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Challenge Section Rules and FAQ

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Welcome to HPFT's Story Challenges Section!

Please read through this topic before starting or entering any challenges.

Members are encouraged to use this section to post writing challenges for each other. Challenges can be as broad or as specific as the challenge creator would like. Challenge creators are welcome to either leave a challenge very open-ended (e.g., "Write a one-shot about the Battle of Hogwarts") or assign people random choices (e.g., "Choose a number between 1 and 30, and I'll give you a character who was involved in the Battle of Hogwarts").

Most challenge creators review all entries, and many will offer additional prizes (including reviews and graphic prizes - if you're interested in the latter but don't make graphics yourself, we recommend +TDA).  Please note our archive rules restrict prize graphics to 300x300 pixels maximum.

House points will be awarded to challenge hosts, participants, and winners.


Starting a Challenge

  • The challenge name and deadline must be included in the subject. The deadline should be listed using the following format: DD Month YYYY. Any challenges posted without a deadline will be locked, and you will need to post +here to have it unlocked.
    MAKE DEADLINES REASONABLE. Your deadline should ideally fall between 1 and 3 months from when you issue the challenge.
    DEADLINES CANNOT BE OFFICIALLY EXTENDED. While you may informally extend your deadline and allow members to PM entries to you, your challenge thread will be locked on its deadline.


  • Describe your challenge clearly in your initial post. We suggest using something similar to the below form:


[b]Challenge Name: [/b]
[b]Challenge Deadline: [/b]
[b]Accepted Fandom(s): [/b]
[b]Accepted Ratings: [/b]
[b]Challenge Details: [/b]
[b]Rewards: [/b]

Here is a guided example, for your reference.

Challenge Name: The First Wizarding War Challenge

Challenge Deadline: May 31

Accepted Fandom(s): Harry Potter

Accepted Ratings: K-T. Nothing explicit, please.

Challenge Details: Pick a number between 1 and 30. Based on the number you pick, I will assign you a character we know was involved in the First Wizarding War. (This includes people on both sides.) You'll write a one-shot (500-3000 words) about how that person experienced the war. You can change once, and feel free to specify whether you'd like a villain or a hero. No pre-writtens, but you can enter more than once!

Rewards: I'll review each entry, as well as give three additional reviews and a graphic award to each of the top three.


  • You may only post one challenge at a time. You may post your next challenge once your deadline has passed and you have announced your winners in our Hall of Fame.
  • You may not start a challenge that is the same or very similar to another active challenge. If you do so, your challenge will be locked. However, you are welcome to reuse prompts from archived challenges.
  • You must monitor your challenge until the deadline. If you will not be able to reply to questions in it and/or log into HPFT at all for more than two weeks, please contact a moderator ahead of time. If you do not, your challenge will be locked after those two weeks and deleted after another week.
  • You must announce your challenge winners in our Hall of Fame. You are welcome to post an announcement elsewhere as well with further details as well and/or to recommend the stories in appropriate threads.
    • When posting the results, please also include a list of participants and their entries. (you do not need to provide links) This would make it easier for our moderators to ensure that the house points are entered correctly for the challenge. 


  • You must judge and announce your challenge winners within 90 days of the deadline.  After 90 days, you will be contacted by a staffer and given the option of saving the data before it's removed from the holding area.



Entering a Challenge


All entries must abide by the following rules. Any entries that break these rules will be disqualified.


  • By entering a challenge, you are agreeing to do your best to follow through. However, there are no penalties for failing to complete a challenge.
  • Though our +Site Guidelines allow occasional sex scenes within a longer work at staff's discretion, challenge entries may not contain any explicit material unless specifically allowed in either the main challenge thread or in a reply to it from the challenge creator.
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