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We are a multi-fandom/original fiction community with roots in the Harry Potter fandom community. We strive to maintain a strong focus on author feedback and inclusive writing. Here on the forums, you can join a house and participate in House Cup events, participate in writing challenges, play games, and much more!

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HPFT has a moderated multi-fandom/original fiction archive with an unlimited queue. There you can post your writing, as well as read and review other members' writing. Be sure to stop by and check out our latest featured stories!

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HPFanficTalk is first and foremost a community for Harry Potter fans to discuss fanfic, writing, fandom news, and connect with one another. Our site values inclusive behavior and fun, open discussions. We are run by a group of volunteers whose number one goal is to make this site an online home for our members. This document is not exhaustive nor is it meant to cover every scenario for content on this site, rather it is to set the overall spirit and tone of HPFT.

General Rules and Guidelines

HPFT Rating Explanations (used for archives and forums)

  • All (A): Appropriate for all readers, including children.
  • Teen (T): Appropriate for teen readers and up. This includes limited swearing, limited discussion of or allusion to sexual content, violence, and potentially sensitive material (including eating disorders, self-harm, and abuse).  Generally, content posted on the forums should not exceed this rating.
  • Mature (M): Appropriate for mature readers. This includes significant violence, detailed sexual content, extensive profanity, and references to potentially sensitive material (including eating disorders, self-harm, and abuse). This content may be posted on our archive, but should be mentioned sparingly on our forums.

Respectful Posting and Use of Site

  • Respect for other members is paramount to the success of this site. Excessive rudeness, harassment, abuse, threats of harm, or otherwise illegal activity are not allowed.
  • Positive relationships with other communities is integral to HPFT's success. Bringing unnecessary drama from other sites onto HPFT or repeatedly instigating drama between HPFT and affiliate/friendly sites is not allowed.
  • Spamming is not permitted on the site but double posting (two or more consecutive posts by the same member) is permitted if your edit window (time period during which a member can edit the content of their post) has expired and you have new content to add to the thread.
  • Signatures and other images should be no larger than 500 x 200 pixels and should credit the artist/source. In addition to a main signature graphic, you may have up to 4 blinkies.
  • Users may only access the common room for their chosen house and may not attempt to gain entry into other common rooms.
  • Multiple user accounts are permitted as long as they are not used to sidestep rules.

Content Maturity and Language

  • HPFT's forum is intended for teenagers and adults with the discussions reflecting a generally Teen/PG-13 rating.  Content that would require a Mature rating on the HPFT archives, including topics such as sexual assault, domestic abuse, and self harm, should be discussed briefly, sparingly, and maturely.
  • Slurs, hate speech, harassment, or personal attacks will not be tolerated.
  • While most swear words are allowed, some are prohibited on this site. A list of allowed profanity can be found below.
  • Ass/Asshole/Arse
  • Balls (non-sexual)
  • Bastard
  • Bint
  • Bitch (not in reference to people)
  • Bloody
  • Bollocks
  • Bugger
  • Damn
  • Dick (non-sexual context)
  • Douchebag
  • Effing
  • ffs
  • Fricking
  • Hell
  • omfg
  • Piss
  • Prick (non-sexual context)
  • Screw
  • Shag
  • Shit
  • Tit (non-sexual context)
  • Tosser (non-sexual)
  • Wanker (non-sexual)
  • wtf

Please keep in mind that context matters with all profanity. Name calling with profanity isn't any more acceptable than it would be without profanity.


  • Whether your story is posted on HPFT's archive or not, please follow our archive guidelines regarding what material is acceptable to link to on our forums. Any material disallowed on the archives may not be linked to on our forums.
  • Links to A/T-rated material do not require a rating. Links to M-rated material must be rated M unless it's linked from one of the HPFT sites (including stories from HPFT's archive and podfics uploaded on HPFT's tumblr).

Blogs and Status Updates

  • Personal information and topics are permitted but must follow our terms of service and site rules for content/rating.
  • Blog entries and status updates covering topics that have a designated thread (including story recommendations, challenge winners, specific TV shows) should be cross-posted.  If not, they will be locked and/or deleted.

