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Vlog-Style Adaptations of Classic Literature

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Posted (edited)

Ok, so I was looking at @nott theodore's Anne of Green Gables post, and I realized that a bunch of you have watched Green Gables Fables, and I figured a lot of you would have watched other vlog-style modern adaptations of classic literature as well.  I absolutely adore the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and when I clicked on the link in the masterlist it didn't lead me anywhere, so this can be your place to talk about that too!  I wanted to open this up to other adaptations as well - Green Gables Fables, of course, but Emma ApprovedThe March Family Letters, etc.

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Posted (edited)

AHHH, I LOVE SO MANY. The ones I've watched are:

  • Emma Approved (Emma)
    • THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES. Joanna Sotomura is the CUTEST ACTRESS. She plays Emma so so so well! It's such a good adaptation!
  • Green Gables Fables (Anne of Green Gables)
    • Sooo cute. :wub:
  • The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (Pride and Prejudice)
    • Everyone knows this one so I'm not going to talk much about it, but it was the first vlog-adaptation that I've ever seen, and it made me so happy!
  • The Misselthwaite Archives (The Secret Garden)
    • I love this one because the production quality and acting are both SO GOOD. It's less vlog-like -- more like just a straight-up filmed modern adaptation -- but it's incredible. They experiment so much with different camera angles and tricks (for example, there's one episode where they film from the perspective of a cat, and it's so endearing).
  • Nothing Much to Do (Much Ado About Nothing) -- currently watching
    • @nott theodore recommended this in the Shakespeare thread and I LOVE IT. The acting is unbelievably natural -- sometimes I forget that it's a group of actors instead of actual teenagers plotting to get their friends together. It's very binge-able. :P

I'll probably come back to ramble more under spoiler tags soon. :P

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4 hours ago, just.a.willow.tree said:

The Misselthwaite Archives (The Secret Garden)

I haven't seen that one before, I'll have to check it out!

And yes, the Lizzie Bennet Diaries are just the absolute best.  They were so clever with how they handled bringing everything into the modern era!

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nott theodore

I love this thread so much and I don't know why I haven't thought to post it before :wub: Honestly, I've watched so many of these series that my list may be a little long.  I definitely came late to this game (I think I only watched LBD for the first time 5/6 years ago?) but I have binged quite a few since :P

@just.a.willow.tree I'm so excited that you're enjoying NMTD!  It's probably my favourite vlog adaptation and the cast and crew are just so cool.  The sequel, Lovely Little Losers, is far more loosely based around Love's Labour's Lost, but it has one of my favourite fictional couples in.  Also just a shout out to the Candle Wasters (the group that wrote/produced NMTD and LLL) in general - they're a group of young women (plus one man who was added to the team later) and they're really awesome and driven to create wonderful stories that have proper representation in them wherever possible; they also own up to their mistakes and apologise and learn from occasions where they've been unknowingly insensitive and it's just so refreshing to see content creators engaging and taking responsibility in that way?  

Anyway, my fangirling over the Candle Wasters aside, I'll just add to Eva's list for now with others that I've watched (I still haven't seen the Misselthwaite Archives though, I'll add that to my list!)

  • The Autobiography of Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre)
    • This one was a really fun adaptation but the ending is a little disappointing because of an actor dispute or something?  It was interesting to see the way they updated the original context to the modern day, though.
  • Jules and Monty (Romeo and Juliet)
    • This one's mostly vlog style, filmed by college students while at college.  It's cute and they do a pretty good job of updating the plot to today.
  • The March Family Letters (Little Women)
    • I love the way they update this and the relationship between the sisters is so good, I just wish there'd been another series!
  • From Mansfield With Love (Mansfield Park)
    • Honestly, the original novel is my least favourite of Austen's work, but they make the characters much more likeable and empathetic here, and I love the way that they set up the vlog format and bring it into play in the plot as well.
  • Elinor and Marianne Take Barton (Sense and Sensibility)
    • This one sets Sense and Sensibility at a UK uni and brings some of the more minor characters in really well.
  • The Cate Morland Chronicles (Northanger Abbey)
    • I absolutely love the way that they updated this one - Cate has much more about her than the original heroine, plus she's a proper fangirl and really into her fandoms online which I think we can all relate to here :P

I will probably also be back to ramble more under spoiler tags soon, but I'd love to hear if you've watched any of these and what your favourites are!  I have also started a couple of others that I never made it through, and I dream of the day that I'll find a proper vlog adaptation of Persuasion (my favourite Austen novel), but this thread has reminded me of how much I love them in general and I may have to start a rewatch...

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^ SIAN YOU'VE SEEN SO MANY, I'M SO AMAZED. Thank you for listing all these out, I'll be sure to check them out! I haven't heard of most of them, but in general I'm such a huge fan of these fanmade adaptations -- they always do such an amazing job with their characterizations and their creative choices! Proof that fanmade content is fab and only adds to the interest / culture surrounding a work. 🥰

So I just finished binging Nothing Much to Do.......and it was amazing. 😭💛 I am genuinely at a loss what to do right now with myself. Literally all throughout dinner I was thinking about this adaptation and just smiling quietly to myself, and then forcing the smile off my face as my parents looked at me oddly. Perhaps I will go and read the play, and actually familiarize myself with the original story. :P And then watch some film adaptations. Some thoughts under the spoiler tag!

  • THE CASTING FOR BEATRICE AND BENEDICK??? ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. I am in love with Beatrice and her accent and her voice and her expressions! And Benedick's ability to passably imitate all those accents was actually so very impressive. And I'm not familiar with the original characters at all, but the creative choices / script / acting made Beatrice and Benedick so, so real and believable.
  • I don't know how they did this, but I honestly think that this is my favorite acting performance from all of the vlog-style videos I've seen. They act like real teenagers -- overdramatic at times, genuine in others, awkward x10000, ADORABLE.
  • The recurring bathtub gag. I don't think there was a single instance when I saw Benedick in a bathtub and did not burst out laughing.
    • AND THEN WHEN BEATRICE JOINED HIM IN THE BATHTUB. That scene just completely melted my heart; I have never been happier omg.
  • The way they deal directly with the misogyny that Hero faces was so so good.
  • Balthazar!!!!!!!
    • Also: Balthazar's sneaky participation in both Beatrice's and Benedick's songs for one another.
    • Also: Balthazar's performance of "Sigh No More"! I could genuinely listen to that for days. (At least, I think that's the title, haha.)
  • Floyd the Flamingo.
  • I love that Hero forgives Claudio, but also that they don't get back together. I don't think I could've handled it if they got back together.
  • Really, this was the most perfect adaptation ever, and I'm so thankful that Sian introduced it to me!

@VaguelyCreativeName has also started NMTD. 😋 And I just remembered there's a sequel so I can go watch that too!!

Also, this isn't quite a vlog-style adaptation, but I really, really love this fanmade work:

  • Adult Wednesday Addams [M for YouTube] (The Addams Family)
    • This is a fanmade series about adult Wednesday Addams, which is perfect and brilliantly directed and written. Melissa Hunter is Wednesday, and each short episode is so so good. The video I linked to is actually a compilation of all the episodes -- only forty minutes total. The project was unfortunately cut short since the Addams Family foundation (or something like that) contacted her about copyright violation, so the video isn't even the original; some wonderful fan just had them saved and uploaded them again for our enjoyment. I think it's such a shame about the copyright violation. 😩
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