is very helpful, too, Jo! I'll keep your advice in my mind, and I'll keep learning how to write!

Paula, I really enjoyed to imagine your home country! Thank you again for giving me a chance to go on a trip to your good old memory!


Talking of  e-book, I'll PM you, later. Thank you!

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Challenge Name: Meaning Behind the Word

Challenge Creator: ichigopan

Short Challenge Description: Using a given word prompt, incorporate said given word into your story however you want.

Fandom(s) Included: Harry Potter

Challenge Winners


I honestly thought I may have set the bar too high for this challenge. To write a story based on this one random word given to you? So many choices and so many ways. What’s a writer to do?


Before I announce the winners, here’s the full list of the prompts:

1. Simple

2. Hope

3. Fear

4. Technology

5. Hubris

6. Showdown

7. Clouds

8. Awaken

9. Inhuman

10. Space

11. Taboo

12. Ethereal

13. Travel

14. Shadows

15. Isolation

16. Explosion

17. Entangle

18. Justice

19. Guilty

20. Unity

21. Rhapsody

22. Survival

23. Sound

24. Swindle

25. Zero


I know I was very vague when I wrote “incorporate it into your story however you want.” I wanted to see how writers would approach this challenge. Each of the participants showed me what they got.


Third place: And in the Distance, Church Bells by Khalessi



Using “awaken” as her prompt, Khalessi utilized both the word and its meaning. With that as her foundation, she had built up a very tense and foreboding atmosphere where Hermione has to choose between breaking Ron’s heart or marry him despite the love being gone. Inspired by “The Lady or the Tiger,” Khalessi has created quite the dilemma for our favorite frizzy haired witch.


REWARD: 1 review on the story of your choice and a Challenge Graphic.



Second place: Kore (M) by DirigiblePlums


With “explosion” as her prompt, Dirigible_Plums explored a different route with her writing: she did it in the form of Greek mythology. Using “Persephone, Queen of the Underworld” as her influence, it’s a very quick and enjoyable read with fabulous usage of imagery of calm, yet explosive dialogue exchanged between Hermione and Tom. Plums’ ability to think outside the box with her writing format left me very much impressed and inspired.


REWARD: 3 reviews on any story of your choice and a Challenge Graphic.


And *drumroll*



First place: To Glory (15+) by victoria_anne


Dedicating herself to “hubris” as her prompt, victoria_anne took this and ran with it. The first chapter to her story embodied the absolute meaning of “hubris” through Tom’s train of thought and actions. This story, I feel, captured the essence of what this challenge was all about.


REWARD: 5 reviews on any story of your choice, Favorite Story/Bookmark, a Challenge Graphic and bragging rights to your fellow competitors/authors.


Congratulations to you three!


Feel free to right click on those images and save it to your desktop and credit ichigopan as the art creator, if you like. PM me and let me know what stories you’d like to spend your reviews on :D

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Challenge Name: The Angsty Boys Like Angsty Boys Challenge

Challenge Creator: ImaRavenclaw (username)

Short Challenge Description: Challenge takers were asked to pick a male/male couple and write about challenges in their lives or relationship. The more angst the better!

Fandom(s) Included: Harry Potter


Due to lack of entries I am cutting the "Honourable Mention" award from this challenge. Here are the winners, drumroll please!



(15+) Restoring Peace by Dreamgazer220

Jill’s writing, though not incredibly angsty, was angsty enough to merit this spot. I was really sold on Restoring Peace for a few reasons, but mostly the characterization. And I’m always trash for a good Scorbus/Scorose love triangle. Jill has done perfect!

Rewards: Three reviews, favourite two stories.



(M) Julian by Aphoride.

Laura has done a phenomenal job (as usual) with her description. I can literally feel what Remus’s is feeling. The whole thing was very angst filled, however a lot more focused on Remus then relationships. Laura has done an amazing job!

Rewards: Four reviews, favourite three stories, name of your story in my signature for two weeks.


And drumroll please...



(M) A Little Like This by Banshee.

