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  • welcome to the new house cup year!
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September '20 Bulletin

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@abhorsen. graphics are stunning per usual 😍

Also yay for a new site name!!

Congrats on your OoM, @toomanycurls, it's very well deserved! 💚

Welcome (back) to the chaos, @Renacerá! I'm excited to work with you!! 💛

Congrats on the bump, @maraudertimes, and I'm sad to see you stepping down, @sinnersandsapphics but don't be a stranger! 💕

Head student is very well deserved for you both, @page thirteen. and @Raspberry_cordelia!! :yay: 

Wooo to @shadowycorner on SOTM! :read:

Happy birthday to all of our September babies!!!

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pirate grumpy cat

for @sinnersandsapphics 😭 :kris: but also you've been such a great member of the team!!

for @maraudertimes :elmofire: congrats!

for @toomanycurls rose you deserve the oom so fucking much bc you're awesome and the boss the don corleone the alexa with drinks the yk awesomest person :elmofire:

for @Renacerá woohoo yay and congrats and i'm sure you'll kick ass as a prefect 🖤

for @Raspberry_cordelia and @page thirteen. and @shadowycorner congrats on your head student and story of the month awards spacer.png

and congrats to everyone else whose stories got featured!

Edited by grumpy cat
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page thirteen.

omg thank you sm i am crying in the club rn 😭

congrats to everyone else mentioned here, esp @Raspberry_cordelia for also getting head student eyyyy ✌️

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Oh, wow, what a wonderful bulletin!  As always @abhorsen., incredible graphics ❤️ 

Thank you so much for head student!  It's really an honor :) Congrats to @page thirteen. as well!!

I really look forward to seeing your work on the gamekeeper team, @maraudertimes, I'm sure you'll crush it!  Good luck!

Congrats @Renacerá and I'm super excited to see you back on the prefect team!

Thanks for all your hard work @sinnersandsapphics!

Congrats on Order of Merlin @toomanycurls!!!! You totally deserve it!

Happy birthday to all the September babies here!  I hope you all have a wonderful [age]!!

That's all from me - thanks again for Head Student!  I'm eagerly anticipating the House Cup Opener, and I can't wait to see what this next month brings here on fanfictalk!  (Too many exclamation points?  No.  Never too many.)


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Congrats to everyone, but I especially want to say 💛 WELCOME @Renacerá to the Prefect team, and 😭 sad to see you leave the staff @sinnersandsapphics but THANK YOU for everything you've done for the site, and I hope you enjoy getting to relax now. 💛

Also, @shadowycorner, Ink Stains On My Sheets is a deeply fabulous Ronmione. ❤️ *chefkiss* 


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Congratulations to everyone ❤️ and thank you so much for making ink stains SotM, it is such an honor! :sad: ❤️

wonderful bulletin and graphics as always!

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