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Move from HTTP to HTTPS

by Alopex at 10 Nov 2018 02:37 AM  

HPFT has finally gotten with the modern times and moved from http://hpfanfictalk.com to https://hpfanfictalk.com.

-Both the archives and the forums are using https now.

-Please update any bookmarks you have.

-There's a chance you'll have to clear your cache.

-If you have images (banners, sigs, etc) that have an http URL, it would be helpful to your fellow members' browsing experiences if you could update them to an https URL.

This change means the ugly notices your browser gives you about HPFT not being secure should be going away now. The exception is going to be on pages where there is mixed content, meaning content that is being served from http rather than https. I have updated everything HPFT-side I could find (images...

Summer Featured Stories

by Ineke at 15 Oct 2018 06:33 PM  

Congratulations to this summer's featured stories!


A Place Not Far From Here by Chemical_Pixie

An Age Of Change by M C Crocker

Carina by dirigbleplums

Clipped Wings by nott theodore

Complicated by ShadowRose

Dolor Lake by Rumpelstiltskin

From by Stella Blue

Gods Without Grace by dirigibleplums

Good Luck, Lily by PaulaTheProkaryote

Hero by victoria_anne

Home by adorably cute

Hormones by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap

Imperium by Aphoride

Jigsaw by nott theodore

Julian by Aphoride

Lazy Days by justawillowtree

Lightning Love by toomanycurls

Limitless by abhorsen.

Little Red by sunshine_locks

Lying Josephine by WriteYourHeartOut


Archive Staff Change

by Ineke at 15 Oct 2018 06:08 PM  

Unfortunately, BellaLestrange87 has had to step down as an Auror. We're truly sad to see her go and would like to thank her for all that she's done for the Archives!

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Pocket Watch # 1 -- Bittersweet Homecoming by Diogenissa Teen Audiences
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Sleep Without Pain by pookha All Audiences
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Homecoming by dreamgazer220 Teen Audiences
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Charlie Weasley and His Dragons by StarFeather Teen Audiences
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The Faces Behind the Frogs by ShazaLupin Mature Audiences
A staple of the Wizarding World- Chocolate Frogs.   Have you read them...
When Dahlias Bloom by dirigibleplums Mature Audiences
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Some Things Are Meant to Be by 1917farmgirl Mature Audiences
For Merlin, having the world fall apart around him was nothing new, but...
Heaven Can Wait by Pen2Paper Mature Audiences
"Mudblood" The word hung in the air for a long moment. But why was it...
Coffee and Curse-Breakers by Pixileanin Mature Audiences
    Then she saw it.  Two broken, wavy lines across the top...
I Hate Multicolored Days: A Day in the Mind of a Child With Autism by potionspartner Teen Audiences
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banner by shadowrose@tda (aka me)     James may not believe in...

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