Julie’s writing was so powerful. The emotions were enticing, the descriptions were descriptive, the story line was perfectly crafted, and her characterization was spot on! You can really see the love Seamus and Dean have for each other.

Reward: Five reviews, favourite three stories, favourite author, name of your story in my signature for 1 month.


And that's it! Thank you for all your entries and participation. Hopefully there will be some more entries next time. I enjoyed reading your stories! For your prize reviews/favourites please PM me to tell me which stories you'd like those reviews/favourites on and I will leave them as soon as possible!


Much love,



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beyond the rain

Challenge Name: The Click and Drag Challenge

Challenge Creator: beyond the rain

Short Challenge Description: click and drag the three gifs given to create your own prompt, and write a hp based one shot from this.

Fandom(s) Included: HP

Challenge Winners

First place: Good Luck, Lily by PaulaTheProkaryote

Second place: Coffee(otherwise known as the patience potion) by ImaRavenclaw

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Recent Badges


Challenge Name: The Devil is in the Details

Challenge Creator: scooterbug8515

Short Challenge Description: Be descriptive as possible

Fandom(s) Included:   Harry Potter

Challenge Winners FireOpal

First place: A Dozen Red Roses by FireOpal

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Challenge Name: Chosen by you

Challenge Creator: ShazaLupin

Short Challenge Description: When you post, you have to leave a prompt for the person below you to take up.

Fandom(s) Included: Harry Potter

Challenge Winners

First place: Every Broken Piece of Us by ImaRavenclaw

Second place: The Girl with a Million Faces by PaulaTheProkaryote

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Recent Badges


Challenge Name:   The Follow Your Dreams Challenge

Challenge Creator: paulatheprokaryote

Short Challenge Description: Your task will be to take a muggle career and translate it into a wizarding one!

Fandom(s) Included: HP+any if checking with creator

Challenge Winners

First place: Purge and Dowse, Ltd. (15+) by SunshineDaisies


Welcome to the Janus Thickey Ward of St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Here you'll encounter Healers, patients, families and friends as they all try to manage life on the closed ward.

Rewards: 1st Place - 10 reviews, a recommendation, and link in my sig for a month


Second place: Yes Chef (M) by TreacleTart


When Scorpius Malfoy stumbles across a muggle t.v. during an outing in London, the course of his life is forever changed.

Rewards: 2nd Place - 7 reviews, a recommendation, and link in my sig for a month


Bonus: Oh my god, I can't begin to tell you how difficult this was to judge. Kaitlin and Katie are both such excellent writers and both stories are so magnificent in their own ways!

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Professor McGonagall

Challenge Name: The Playlist Challenge Part II

Challenge Creator: Professor_McGonagall

Short Challenge Description: Using a random song, create a fic. (Standard Songfic)

Fandom(s) Included: All

Challenge Winners

First place: Storm by dreamgazer220


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Alexis Black

Challenge Name: The Storyteller's Aesthetic

Challenge Creator: Alexis Black

Short Challenge Description: Write a story based on an HP aesthetic/picspam

Fandom(s) Included: Harry Potter

Challenge Winners

    First place: Out of the Magical World by StarFeather



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Challenge Name: The Extremely Open-Ended Game of Thrones Challenge

Challenge Creator: abhorsen.

Short Challenge Description: Write any fic set in Westeros.

Fandom(s) Included: Game of Thrones

Challenge Winners

First place: The End of Forever by lovlyrita


Second place: Mortem by elixirsoflife


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It was really hard to choose a winner! Even now, I'm still not sure how I did it and may even end up approaching the participants with more prizes after my exams :P


Challenge Name: The First Line Challenge

Challenge Creator: dirigibleplums

Short Challenge Description: 15 lines, created by yours truly, were put forward and the participants had to choose one and then see where their muse took them. I was interested in seeing how people were inspired in different ways.

Fandom(s) Included: I accepted Harry Potter, the Shadowhunter Chronicles and Game of Thrones.