Internet Safety and Personal Information

  • It is important that members exercise good judgement when sharing personal information (legal name, age, phone number, location, personal photos, email, social media, etc.) but HPFT trusts members to moderate their own behavior in this respect.
  • We ask that legal names, fine location data, and phone numbers are not shared in public areas (such as profiles, posts, blogs, statuses, etc.) by any member regardless of age.
  • Additionally, we ask that members under the age of 18 refrain from sharing personal photos, school names, or links to social media sites that shares personal information (such as legal name, fine location, phone number).
  • If you are unsure about internet safety practices, please visit https://www.staysafe.org/teens/


Site Operation and Management

Transparency and Distributed Power

  • No single user shall have sole control and access to the running of HPFT. At least two members shall have access to systems that run HPFT.
  • Any costs attributed to running and maintaining HPFT will be made available on an annual basis as to provide a clear and understandable insight to the way in which HPFT is being run.
  • Member concerns may be brought up through:
    • Contacting a staff member through the site PM system
    • Posting suggestions or feedback in the Suggestions & Feedback forum
    • Periodic surveys regarding the site
    • Emailing admin@hpfanfictalk.com (if you use an e-mail different than you used to sign up here, it will be relatively anonymous)
    • Submitting an ask to our tumblr (this can be anonymous if you choose)
  • While we may not be able to make changes based on all feedback provided, it is paramount that members always feel safe stating their concerns, suggestions, and criticism of the site without fear or retaliation or retribution for doing so. Staff will try to address suggestions and concerns as fairly as possible within a time-sensitive manner.

Change management on HPFT:

  • Technical, behind the scenes changes (such as servers, web hosting, and software) will be made by the site administrators to keep the site running efficiently. Any planned downtime will be communicated on social media and HPFT at least 48 hours in advance barring emergency maintenance.
  • Rule changes will be agreed upon by staff and explained to members in an overview post, detailing what has been changed and why (this could include adding/removing words to the profanity list, changing the parameters on images used on the site, etc.).
  • Changes to the site which impact the tone of the community in a significant way will be discussed among members and staff before changes are put in place (these might include deciding on member group themes, what rating content the site should allow, etc.).
  • Staff and prefect positions will be filled using an open application process. All members are welcome to apply for positions on staff whenever applications open. Decisions will be based primarily on application scores, which are aggregated from each staff member's individual scores.

Member Groups

  • Headmaster / Site Administrator
  • Professor / Forum Moderator
  • Gamekeeper / Event Coordinator
  • Auror / Archive Validator
  • Muggle Liaison / Social Media Manager
  • Prefect / Staff Assistant
  • Student (with houses and muggles) / Member

Enforcement of Rules

The forum software uses a warning system as a way to track when a member breaks a rule. This helps site staff and administrators have a common understanding of a person's history on the site instead of relying on a single person's memory of a member or outside information. Getting a warning message from a staff member is meant as a reminder of the rules and a record of the message that was sent for the member and staff to see.

A warning point is assigned when a member breaks the same site rule more than 3 times in 6 months or if a single incident is determined to be severe enough to warrant a point (such as deliberately targeting and harassing another member). Accruing more than 10 warning points will result in the account in question being reviewed as an appropriate fit for the community. As an aside, you'd have to break 30+ rules in a year or 10 big infractions to reach this point. Warning points will be removed if a person has gone at least 6 months without breaking the rule for which they were given warn points.

When a rule is broken:

  • Personal information and link rating offenses will be handled by a Prefect or Staff sending a message (not a warning) to explain why the information shared should be kept private or the link needs a rating. These rules are meant to be self-enforced by the community.
  • Signature and graphic issues may be handled by Prefects or Staff but members who do not fix, credit, or remove images as requested will escalate to a warning.
  • Site inappropriate language, content, or links will be handled by staff using a warning per incident.
  • If Staff are not following through on the Transparency and Distributed Power rules as promised, please use the anonymous feedback tool explaining which rule is not being followed and staff will work to resolve the issue. If Staff are found to be regularly outside the bounds of the HPFT community (member harassment, deliberate rudeness, etc.) that may also be brought up using the feedback tool.

Document Authors: Alopex, toomanycurls

Document Advisors: abhorsen., alicia and anne, CambAngst, Gryffin_Duck, HeyMrsPotter, Leonore, MrsJaydeMalfoy, pixileanin, Selene, TidalDragon, TreacleTart, Veritaserum27


updated: January 6, 2019