Challenge Winners:


#1: Blue (M)- love_is_magic



#2: (un)forgettable - WindingArrow and Demons - dreamgazer220



#3: Ire Coctum! - ichigopan


all awards made by TreacleTart @tda



Edit by Staff:  Rated Link to Mature Story

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Challenge Name: The Drapple (or Scrapple) Challenge

Challenge Creator: TreacleTart

Short Challenge Description: In the HP fandom, Draco's obsession with apples is written about frequently. For this challenge, the entrants were to write stories about Draco (or Scorpius) and his relationship with apples.

Fandom(s) Included: Harry Potter

Challenge Winners:


Cravings by Paulatheprokaryote



Searching by MC Crocker


Gorgeous award graphics by Steadily @ TDA! Please make sure to re-host and credit.

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Challenge Name: The In-Laws Challenge

Challenge Creator: PaulatheProkaryote

Short Challenge Description: Demonstrate a relationship with your character's in-laws, future in-laws, or s/o's family.

Fandom(s) Included: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Raven Cycle, Star Wars, GoT, Sherlock, Firefly

Challenge Winners

First place: Happy With Me by ImaRavenclaw



Second place: Raindrops and Ginger Chapter Five by StarFeather



Third place: Not in Control (M) by ImaRavenclaw



Edit by staff: rated the mature link :)

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Challenge Name: The Weasley Cooking Challenge

Challenge Creator: Dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap

Short Challenge Description: Write a story about a Weasley in the kitchen.

Fandom(s) Included: Harry Potter

First place: <a href="http://www.harrypotterfanfiction.com/viewstory.php?chapterid=527354">Surprises (15+)</a> by lovegood27

You win: 6 Reviews + Story Favorite/Author + Story Added to Recommendation Threads

Second Place: <a href="http://www.harrypotterfanfiction.com/viewstory.php?chapterid=527530">Midnight Mishaps (15+)</a> by hedwig1751

You Win: 4 Reviews + Story Favorite/Author

Third Place:<a href="http://archive.hpfanfictalk.com/viewstory.php?sid=757&chapter=1">Your Saliva Is Tasty (T)</a> by Starfeather

You Win: 2 Reviews + Story Favorite


Thank you for joining my challenge! If you would like me to review a specific story please feel free to PM and/or tweet me!  ;D

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Lost Muse

Challenge Name:   The Metaphor Challenge

Challenge Creator: Lost Muse

Short Challenge Description: Write a one-shot or short story strongly featuring a metaphor in any sense.

Fandom(s) Included: Harry Potter, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, The Vampire Diaries, Mortal Instruments.

Challenge Winners

First place: Bluebird (M) by Aphoride

Second place: From the Ashes (M) by lovegood27

Third place: Play Harmless (12+) by DossyVilja


Congratulations to all the winners! Everyone else, thank you for participating!

Winners, your prizes will be PMed to you!


Lots of love! :D

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Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

- Seneca




Hey HPFTers! The prefects are here with the results for the New Beginnings challenge! A few months ago, to celebrate the unveiling of the new archive, we asked you to write a story about a new beginning. We received many amazing entries, and the decision was very tight.


Here's the list of all entries:

abhorson. - Dead Eyes and Red Eyes (M) (under her Beeezie AP)

dreamgazer220 - The Edge of the World (T)

esmeraude - The Absence of Colour (M)

Jen25 - Like You (A)

melian - The night everything changed (A)

melian - Someone to talk to (A)

PaulaTheProkaryote - The Grey Area (M)

StarFeather - Raindrops and Ginger (T)


Without further ado, the winners are as follows.


Third Place


The Absence of Colour (M) by esmeraude

Prize: pic spam and 2 reviews


Second Place

A tie!


Dead Eyes and Red Eyes (M) by abhorsen./Beeezie

Prize: pic spam and 3 reviews





The Edge of the World (T) by dreamgazer220

Prize: pic spam and 3 reviews


and last, but not least...


First Place


The night everything changed (A) by melian

Prize: pic spam and 4 reviews


Please message MuggleMaybe, victoria_anne, and MalfoysAngel to say which stories you'd like for your prize reviews and your preferred pic spam theme. :)


Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone you entered. Here's a little gift for you:





Don't forget to credit MuggleMaybe if you choose to use the graphics.

THANK YOU to victoria_anne and MalfoysAngel for their help with this challenge!


Thank you once again for entering the challenge!

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Challenge Name: Remus Lupin Mystery Challenge

Challenge Creator: AlmaVK

Short Challenge Description: This challenge could be entered with any HP mistery FanFic that has Remus Lupin in it.

Challenge Winner: Prophecy Misinterpreted (12+) by Vilja



This story unfolds around a prophecy by Cassandra Vablatsky in the 1960s, warning about the rise of a Dark Lord. Action is taken by the actual Minister for Magic, however by the end of the story we all realize that the warning was deadly misinterpreted.


Congratulations Vilja, I will PM you to arrange your prize! :)

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Challenge Name: The Take It Seriously Challenge

Challenge Creator: TreacleTart

Short Challenge Description: The purpose of this challenge was to write a story about a rare pair in a serious manner. (No fluff or humor)

Fandoms Included: HP, GOT, Star Wars, etc.

Challenge Entrants:

Behind This Mask - imaravenclaw (M)

Beyond The Waves: Chp. 3 - StarFeather (M)

Sweet Little Ginny - dirigible_plums (M)

Play Harmless - Vilja

No Longer Mine - lovegood27

Healing Wounds - lovegood27 (M)

Escape Velocity - TidalDragon (M)

Fleeting - Crimson Quill

Incremental - melian

Late Night Comfort - FireOpal

Monsters - paulatheprokaryote. (M)


The judging on this was incredibly difficult! I had 11 amazing entries and it was so hard to figure out how to rank them all.


Since I had so many entries, I decided to have two honorable mentions!


Honorable Mentions: Each earning 1 review a piece!





3rd Place: Earning 2 reviews!



2nd Place: Earning 4 reviews!



1st Place: Each earning 6 reviews!

And because there were so many amazing stories, I have a tie for 1st place!!!







All awards by TreacleTart @ TDA!

Please PM me your list of stories/chapters for your reviews! <3



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Crimson Quill

Challenge Name: The Strong Female Challenge

Challenge Creator: Crimson Quill

Short Challenge Description: Write a story based around a strong female lead character.

Fandom(s) Included: Harry Potter

Challenge Winners


I can't believe that I was lucky enough to get some many amazing entries! you guys are so talented and I was blown away by the quality of the entries! It was really difficult judging (no-one told me!) but I've finally been able to pick out some winners!


Honorary Mention: A Mother's Love by TreacleTart


Third place: Bones 73, Fudge 16 by Melian


Joint Second place: The Maiden on the Rocks by nott theodore and Steel Angel by AbraxanUnicorn


First place: Gran by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap


Well done to the winners!! :)


Thank you so much for entering my challenge everyone! xo

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Wizards around the world Challenge

had many promises, but only 2 entries at the end - I truly enjoyed reading through both, it was a hard choice to pick a winner!




- lovegood27: Your World And Mine (M)

- StarFeather: Harry's and Ron's Investigation in Ninja Country (T)


- Jen25: Germany

- abhorsen.: Spain (possibly witches who love football; potentially with Dominique Weasley)


- MalfoysAngel: Egypt

- PaulaTheProkaryote: Canada

- TreacleTart: Vietnam OC

- manno-malfoy: Egypt


- FireOpal: Sweden

- nott theodore: Andorra

- Lost Muse: India



Short Challenge Description: one-shots that feature magic in a country that is not the UK or the US (you may literally pick any country on the world).


2nd place:

Your World And Mine (M) by lovegood27

1st place:

Harry's and Ron's Investigation in Ninja Country (T) by StarFeather (whyskyinthejar)



Can the winners please email/pm me to claim their prizes? :)

Plus here it the winner's ribbon (made by me):



and don't worry if you missed this challenge, or if you could not make the deadline with you story, the season two of Wizards Around the World Challenge is already up +here

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